Best Inexpensive Designer Handbags: Top 5 Reviewed

Who doesn’t want to own a stylish, designer handbag? It is your handbag that adds to your overall look and makes you stand out at any party. But designer purses and bags come with a heavy price tag – we’re talking about a couple of thousands here.

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When the price of a designer handbag equals your monthly rent, it’s understandable why you’d be having second thoughts on buying it. Even though designer bags are a splurge, you can still find a few designer bags that are affordable.

Best Inexpensive Designer Handbags

Finding an inexpensive designer bag is a struggle. So, to save you from the hard work and frustration of searching for an inexpensive bag, we have brought you a list of the best inexpensive designer handbags. If you are considering gifting a designer bag to your someone special on Christmas; planning to treat yourself with a designer label on your birthday, we recommend you go through this list of the best inexpensive designer handbags.

1. Gucci Diamante Travel Tote

If all you want for Christmas is a designer bag, Gucci Diamante Travel Total is the right choice for you. Available at an under $1,000 price, this designer bag is spacious enough and will be ideal for your everyday use. With its signature blue-red-blue detail in the middle of the body, this bag boasts an attractive design. It is a durable bag that can withstand rough use as well.

Pros of Gucci Diamante Travel Tote

  • Large-sized bag
  • Durable and sturdy

Cons of Gucci Diamante Travel Tote

  • Simple-looking

2. Michael Kors Large Jet Set Tote

Featuring an eye-catching design, Michael Kors Jet Set Tote is one of the best to-go inexpensive designer handbags and is loved by working women chiefly because of the fact that the bag conveniently stores all the essentials including a compact-sized (13″) laptop. Its shiny black color adds more to its elegance. It is made up of Saffiano leather and has gold-tone hardware. On each side of the bag is a small pocket where you can keep your keys or cash coins, etc.

Pros of Michael Kors Large Jet Set Tote

  • Spacious
  • Durable and sturdy

Cons of Michael Kors Large Jet Set Tote

  • Doesn’t come with a dust bag

3. Versace Jeans Shoulder Bag

We do understand that you won’t be much interested in splurging thousands of dollars on a designer bag. But what if we tell you that you can get a designer at the price of a couple of hundred dollars? Sounds unbelievable, we know. You might be shocked to know that the most sought-after Versace brand offers handbags at lower prices. Versace Jeans Shoulder Bag is one of the inexpensive designer handbags that’d provide you the privilege and prestige of owning a designer bag without having to drain your bank account. Made up of synthetic leather, the Versace Jeans Shoulder Bag has two compartments, three internal pockets, and a zip closure. It is a small-sized bag that you can easily carry to formal gatherings or evening soiree as well.

Pros of Versace Jeans Shoulder Bag

  • Comes with a dustbag
  • Elegant design
  • Durable and sturdy

Cons of Versace Jeans Shoulder Bag

  • Small-sized

4. Givenchy Paris Women’s Pandora Handbag

Givenchy is one of the most loved brands in the fashion industry. Famous for its durable and sturdy handbags, Givenchy is a high-end brand that has many stylish bags to offer. Women’s Pandora Mini Handbag is an elegant bag in black with accents of bold red. It has an adjustable strap that makes it easy to carry out. Perfect for a night out, this bag is an affordable bag that must be on the wishlist of every fashion lover.

Pros of Givenchy Paris Women’s Pandora Mini Handbag

  • Sophisticated design
  • Multi-purpose

Cons of Givenchy Paris Women’s Pandora Mini Handbag

  • No note-worthy cons

5. Kate Spade New York Satchel Purse

Ever since the Kate Spade brand enters the fashion scene, it drew thousands of people towards it. Available in bold red, Kate Spade New York Satchel Purse is a to-die-for bag that boasts an elegant design. With measurements 10.5″x8.5″x6″, the bag is decent-sized and is spacious enough to hold everyday essentials.

Pros of Kate Spade New York Satchel Purse

  • Ideal size
  • Spacious
  • Attractive design and color

Cons of Kate Spade New York Satchel Purse

  • No note-worthy cons

How to Buy the Best Inexpensive Designer Bags – Buying Guide

Many high-end designer brands are famous for their high prices. Even though these bags are very expensive, they still draw a large number of people towards them. In the world of fashion, designer bags enjoy the highest position. Celebrities flaunt them at awards functions and formal meetups while the bigwigs of the corporate world have an entire collection of these bags.

It is perhaps their exclusivity that makes them even more desirable. Most people don’t know that designer brands also have affordable and inexpensive bags as well. The key is to carry out extensive research before setting out to buy a designer bag. In addition to that, here are a few things that you must pay attention to if you are considering to buy an inexpensive designer bags.

Look Out for Seasonal Sales

Yes, designer bags are expensive. But you’d be glad to know that high-end brands are also quite generous when it comes to discounts and sale seasons. Holiday sales, when almost every brand provides hard-to-miss discounts, is the best time to go for designer bag shopping.

Beware of Traps

Sometimes the desire to own a designer bag is so strong that you don’t act cautiously. Googling “places to get inexpensive bags from” is a good fun activity, but don’t think that every site that you found on the search engine is reliable and credible. There are so many sellers that are notorious for selling fake or copy products. Study the brand properly to have an understanding of their pricing methods. Any site or company that sells the product at an unbelievably low price is likely selling a fake product.

Second-hand Bags

Even if you are not convinced by the idea of owning a hand-me-down, you can make an exception when it comes to designer handbags. These because these bags don’t undergo rough use and are maintained properly. There are many credible sites that deal with the buying and selling of used bags. Don’t forget to browse through these sites if you are looking for an inexpensive designer bag.

Charity Shops

Donations in kind are wildly popular. Many people frequently make donations to charity shops, which, in return, sell this stuff to earn some cash for other charity work. Some even donate their designer handbags and dresses to the shops. The charity shops sell them at affordable prices – although you won’t get a 90% difference in prices, you will still be able to save a few bucks. Some items are as good as new. A quick visit to these charity shops might help you get your hands on your favorite designer bag at relatively low prices.

Our Final Thoughts

From fashion gurus to a common person, everyone knows how expensive designer handbags are. But, none can deny the high-quality of these bags. The good news is that you don’t always have to spend thousands of dollars on a designer bag. We hope that this list helped you found inexpensive designer bags. If you are thinking of treating yourself with a luxury bag, you should choose one from our list of the best inexpensive designer handbags.

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