Best Leather Designer Slouch Bags: Top 4 Reviewed

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Also often referred to as ‘hobo bags,’ slouch bags have made quite a comeback after vanishing for years from the fashion industry.

Some people like to call them ‘relaxed bags’ considering how they always seem to be slouching, which is exactly how they got this unique name. There’s something really fun and interesting about the structure and the body of these bags, especially considering their laid-back appearance.

They usually come with a long strap, coupled with an expandable and a curvy body. These bags are perfect for all your shopping sprees, and you can literally stash anything in there!

Are you ready to take the plunge? If yes, take a look at our top picks for the best leather designer slouch bags; you can thank us later!

1. Mn&Sue Black Large Slouchy Soft Leather Women Handbag

This leather designer slouch bag is ideal for casual daily use, as well as for travel and work-related purposes. It’s made of premium quality soft pebbled leather that gives the bag a beautiful, grain-like texture and also ensures high durability.

The Mn&Sue Black Large Slouchy Soft Leather Women Handbag consists of smooth metal zippers. Good quality zippers are a basic requirement of any good-quality handbag. The zippers of this bag are sturdy and help keep all your stuff safely inside the bag.

The bag is available in two different sizes, which means that you can easily choose one that best meets your daily needs and preferences. It comes with a top-zip closure for maximum security, along with sturdy carrying handles that allow you to carry the bag on your shoulders. With these straps, you never have to worry about the bag slipping or falling off your shoulders.

A great feature of this bag is that it has a removable and adjustable shoulder strap that’s quite long, which you can use to turn the slouch bag into a stylish cross-body bag. On top of that, it comes with one main compartment, followed by numerous zipper pockets that make the bag incredibly spacious and flexible.


  • Good value for money
  • Super flexible and versatile
  • Made from high-quality PA leather
  • Available in different sizes
  • Has a durable polyester lining


  • Fabric tears easily due to too much weight
  • Some might find it too huge for daily wear

2. STEPHIECATH Genuine Leather Slouch Hobo Shoulder Bag (B078PNXS7Y)

If you’re looking for a leather slouch bag that has a warm, neutral color, you might like really the STEPHIECATH Genuine Leather Slouch Hobo Shoulder Bag. This bag is made of super thick, high quality, 100-percent genuine cow leather, which is incredibly soft to the touch.

It comes with a very sturdy leather handle that allows you to carry the bag either on your shoulders or as a hand-carry without any inconvenience. It has a magnetic snap closure instead of a zipper, which prevents you from fumbling with zips, especially in emergency situations.

Additionally, this leather slouch bag has a liner organizer bag on the inside with a smooth zipper, which further has 1 more zip pocket along with two handy slip pockets. All these extra pockets help increase the inside space and provide you with a greater amount of room to keep all your essentials items.

The bag is properly lined with a mixture of 70 percent polyester and 30 percent cotton, which ensures great durability and also prevents the bag from wear and tear.


  • Super soft and high-quality leather
  • Folds easily
  • Stays well in place
  • Extremely spacious and roomy
  • Has a pleasant leather scent


  • Doesn’t stand on its own
  • Slumps easily when empty

3. BROMEN Women Handbags Designer Leather Hobo Bag

Made with high-quality vegan leather and featuring silver hardware with a beautiful black color design, the BROMEN Women Handbags Designer Leather Hobo Bag will simply make you fall in love with leather designer slouch bags!

The best professional craftsmen have designed this bag with a promise to provide you with great style and versatility in terms of your daily fashion game. It sports a stunning dark black color with a colorful woven strap, which complement each other perfectly. It also has an additional shoulder strap that’s long and adjustable, which allows you to have several carrying options such as cross-body or simply on one shoulder.

What you’ll really love about this slouch bag are its internal structure and compartments. There’s one big section that includes one slip pocket and one zip pocket where you can keep all your necessary items. Then, there are two extra slip pockets on the outer section that are meant for essential items like keys, change, etc.


  • Great quality
  • Extremely spacious
  • Features a wonderful blend of colors
  • Contains extra pockets
  • Has two useful straps


  • The hook doesn’t have enough space for both hooks at the same time
  • Not ideal for heavy stuff

4. DDDH Cross-Body Purse for Women Leather Hobo Handbag

This leather designer slouch bag sports a beautiful, soft pink color, which is one of its most striking features. The color is perfect for everyday wear as well as for formal events and parties. It also comes in an extremely versatile color, which means that it will easily complement any outfit.

It has just the right size – not too big or too small. This means that the bag is best suited for carrying light, daily-use items, but nothing too heavy.

A great feature of this bag is that it has been designed with the highest-quality and most durable vegan leather, which is super soft and smooth to the touch. There’s a top zipper closure that provides great safety and security for all your belongings inside the bag.

In terms of the inner structure, this bag has a single, large-sized zipper along with a small pocket on the inside where you can keep all your valuables. The former is large enough to hold your laptop or iPad, which suggests that it has quite an impressive capacity.

One thing that you’ll really like about this bag is its long adjustable strap, which you can easily shorten to achieve your desired length.


  • Beautiful color
  • Adjustable strap
  • Great capacity
  • Has the ideal number of inner compartments
  • Good value for money


  • Some might find it too small
  • Zipper tends to get stuck

What to Look for in a Leather Designer Slouch Bag?

Slouch bags are some of the most versatile and useful accessories for daily-use, given their size and ability to fit all your things.

When buying one for yourself, there are a few essential features that you must bear in mind in order to get your hands on the best leather designer slouch bag.


Some bags are made of pebbled leather, which gives them a very grainy texture, while others are made of a smooth and glossy type of leather. This entirely depends on your personal preference, so you must check the texture of the leather first before making the final purchase.


Slouch bags typically have a standard size, but slight variations can truly affect the bag’s storage capacity. If you wish to use a leather slouch bag for work purposes, you ought to get a large-sized bag that is spacious enough to fit your laptop, for instance.

Number of Pockets

This is a very important feature to bear in mind when buying a slouch bag because the greater number of pockets there are, the more organized your things will be inside. Also, the presence of inner slip pockets in these bags is very handy for keeping things like your money or cards.

Our Final Thoughts

Slouch bags are great for daily use, so if you don’t already have one in your wardrobe, we suggest you take inspiration from our list of the best leather designer slouch bags and make life easy for yourself! You’ll be surprised at how versatile these bags can be despite their slouching nature!

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