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The world of fashion has had quite an impact on designer bags and carries. Gone are the days when handbags would just be a source of convenience for stacking all your stuff into one place. With greater interest in fashion, people now view handbags as a source of amplifying their style statement and as a source to accent whatever they are wearing.

If you are one for fashion, then you wouldn’t want to compromise on just how your handbag looks. You would want your handbag to accent whatever else you are wearing, so that there is nothing found lacking.

While there are many other designer bag styles as well, clear bags happen to be a favorite for many. Women like the feel of them and believe that they are easy to maintain and carry around with them. Additionally, these bags also keep no secrets regarding what is present inside of the bag, and maybe that is a good thing for some.

Additionally, this cool style of the 90s is also practical if you visit stadiums on a regular basis, as security measures require you to carry a clear bag. With all these benefits, there is no reason why you shouldn’t tilt in favor of these amazing handbags. There is no true downside to them, and fashion gurus believe they would be evergreen for a long time to come.

Knowing that you might find screening the bags available online a tad bit difficult, here we help you determine the best clear designer bags for your needs. What you need to do here is just go through our list of 5 best clear designer bags and then go through the guide further below to narrow down your options to buy the best one.

In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices

1. Adidas Originals Festival Bag Crossbody

This Adidas Originals Festival Bag Crossbody is the bag to have with you for showing your festive and sporty side. The bag is made for festivals in particular because of how well it can be wrapped across your shoulders for the perfect look. The bag comes with a 27.5 inches shoulder drop, which goes with the 100 percent synthetic lining. You can easily clean this bag with a damp cloth. The design is imported and is just the perfect size for any festival or sporting event. Just put this bag on and head into the open.


  • Imported
  • 100 percent TPU
  • Can easily be cleaned with damp cloth


  • Might be a bit too small for people who carry a lot of stuff.

2. Baggallini Clear Event Bryant Crossbody

This Baggallini Clear Event Bryant Crossbody bag is the perfect addition to have with you before you stepped out. This bag is made through Polyvinyl chloride and is perfectly clear. The design is imported and the additional lining makes this bag aesthetically pleasing as well. The zippers are made out of premium materials and allow for a decent closure. The bag is around 7 inches high and 5 inches wide, which is the perfect size for a clear bag. The strap has a drop of 28.5 inches, which can make handling the bag easier.


  • Comes with a lengthy strap
  • Imported
  • Zipper Closure
  • Right size


  • Doesn’t look really aesthetically pleasing

3. CHM Clear Makeup Bag with Handle for Travel, Transparent Purse

This CHM Clear Makeup Bag with Handle for Travel is a transparent purse that can be used to store all of your makeup, toiletries and a lot more. The bag is durable and is built to last for a long time. The ribbing around the sides helps this bag stand upright. Additionally, the bag is certified by BPA to be lead free. The exterior is water proof and you can be sure of suffering no damage. This is perfect for stadiums.


  • Waterproof construction
  • Premium built
  • Certified to be BPA free
  • Ribbing makes it stand upright


  • Straps are loosely fitted

4. Multifunction Clear Chain Tote with Turn Lock Women Shoulder Handbag

Clear bags cannot get better than this Multifunction Clear Chain Tote with Turn Lock Women Shoulder Handbag. This bag is made through the best vinyl lining and comes with PVC material. The turn lock closure and the chain strap make it the perfect addition to your list of items. The clear surface makes for good aesthetics and helps the bag look pretty.


  • PVC construction
  • Twist lock closure
  • Convertible chain strap


  • Slight color deviation

5. Clear Bag with Turn Lock Closure Cross Body Bag

This Clear Bag with Turn Lock Closure Cross Body Bag has a glossy semi-sheer fabric with PVC material. The bag is imported and comes with the right size you need for your bag. The lock closure is gold-toned and is something that stands out within this bag. The creative DIY construction makes this bag perfect for all kinds of use. The bag is simple to clean and can be further customized through DIY art.


  • PVC material
  • Imported
  • Gold-toned metal lock
  • Easy to clean


Features to Consider

If you’re a fan of clear bags, we understand that you might be tempted to buy every one of them mentioned in this list. But, that isn’t entirely possible. You have to buy the best one out of the lot, and to do that you need to make sure that you assess the bags on the basis of the features that matter.

Here we mention some of the features you should consider while purchasing your new clear designer bag. Keep this feature in mind while making the purchase and you would be good to proceed forward:


The first feature you would want to consider is the size of your bag. Your best clear designer bag should be of a convenient size and shouldn’t be either too big or too small. You would want to go for the perfect design, which includes making sure that you understand your needs. If you carry a lot of stuff along with yourself in your bag, then you would surely know just how important it is to get a bigger size. If you just carry the basic essentials, then a smaller size can also suffice.


The straps you have for carrying your clear bag should be convenient. You don’t want to rough up your fingers trying to carry these bags around with you. The straps should preferably have extra padding, so that you avoid any cuts or blisters. The padding would safeguard your fingers, while allowing you to take the bag everywhere with you.

Zippers and Compartments

The zippers and compartments present inside a clear bag can also influence your choice. The zipper should conveniently be placed and should be easy to move around. Additionally, it should have a premium built, so that you don’t have any difficulty in accessing your stuff in a hurry. The compartments present inside or on the exterior should also matter if you are a heavy carrier. If you don’t have a lot of stuff to carry, then you’re good without these compartments.

Our Final Thoughts

We assume that you are finally able to get your hands on the best clear designer bag of your choice. What you need to know here is that clear bags will forever remain in fashion for their amazing design and build. You can enjoy their superior quality for a long time to come. So, use the information that we have given to you in this article, to get your hands on the best clear designer bag.

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