Best Designer Pet Purses: Top 4 Reviewed

Best Designer Pet Purse

Do you have a fluffy friend at home that just wants to go everywhere with you? The fluffy friend could be a dog or a cat, but you just cannot go out without them. Being together with them can become even more complicated because you don’t want to place a leash on their neck whenever you step out of your home.

You might feel like you’re the first one going through this conundrum, but people before you have gone through similar stuff before. If your pet dog or cat is small enough to get inside a designer pet bag, consider your problem solved.

Handbags have for long been considered to have a certain convenience to them, but that convenience is further amplified when you talk about keeping your fluffy pet with you wherever you go.

Designer pet bags have made it easy for you to have a unique fashion appeal, while simultaneously carrying your beloved furry friend around with you. If you want one such designer pet purse for you, then you are at the right place.

The 4 Best Designer Pet Purses

Pet carriers happen to come in all kinds of sizes, but you want the design for them to be top-notch as well. Below we mention some of the best designer pet purses in town for keeping your pet along with you, while amplifying your style statement as well. Just choose one from the pet purses we have in this list and you will be good to proceed forward.

1. WOpet Fashion Pet Carrier Bag

This WOpet Fashion Pet Carrier Bag looks exactly like a big designer leather bag, which is why it is good to take out with you with your pet inside. The synthetic leather material is washable and is easy to clean whenever you want. The purse comes with a hand strap and a removable shoulder strap that you can conveniently add on whenever you feel the need to do so. The top panel comes with zippers, so you can roll it back to see your pet through the panel. The overall feel of the bag is good, and your pet would surely like it.


  • Comes with a removable shoulder strap and hand strap
  • Best for larger pets
  • Can be perfect for outdoor use


  • A bit heavy

2. MG Collection Stylish Travel Dog and Cat Pet Carrier

This head turning MG Collection Stylish Dog and Cat Pet Carrier is the perfect partner to have with you on your travels. The bag comes with a plastic mesh flap for your dog’s safety and also makes use of 2 parallel zippers. The zippers are sturdy and the overall built of the bag is awesome.


  • Sturdy top handles
  • Breathable mesh
  • Quality manufacturing


  • Hard to position your pet inside

3. WOpet Deluxe Pet Carrier

This WOpet Deluxe Pet Carrier is made out of the best materials and helps your pet stand out with you. The materials used are breathable, washable, soft and lightweight. Your pet dog or cat would feel comfortable inside, and you can enjoy the amazing design as well. Your pet would see everything outside, but people wouldn’t see them inside. This is the perfect gift for any dog or cat lover. The bag does not distort with usage and retains its shape.


  • Made of comfortable PU leather
  • Designed to perfection
  • Both sides have mesh designs
  • Breathable



4. WOpet Dog Carrier Dog Handbag Dog Purse

This WOpet Dog Carrier Dog Handbag Dog Purse is made out of PU leather, which does not fade or distort. The design is breathable and washable and will keep your dog safe inside for long. The bag is perfect for your everyday walk. The removable plate at the bottom is a useful addition and helps clear all the mess without a hassle at all. The bag can fit small pets, weighing less than 14 lbs. The ring inside the bag can help to tie your dog into place through the harness.


  • Made of PU leather
  • Breathable
  • Comes with a plate at the bottom
  • Pet feels cool and comfortable


Features to Consider

The truth is that you want to keep your pet with you at all times. But, carrying them around on a plastic crate or dragging them with a leash isn’t the best option to consider. To make sure that they are comfortable and you look decent carrying them, it is best that you get the best designer pet purse from the options above.

If you want to narrow your options down to one, then consider the following features for help with the decision making process:


Most of the pet carriers we see in the market are made out of fabric or synthetic leather. These materials happen to be quite stain resistant and can easily be cleaned. Leather also happens to look a lot like the purse you always wanted, so there is no actual compromise at all. Fabric materials happen to be a lot more breathable than leather purses. Make sure that you study the material in depth before narrowing down the purse.

Bag Dimensions

Knowing the size of the bag can help you determine in advance whether your pet would be comfortable inside of it or not. If you want your pet to be comfortable inside the bag, then you should check the dimensions beforehand. The size of the bag should parallel that of your pet at least. A smaller bag would make life hell for them inside.


There is no questioning the fact that your pet purse would be subjected to a lot of dirt and dust. So, if you want it clean and shiny at all times, then you should have it washed every once in a while. The bag and the material on it should be washable, so that you can wash away the stains in the laundry.


The purse you buy should preferably have two straps; one for carrying it in your hands, and the other longer strap for carrying the purse on your shoulders. These straps would make life a lot easier for you and would make sure that you remain safe when you step outside with your pet bag.

Airline Approved

Understanding airline approval can be a tad bit nebulous, but if you want to simplify the concept for yourself, then any bag that slides under the airline seat can be approved. You can surely have that checked yourself.

Our Final Thoughts

A pet purse is the best way to bring your fluffy pet close to you and to make sure that you remain together all the time. The best designer pet purse would also allow your pet to feel comfortable and safe as you walk around with them in the bag. It might take time, but they will soon get used to the interior of the bag and would start loving it.

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