Best Expensive Suede Purses

Nothing can spruce up your look than a classy suede purse—made from a different type of leather; it is a popular choice among all the other designer handbags, all credit goes to its delicate feel.

They are on the top of every woman’s shopping list because they offer class, elegance, durability all together and are expensive for a reason.

The 7 Best Expensive Suede Purses

So if you are ready to invest in a designer handbag that boasts of superior quality and screams fall, read on to explore the best expensive suede purses of all time.

1. Yves Saint Laurent Suede Purses

Now just Saint Laurent, Yves Saint Laurent is a renowned brand that suits every outfit and budget. Their fine quality bags are a must-have addition to any fashion lovers’ wardrobe.

Starting with many other popular brands, Saint Laurent quickly establish its clout in the realm of designer handbags, producing high-quality, covetable pieces that every luxury lover will yearn to have.

From their clothing to bags, Saint Laurent got all your favourite item to land at the top of your bucket list. Their popular number Solferino suede satchel is well crafted and never out of fashion. Of course, you can’t expect anything less from the esteemed brand.

2. Valentino Garavani Suede Purses

If you want to beef up your bag collection, nothing is better than the Valentino rock stud suede tote.

No woman will ever deny that it is the most sought-after fashion brand in the world. Popular for its unique style handbags to classy shoes, Valentino Garavani has come a long way to present the world with iconic design every season. You will not believe some of them even have shimmering crystals, beads and are popular in Italy.

Established in the 1960s, the brand is loved by all A-lister celebrities and got something for everyone. Their top designs include a rock stud shoulder bag, Demilune leather shoulder bag, and rock stud spike hang bag.

If you don’t own one, it’s time to add a rock stud to your luxury collection.

3.  Jimmy Choo Suede Purses

Take a breather with a Jimmy Choo Callie Suede Hobo, striking since its inception.  Callie suede hobo is all about minimalism, quality, and a great investment handbag that you know will never go out of fashion.

We can’t deny that their bags are expensive but for all the good reason. Not only is it made from suede, but it is also easy to clean and suits almost every kind of gathering.

4. Fendi Suede Purses

If you’ve ever desired a designer handbag that would combine timeless luxury and durability, it’s Fendi Baguette. The Italian fashion house was founded in 1925, and ever since then, there is no stopping for the brand.

Their amazing baguette suede handbags can make you stand out on any occasion. They come in various designs, shapes, and colours and can be a little pricy on your pocket. But that’s what designer handbags are for? Right?

5. Chloe Suede Purses

There is a reason why Chloe bags are considered timeless. This brand has a habit of creating cult handbags that make you fall for designer bags hard.

Started off in 2005, Chloe has a history of producing high-quality bags like the slouchy Paddington featuring a gold lock. Their shoulder bags are really fabulous, as it has a wide adjustable leather strap, a small C logo on the clasp, and comes in various beautiful colors like green,  dark chocolate, dusty blue and even a fresh tie-dye effect.

They got something for everyone – So grab them before it’s too late.

6. Hermes Suede Purses

How can we forget this one – with a long, rich history that dates back to 1837, there are more desirable suede leather bags than one from Hermès, also known as the Hermès Birkin.

Each purse is handmade by a great leather artisan and takes over hours to produce. Designed for modern women who work hard, a Birkin costs up to $10,000.00. It is super exclusive that some people even have to add their names on a waitlist to purchase one. We are not kidding.

The primary reason for their popularity is the soft, flowy texture that can rock in any season.

7.  Coach Suede Purses

This classic American home is known to make real leather goods, including suede.  They have become more minimalist and unique with the designs; each one is available in a large array of colors and sizes.

Many of their styles can stand the toughest season. Some of the Coach, 1941 Rogue Collection options are available in classic colors that can work year-around and stick by you, rain and shine.

Another beautiful, timeless option is the Prairie Satchel. From signature style bags to everyday totes, all styles cost upwards of $350.00. If you want to purchase the full range of coach bags, consider going to their website or buy online through an authentic seller, but the best option is to check out their outlets to have more variety and affordable options.

How to Care for Your Suede Bag

You must be thinking why this heading is here, but you would be surprised to know that a suede bag needs a special care regime to last longer; after all, it is a designer handbag.

  1. If you want them to shine forever, store them in a fabric dust bag as it will protect the bag from dust and avoid discoloration from sun rays
  2.  If there are few traces of dust by any chance, try to remove them regularly as it will be enough to maintain its beauty for a long time.
  3. Don’t even think of using water on your suede bag; it will leave a mark that will never go.
  4. If you find a mark on your bag, clean it by buffering it with a cloth only.

Our Final Thoughts on the Best Expensive Suede Purses

Suede bags wear a crown of sophistication. These bags are unique and loved by women all around the world. It is nearly impossible to look at the suede purse and not fall for it.  Next time you are thinking of a designer handbag, don’t fret about adding a suede purse to your collection.

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