Best Designer Backpack Purses for Women

Hearing the word backpack often triggers a sense of nostalgia and comfort. Even if your college days are long gone, backpacks are still very much in style, and our obsession with this amazing piece of fashion is nowhere near over. From teenagers to businesswomen, and from the girl-next-door to celebrities, ladies around the world can be seen rocking backpacks.

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While clutches, satchels, and totes are undoubtedly quite fashionable, best designer backpack purses for women are surely the talk of the town this year.  If you’re planning to make a style statement and ensure practicality and comfort at the same time, backpack purses are meant for you. Backpack purses are elegant, chic, and oh-so-sassy! If you don’t currently own one, it’s time to take your style game one notch up.

Are you in search of the best designer backpack purses for women? We’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll answer which designer backpack purses should you buy and how to buy the right product. As a bonus, we have also added some styling ideas for your backpack purse!

Top 3 Best Designer Backpack purses for Women

1. Gucci GG Marmont 2.0 Imitation Pearl Embellished Denim Backpack (Check it Out on Fashionphile)

A backpack in denim embellished with pearls? Wow! Gucci never fails to impress us. One of the best designer backpack purses for women, this backpack is bound to get those heads turning. Get ready to receive some acute acumen while you wear this designer backpack purse. Gucci takes the casual denim and transforms it into an art piece by neat stitching pattern, a zipper opening, a solid frame, and pearl details. It looks playful and graceful at the same time. The antique GG logo glistens at the front, making it look classier.

2. Michael Kors Leila Nylon Medium Flap Backpack

We are absolutely in love with this beauty! Michael Kors Leila Nylon Medium Flap Backpack is an aesthetic accessory offering the best of both: fashion and function. It is a medium-sized, light-weight bag with a lot of room for all your accessories and essentials. Styled with the edgy-looking metal studs, it is available in five swoon-worthy shades: rose, admiral, black, pale blue, and olive. Apart from being gorgeous, the backpack offers one thing which we love in a backpack: Pockets, pockets, and pockets! It is designed with a flap-and-snap closure, a back zip pocket, a front slip pocket, two snap pockets, an interior zip pocket, one back slip pocket, and four slip pockets. With this backpack, you won’t ever complain about a lack of storage space! The durable nylon fabric, the black leather trim, and sturdy polyester interior would ensure that this beauty continues to make you shine for a long time.

3. Fendi Logo Backpack (Check it Out on Fashionphile)

So you thought red lipsticks look hot? Wait till you get your hands on this calfskin backpack purse in red! Exuding extravagance and class, this is certainly one of the best designer backpack purses for women with a fiery personality. The interiors are lined with superior-quality jacquard, and the backpack flaunts a molten gold Fendi logo hardware. It comes with a push-button closure and adjustable shoulder straps. You can add the unmistakable oomph-factor to your everyday attire by styling them with this Fendi logo backpack in red.

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Designer Backpack Purses for Women

More spacious than a clutch and more comfortable than a cross-body or shoulder bag, backpack purses are ideal for students, working women, and ladies tired of carrying heavy bags. As a rule of thumb, you can buy the best designer backpack purses for women if you know what to look for.

Before making the purchase, analyze your needs and consider the following three

· Size

Backpacks are available in a variety of sizes. From cute, mini backpack purses to big backpacks that can be used as light-weight cabin luggage, you have got everything in the market. So which one to choose? If you love filling your bag with almost everything, go with a medium-sized backpack purse, but if you like carrying around just the essentials, a mini backpack will meet your requirements. Will you be using the backpack when going to work or carrying it on a girls-night-out? Your answer will help you decide which size would suit you. A roomier backpack purse would help you carry work-related files, accessories, and other essentials without putting unnecessary strain on your spine.

· Adjustable Straps

It’s always good to buy a backpack which adjustable straps. Tightening the straps would make you look smarter, whereas loose straps would give the impression of a heavier bag. You should also keep your height and figure in mind. It matters because mini backpack purses do not look as good on the taller ladies as they do on the petite ones. Also, padded straps look rather immature.

· Material

Leather and suede would be ideal for formal-looking backpacks and will give you a more mature and sophisticated look. Materials like canvas, nylon, and other fabrics are good for a casual-looking backpack.

How to Rock Your Designer Backpack?

While a designer backpack purse helps you make a style statement, learning some tips and tricks to glam it up and carry it with certain outfits might be a game-changer for you. Here are some tips to help you rock the best designer backpack purses for women:

  • Glam up your backpack purse with charms, pom-pom keychains, and trinkets for a more feminine look. Backpacks give you the ability to personalize them in your way. For instance, adding fringe and feathers give it a bohemian look, and sleek metallic hardware makes it appear more polished and sophisticated.
  • There’s no rule in the book that says you have to wear a backpack like a backpack only. You can hold it like a purse or hang it over one shoulder.
  • Backpacks with multiple pockets and zippers look aesthetically rich. If you are a tom-boy, such a backpack will define your personality.  As a mature woman, remember to keep chic over cutesy. Backpacks are not meant to make you look “girlish.” They can make you look confident and mature.
  • Styling is the key. You can create a look comprising of a cute backpack purse worn over a cropped top, a pair of jeans, and cute sneakers. You can also pair a floral sundress with a mini backpack embellished with keychains, or a shirt with formal pants and a medium-sized leather backpack purse. The style options are uncountable!

Our Final Thoughts

Backpack purses are unique in their own charming way. There is no age limit on owning or carrying one. You can totally look fabulous while taking a designer backpack purse to your workplace and enjoy the same practicality that you did when you were in school. So, what are you still waiting for? Shop online or visit your nearest designer store to buy one of the best designer backpack purses for women!

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