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Spending money on designer bags is highly rewarding. It makes you feel like a celebrity. The best thing about a designer bag is that it makes you majestic even if you’re not wearing a luxe outfit. A designer handbag has the power to make its bearer look like royalty.

People who want luxury bags may worry about dropping so much cash on a single bag. But once you feel the goodness of a genuine designer bag, you’ll know that it’s not about the brand name; instead it’s about the quality that is consistent and unmatched. One designer bag lasts you longer than a whole heap of mediocre bags.

Women often get caught up in the idea of spending huge chunks of money on just one bag, without realizing that buying a bunch of low-quality bags is not as cheap as they might think. If you buy a low scale bag, it’s going to lose its appeal rather quickly, forcing you to buy another bag. If you have to buy 6 bags in 4-5 months, then why not save up for those months and buy a top of the line bag that will last you longer than a decade?

Luxury bags are no doubt a luxury. And they cost a ton of money but when you’ll hold a designer bag, you’ll forget all about the money. It’ll be all worth it in the end.

If you want to own art pieces that designer bags are then hop on the train to brands-Ville.

Here are top 13 must-have designer crossbody bags for you to buy.

1. Gucci Soho Disco Leather Bag

This compact shoulder bag can be your go-to bag for work and parties alike. It’s spacious and sleek. Made of grainy leather, this Soho bag comes with an adjustable strap.

The bag is embossed with the classic double G Gucci logo across the front. Your items stay secure in a leather tasseled zipper pocket that glides effortlessly across the center of the bag.

2. Gucci Dionysus GG Supreme Mini Bag

If you’re a BTS fan, then chances are you’re already aware of the iconic Gucci bag. But if you’re not a fan, then this bag pays homage to the Greek God Dionysus who crossed the Tigris River on a tiger. The popular South Korean band has a song by the same name, hence the connection.

However, with or without the pop connection, this Gucci bag is one of the classiest cross body bags out there. It screams class and taste. If you want to channel the inner diva in you, then this has to be in your closet. With Gucci’s staple tiger head closure front flap, this canvas bag comes with an adjustable chain that allows you to carry this art piece in multiple styles.

3. YSL Medium Monogram wallet on a Chain

This YSL bag is the definition of femininity. With front flap etched with interlocking YSL logo, this quilted bag can be carried as a bag or a wallet. Stitched in metalasse style, this YSL wallet cum cross-body bag is perfect for eventful evenings due to its padded look.

Flaunt the iconic YSL bag with or without its removable metal chain to leave an impression on everyone at the party.

4. Gucci GG Marmont 2.0 Matelasse Leather Shoulder Bag

The quintessential Gucci bag also comes with a metal GG logo on the removable flap across the front of the bag. With a padded appearance and a heart at the back, this bag will instantly win hearts of all the art lovers at any party.

Carry this bag and come off as the confident woman that you are.


5. Chloe Drew Bag

Made with grainy top quality leather and adorned with golden accents, this bag screams woman of class. When you enter a room with this bag dangling off your shoulder, be ready to turn all heads in your direction.

It comes with metal rings and a knotted chain, which makes you look just as chic as the Upper East Side Queen, Blake Lively. Its saddle shape complements your curves in the best possible way.

6. Burberry TB Small Grainy Leather Bag

The elegant Burberry collectible is a work of art. Made with soft grainy leather, it comes with interior compartments to easily store all your essentials. You can remove its strap and carry it as a clutch or hang it across your body for a completely different look.

7. Fendi Double Flowerland Micro Baguette Leather Satchel

Flower studded, chic, and feminine, this Fendi bag is bound to make you feel like a princess. It comes with a strap drop, flap closure that keeps all your essentials safe. Either hang it across your body or carry it by its top leather handles to feel like a Disney Princess.

Don’t forget to put on a tiara to complete your princess look with this Fendi bag.

8. Acne Studio Musubi Mini Bag

Japanese Obi Sash inspired knots run across the expanse of this Acne Studio bag. The soft grainy leather of the bag makes it soft to touch and light to carry. With a central zipped pocket, this bag keeps your valuables protected.

Change your look with this mini bag every now and then.

9. Celine Nano Luggage bag

If you want to feel like an actual film star, then you must own a Celine Nano bag, whether in drummed calfskin or smooth calfskin. It’s small but can house a lot of valuable items easily. Carry it on your arm with its leather handles, or drape it across your body by its long leather straps.

It doesn’t just have one central zipped pocket, but it also comes with a zipped outer pocket to carry tiny items in it.

10. Saint Laurent Mica Box Bag

No other bag blends party and business together as well as this Mica box bag.  A hatbox bag featuring a long strap and push-in handle engrained with the classic YSL logo. Along with a flat pocket, it also features a gusset pocket with a snap button to keep miniatures.

Take this SL bag to work and then to a party after work without a single second thought.

11. Stella McCartney Stilla Star Small Flap over Shoulder Bag

This sleek bag makes you feel young and youthful. It comes with a quilted flap with a brush gold logo on the center of the flap. It’s a great accessory to carry to a cocktail party.

12. Victoria Beckham Eva Leather Cross-body Bag

If anybody can give you an elite class bag, it’s Victoria Beckham. The famous diva is known for her fashion sense, and that is clearly reflected in this Eva bag. A vintage-looking bag with contemporary details to complete a perfect retro-modern look. Made with calf leather, this bag comes with golden details and the label’s name printed across the front of the bag.

13. Givenchy Cross3 Bag

A must-have flat grin leather and suede accordion bag, which comes with a zipper to contain all your essentials. It features an adjustable and removable strap to create different looks. The Cross3 bag comes with an antique gold chain on the front along with inner and outer compartments.

Adorn your closet and looks with versatile designer crossbody bags. Choose any bag from our list of designer crossbody bags to dress up or dress down, but still be the chicest one in any room.

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