Best Designer Coin Purses: Top 4 Reviewed

How often do you find yourself fumbling with the zipper of your handbag while rummaging through the bag’s contents to find some spare change that you have to pay to the cashier who’s waiting impatiently behind the checkout counter?

Most of us have experienced such a situation at least once in life, which is extremely embarrassing, to say the least. Minutes feel like hours when you have to look through your bag to find some coins and spare notes with so many people waiting behind you in line at the counter.

If you’ve gone through this far too many times, we have the perfect solution for you to prevent you from any such embarrassment in the future at your favorite stores.

Coin purses!

Yes, that’s right. A handy, stylish coin purse is the best way to organize all your money and store them safely at all times. Attach it to the strap of your handbag or simply keep it inside your bag, a coin purse is easily accessible in all instances. You can even keep your credit/debit cards, along with your driver’s license in your coin purse in case you ever need to access it urgently.

The 4 Best Designer Coin Purses

Here are some of the best designer coin purses for all such times of need and also to keep all your spare change.

1. Michael Kors Mercer Leather Coin Purse

When it comes to high-end designer bags and purses, Michael Kors is one of the most popular and probably one of the first few names that come to mind. This brand surely manufactures the highest quality products that aren’t just highly functional, but also have the most appealing design, look, and feel.

If you’re in search of a nice, simple yet stylish coin purse for yourself, look no further than the Michael Kors Mercer Leather Coin Purse. This is one of the best designer coin purses out there, and it is absolutely worth the price tag.

One of the most striking features of this coin purse is none other than its beautiful soft-pink color, which is so subtle and warm. It’s one of those neutral colors that would complement any colored-handbag or purse. On top of that, the coin purse is made of 100-percent full-grain pebbled leather, which is very evident when you look at it or even feel it with your fingers. The grainy exterior gives it quite a textured appearance, which completely enhances its overall look.

It comes with a smooth top zip that allows easy access to the inner contents of the purse. Additionally, it has a handy back slit pocket and two card slots on the outer surface that help you keep other essentials such as your ID card, driving license, spare change, etc.


  • Has adequate space
  • Comes with extra pockets
  • Sports a stunning, soft color
  • Made with premium-quality leather
  • Sturdy top zipper


  • Not ideal if you have a lot of cards or money

2. Kate Spade New York Half Moon Wallet Coin Purse

Another highly-renowned brand that’s known for its exceptional accessories is none other than Kate Spade. This brand is more of a luxury fashion design house that produces some of the most unique and extraordinary products, ranging from handbags and wallets to clothing and jewelry.

The Kate Spade New York Half Moon Wallet Coin Purse is one of its best-selling products and for all the right reasons, too. It’s one of the best designer coin purses due to the fact that it sports a distinctive half-rounded shape that almost looks like a half-moon.

This coin purse is made of soft pebbled leather that gives it a grain-like texture, which perfectly complements the gold details on the purse. There’s a small, golden ‘Kate Spade’ logo embedded on the front of the purse with a matching-colored zipper key-ring chain. The subtle gold looks stunning with the deep black exterior of the coin purse, giving it quite a rich, luxurious look.

On the inside, you’ll find a pocket to keep all your change along with four card slots where you can keep your important cards.


  • Beautiful black and gold color
  • Has a unique shape
  • Handy key ring chain
  • Made with the highest-quality leather


  • Not spacious enough

3. Tory Burch Martini Black Leather Coin Case

If you’re looking for a fun, casual, and a quirky kind of a coin purse, the Tory Burch Martini Black Leather Coin Case is your best option!

As the name suggests, this coin purse sports a deep black color with a bright-colored Martini appliqué done in the front. Right in the center of the outer surface, you’ll see a blue-white and silver-colored martini-shaped needle-work embossed neatly with the ‘Tory Burch’ logo. It perfectly stands out against the dark color of the purse and gives it a very festive look.

The purse has a nice, round shape with a gold zipper and a matching key-ring at the top. It’s made of superior-quality leather, which is super smooth and gives off a very lavish look and feel. The best part about this designer coin purse is that it comes with a small bag clip that allows you to clip it to the strap of your handbag without having to keep it inside.


  • Great quality
  • Has a lined zip closure
  • Fancy details on the front
  • Comes with a key ring and bag clip


  • Some might find it a little too casual
  • Doesn’t have card slots on the outer surface

4. Rajah Beaded Key Coin Purse by Mary Frances

There are often some accessories that have a unique story behind them or are inspired by folktales and stories. The Rajah Beaded Key Coin Purse by Mary Frances is one such accessory with a beaded tiger head used as a coin purse.

This designer coin purse has taken massive inspiration from Disney’s action film ‘Aladdin,’ where the designer has tried to replicate ‘Rajah the tiger’ in the form of a beaded coin purse. It sports a perfect tiger-head with a combination of different, beautiful-colored beads sewn together with great finesse.

It’s made of imported synthetic material that offers great durability and has a handy key ring to attach the purse to your handbag or simply hold it with your fingers. The coin purse is extremely funky and has neutral colors that will look great with all your purses and handbags!


  • Super unique-looking
  • Great colors
  • Designed with perfection
  • Ideal for daily use


  • Too fancy for some people

What to Look for in a Coin Purse?

From funky and quirky to formal and decent, there’s a wide variety of coin purses out there, each with varying styles, designs, and textures.

When buying a coin purse for your daily use, there are some essential features that you must keep in mind in order to buy the one that best meets your needs.


While most coin purses are small and have similar dimensions, some are also available in bigger sizes. It all depends on your personal preferences; if you want a coin purse just to keep your coins and spare change, go for a small size, but if you want that can also accommodate your cards, get a bigger sized purse.

Additional Pockets

Some coin purses simply have a single compartment for coins, while others come with additional card pockets where you can also keep important slips and bills. Again, it all comes down to your personal choice and needs.

Our Final Thoughts

Coin purses are super handy and can prove to be extremely useful in emergency situations. Get your hands on the best designer coin purses right now to safely store all your coins, money change, and essential cards!

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