Best Coach Purses: 7 Trendy Coach Handbags

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The Coach brand is emblematic of luxury in every shape and form. Coach has been around for quite some time and is at the forefront of those brands producing handbags in the world.

Coach is a brand name and owning a Coach handbag is a matter of pride for most people. Luckily, there are many different purses you can choose from and not all of them are out of your budget.

Here are seven of the trendiest Coach purses you absolutely need to invest in right now.

In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices

1. Coach Women’s Crossgrain Leather City Zip Tote

This crossgrain leather tote from Coach is both attractive and sturdy and everything you need to start and end your day off right.

The purse is large and spacious with a number of zippered compartments. In fact, the purse even has a separate cell phone pocket to make sure your valuables stay safe. The bag has two open pockets on one side and a zippered one on the other. In fact, you can even fit a 13” laptop inside the purse easily.

This purse is perfect for professionals and students who need to carry all of their essentials with them.

The purse is lined with fabric lining so that your essentials remain safe all through the day. The bag features a 10” handle drop so that you can comfortably carry the bag wherever you go. The handle is a comfortable length so that you can either wear the bag on your shoulder or carry it in your hand, whatever you prefer.

The bag is available in a range of different colors, from strawberry pink, to green to midnight black, amongst others.  You can buy whichever color suits your personality!

The bag is reasonably priced at about $150, depending on where you buy from.

2. COACH Women’s Legacy Jacquard Chelsea Crossbody

This minimalist Coach Purse is made from high-quality jacquard leather is the perfect bag for every occasion! Whether it is simply a day out in the sun with friends or fine dining with a loved one, this bag works every time.

The bag is waterproof but this isn’t even its best feature. The best thing about the bag is simply the fact that it is so small and yet has so much space! The purse has a number of zippered pockets inside it for extra space.

The bag is lined with fabric from the inside to make sure that your valuables stay safe throughout the day.  The bag has a handle drop but comes with a detachable shoulder strap so you can wear the bag however you please.

The best thing about the bag is both how stylish as well as affordable it is. The bag can easily be purchased within a rough budget of $100.

If you are in search of Coach Purses that are both trendy yet reasonably priced, this purse may just be the one for you. Available in a range of colors, this Coach purse is certainly not a disappointment.

3. COACH Women’s PVC Hand Shoulder Bag

This signature Coach bag is medium-sized and very spacious. The purse has leather trims and a leather strap. It comes with an 8.5” drop handle but is also accompanied by a longer, detachable crossbody strap.

The purse is available in a beautiful combination of black and brown and is the perfect purse to carry, regardless of the occasion.

The purse is just the right size, not too small and not too large. It is reasonably priced at roughly $200 depending on which seller you opt for.

4. Coach Houston Flight Bag In Signature Canvas

This signature design Coach purse is made from leather and coated in smooth canvas. The purse comprises of various compartments including zipper pockets, a cell phone compartment, slip pockets, and other multifunctional pockets.

This purse is perfect for those who need to travel long distances or on flights. In fact, it is the perfect travel companion. The purse comes with a drop shoulder strap along with a very long strap that you can either wear on your shoulder or crossbody.

The bag is lined with fabric so that you never have to worry about your things not being protected over long distances. The bag comes in a single charcoal/black color and is reasonably priced. The bag can easily be purchased in about $150 or less, depending on the seller.


This stunning signature Coach bag is made from the finest quality pebbled leather. It is very spacious and has a number of zip pockets, a cellphone pocket and other multifunction pockets. It even has a zip pocket at the center. The bag is lined with fabric from the inside which makes sure that your valuables are protected throughout the day.

The bag is made of the softest leather and its luxury finish exemplifies all that Coach stands for. The bag is available in a sophisticated black color that makes it all the more stunning.

Perhaps the best thing about the bag is that it is suitable for people of all ages. It is trendy yet convenient to carry and store your things in.

The bag is average-priced at roughly $250 depending on the seller. The bag is well worth its price, however.

6. Coach Pebbled Leather Lexy Shoulder Handbag

This stunning Coach shoulder bag is made from pebbled leather along with silver hardware. The purse is spacious with a zip pocket, multifunction pockets and a cell phone pocket. It ahs snap closure and is lined with fabric so that your essentials are safe wherever you go. There is even a zip compartment in the center where you can keep any additional things.

The purse comes with a shoulder handle that has a 9.5” drop. The soft leather handle makes it very easy to carry the purse.

The purse is available in a range of fun colors, from pink to green to blue, etc. You can choose whichever color most suits your personality. The purse has a very youthful vibe to it because of the fascinating colors it’s available in.

The purse is averagely priced at about $300, depending on your seller. If you are in search of trendy Coach purses, this is a design you don’t want to miss out on.

7. COACH Women’s Pebble Chelsea Crossbody

This minimalist, modern purse from Coach is the subtlest form of luxury available. It is made from high-quality pebbled calf leather and is one purchase you won’t regret making.

The design is unique and versatile. You can wear the purse in a number of ways. You can carry it with its handle, or wear it crossbody or on your shoulder, depending on what you prefer.

This purse is a perfect size and effortlessly stylish. It has a whole lot of space inside to carry any of your essentials. It has zipper pockets, multifunction pockets as well as a separate compartment for your cellphone. It even has fabric lining to make sure all your stuff stays safe and secure.

The purse is available in a gorgeous ‘washed red’ color. It is averagely priced and can be purchased within a rough budget of $200.

Our Final Thoughts

These are the trendiest designs from Coach that you absolutely need to get your hands on right now. These seven Coach purses are perfect for every occasion, age and season. So stop waiting and grab yours now before they run out!

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