Best Men’s Designer Travel Bags: Top 5 Reviewed

Best Men’s Designer Travel Bag

There’s something about a well-dressed man standing at the airport with a stylish designer travel bag makes him stand out. That savvy professional was wearing a regular suit and wasn’t really sporting anything exceptional, so what made him stand out among the other people at the airport? Had to be their travel bag!

From duffle bags to suitcases, luggage is a nice way for men to look great when traveling. Many men don’t pay a lot of attention to this aspect of traveling, but we have got to say that there is nothing that looks prettier than a well-dressed man standing at the airport with a good designer travel bag.

While you want aesthetics with your bag, you all want it to be really functional as well. You do not want to compromise your travel plans because of the bag, which is why you want it to be both aesthetical and functional. For that to happen, you need to make sure that the bag has all the right pockets and comes with the perfect blend of aesthetics and functions. This is where designer bags come into the picture. These bags offer a best of both worlds and allow men to stand out in the crowd.

The 5 Best Men’s Designer Travel Bags

Regardless of whether you are a light traveler or a person that packs more than they need for a vacation, you need to make sure that you have the right travel bag to cater to your needs. The wrong travel bag sends down the wrong impression and doesn’t help your style in any manner. Here we mention some of the best men’s designer travel bag to make your travels a lot classier.

1. Canway 65L Travel Duffel Bag

This Canway 65L Travel Duffel Bag is the best partner to have on your travel excursions. This foldable bag weighs over 1.7 pounds and comes with 65 Liters of capacity. The bag has over 6 different compartments and is made with 600D polyester fabric. The materials on the outside are waterproof and are also tear-resistant. Keeping the brilliant design in view, you can enjoy quite a few benefits in one go. The bag further comes with versatile straps that can make holding the bag a lot easier while you are traveling. Look classier and look better with this Canway 65L Travel Duffel Bag.


  • Comes with straps that are easy to wear
  • Premium production
  • Guaranteed 2 years protection due to brilliant production.


  • Cannot put a lot of stuff.

2. Herschel Novel Duffel Bag

This Herschel Novel Duffel Bag comes with 100 percent polyester and is meant to have a premium production process that can last. You can get over a dozen color varieties with this bag, with all of the colors having different straps to boast with. The straps are convenient to hold because of the nice, leathery feel that they boast of. The bag comes with 1 exterior pocket, but boasts of a good exterior design. The lining is 100 percent polyester and the bag is imported.


  • Spacious
  • 100 percent polyester
  • Imported


  • Only one pocket

3. S-ZONE Oversized Canvas Handbag

This S-ZONE Oversized Canvas Genuine Leather bag is made to impress and has a quality leather trim on the top. The quality hardware and the convenient straps all complement each other to give you a bag that you can pretty much carry around with you everywhere. The leather surface comes with disorderly wrinkles and scratches that are purposefully added to give a rustic and antique look. This rustic look will surely pull you in favor of the design and will get you all excited for the style.


  • Leather surface
  • Good rustic design
  • Quality hardware presence


  • Not many compartments

4. Kenneth Cole Reaction Anti-Theft RFID Crossbody Bag

This Kenneth Cole Reaction Manhattan Full-Grain Colombian Leather Bag is made out of rich full grain Colombian Leather. The bag has a polyester lining with a  magnetic flip closure that goes well with the cross body shoulder strap.

The credit card pockets are RFID protected and safeguard your interests at all times. This leather tablet bag will keep you safe in your travels.


  • Comes with a cross body shoulder strap
  • Has a magnetic flip closure
  • Polyester lining
  • Imported


  • Expensive for a minimal design

5. Leather Travel Bag with Shoe Pouch

This Leather Travel Bag with Shoe Pouch is perfect for your daily or weekly excursions. The shoe compartment is a good plus, as it helps you store your shoes in a decent manner. The high quality materials make for a durable exterior that can help you out for as long as you want. The oversized bag contains some 4 handy compartments for storing your items the way you want. The bag is fashionable and will surely help you stand out.


  • Comes with extra space for a shoe pouch
  • Made out of high grade material
  • Perfectly fashionable bag


  • A bit heavy

What to Consider When Buying a Men’s Travel Bag

There are certain features you should look out for in the bag that you end up buying. Whichever bag you buy it is necessary for it to have all the right characteristics. Here we mention some of the features that you should consider when narrowing down your options to the best one:


The first thing you need to consider is the material your bag is made out of. Designer or not, material is what ends up dictating many other features related to your bag, including the price. Leather bags happen to be a lot more durable, since they come with a premium build and sturdy materials. The best part about leather bags is that you don’t have to take exceptional care of them to make them last. Leather bags can last you for an extensive period, if you happen to treat them just okay.


The second thing you need to look for in a designers travel bag is the price that it is up for. The price should be within your budget and should be affordable by all means. A bag that is hard for you to afford can break your bank. Also, since you have a lot of other accessories to buy, you shouldn’t just splash all your cash on the bag.


When you’re traveling you want all your stuff to be in one big bag, without cramping or messing up the setting. A bag with multiple compartments would allow you to do just that. The compartments in and around the bag can help you clear the setting and get the most out of your bag. Remember that the perfect bag doesn’t have to come with too many compartments. Exterior compartments also play an important role in setting the aesthetics, which is why spacious and a minimal impact on the exterior look is key here.

Our Final Thoughts

Since you’d be spending a considerable amount on your best men’s designer travel bag, selecting the best one out of the lot can be a bit arduous. While we have mentioned some of the best bags for you in this article, you might still find it hard to narrow down your options. With our guide of key things or features to consider, you’re good to proceed into your next travel with the best travel bag on your shoulders.

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