are designer handbags expensive?

When it comes to the price of a designer bag, there are a lot of factors that come into play. Some may ask if luxury handbags are expensive.

are designer handbags expensive

Without a doubt, the answer is yes, but there are a number of reasons for this. In order to get an idea of how much designer handbags cost, we must first take a look at how they are made and what goes into the design process.

How Much Do Designer Handbags Cost?

The cost of a designer handbag can range anywhere from a few hundred to $4,000. The price tag is often determined by the materials used, the brand, and the overall design of the bag.

Alexander McQueen Handbags

The price range for an Alexander McQueen handbag starts at $1,395 and can go up to $4000.

The most expensive bag currently available is the “De Manta” clutch, which is made of calfskin leather and retails for 3,959.

Hermes Handbags

The prices for Hermes handbags start at $2,700 and can go up to six figures.

The most expensive Hermes bag currently available is the “Birkin 25 Himalaya Niloticus Crocodile Palladium Hardware” bag, retails for $265,000.

Hermes made a name for itself back in the 1800s when it became the preferred choice for European royalty. The brand is still a favorite among celebrities and the elite today.

Louis Vuitton Handbags

Louis Vuitton handbags start at $1,000 and can go up to $6,000. The “Tribute Patchwork Bag,” costs $58,000.

Vutton can command a high fee because the company produces a limited number of each design, making it difficult to find the same bag twice. The materials are high-quality canvas or leather and the company has been around since 1854.

Burberry Bags

This company makes sought-after bags in addition to their well-cut coats. The most popular bags from the British brand can cost close to $5,000.

The “My Burberry Blush” bag, which is their take on the classic tote, starts at $2,795.

The high-quality brand has a solid reputation and a following from celebrities and everyday consumers.

Fendi Bags

Fendi bags are to die for with their unique designs, use of fur, and bright colors. Buying one will come with a price tag starting at $1,500.

The most expensive bag from Fendi is a white crocodile bag from the Peekaboo selection that costs $33,000.

What Makes Designer Handbags Expensive

Now that we’ve taken a quick look at the prices of some designer handbags, let’s investigate some of the factors that determine such asking prices.


The most expensive designer handbags are often made with the finest materials, such as full-grain leather, exotic skins, and solid gold hardware.

These bags are also usually handmade by skilled artisans who take great pride in their work.

The most expensive material to use in a handbag is crocodile skin. A single crocodile skin can cost upwards of $5,000, which is why you often see crocodile skin bags selling for tens of thousands of dollars.


The brand is another factor that can drive up the price of a designer handbag. Some of the most popular and well-known luxury brands, such as Hermes, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton, charge astronomical prices for their handbags.

These brands are able to charge such high prices because they have built up a reputation for quality over the years.

They are also very exclusive, with only a limited number of bags being produced each year.


Finally, the overall design of the bag can also influence its price tag. A simple bag with a minimal design will usually cost less than a bag that is adorned with intricate details and embellishments.

Why Should I Buy Such An Expensive Bag?

Now that we’ve answered the question, “How much do designer handbags cost?” you may be wondering why anyone would ever spend so much money on a handbag.

There are a few reasons why people are willing to splurge on a designer bag.


A designer handbag is not just and accessory, it is an investment piece. It is something that you can wear for years and even pass down to future generations.

If you have a collection of vintage Chanel bags, whoever you pass those one to will be getting a piece of history, a fasionable asset, as well as a bag that will last them a lifetime.

This is not something that you can say about a cheap, mass-produced handbag. Anytime you make an investment, it is going to cost a great deal of money due to the possible return ( stocks, real estate, cars,etc).

The same is true for a designer handbag.


When you buy a designer handbag, you are also paying for the quality. These bags are made with the finest materials and craftsmanship.

They are built to last a lifetime, which is something that you cannot say about most cheap handbags.

In the past, I have bought bags made of cheap leather because I thought I was getting a deal and the bag was cute. Within a very short amount of time, the bag’s “leather” would begin to peel and the hardware would start to tarnish.

I quickly learned that it is better to spend a little more money on a quality bag that will last for years.

Status Symbol

Another reason why people are willing to spend a lot of money on a designer handbag is because it is a status symbol.

In our society, we often equate wealth and success with the possessions that people have. Just like a Corvette screams wealth and status in a way a Honda Civic does not, a Hermes Birkin bag will do the same.

The mere perception of wealth may open doors to people.

If someone can afford to buy a $10,000 Hermes Birkin bag, society assumes they are doing something right in their life. While this may not be an accurate way to judge someone’s worth, it is still a reality of our society.

Designer handbags often serve as a status symbol and a way to show the world that you are successful.

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