Best Purple Designer Bags: Top 5 Reviewed

Fashion enthusiasts know how important it is to have an impeccable designer bag to flaunt your personal style. Sharp-colored designer bags have the ability to elevate almost all kind of dresses. While mainly the choice of color depends on the wearer, there are a few bold colors that look exceptionally great on the wearer. For example, purple handbags have a special kind of elegance and style. Their sharp color makes them stand out, allowing people to notice them and comment on their exquisiteness and fabulousness. Created with a mix of red and blue, purple is an elegant color that complements almost all colors.

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Logos and other hardware of the bag shine brightly against a bag that has a bold-colored body. Purple designer bags look sharp and attractive. The unfortunate thing is that not all designers used the purple theme for their products. However, those who have added the color in their design range have launched some jaw-droppingly amazing purple handbags that have fast become the desire of every fashionista.

The 5 Best Purple Designer Bags

In this article, we will list down the best purple designer bags. So read it until the end to find out what are the most popular, best purple designer bags.

1. Michael Kors Purple Handbag

A popular name in the world of fashion, Michael Kors is a high-end brand that has gained immense popularity in a short time. Its purple large-sized rectangular bag is a desire of a majority of people. It has detachable straps, allowing you to use it in multiple ways. So, if you want to go back in the 2010s and wear the bag in the crook of your elbow, this bag will be just fine. Or if you want to swing it over your shoulder, the bag has a strap for just that purpose.

Pros of Michael Kors Purple Handbag

  • Detachable straps
  • Spacious
  • Big size

Cons of Michael Kors Purple Handbag

  • Might be a bit difficult to carry

2. Kate Spade Renny Drive Angelic Shoulder Bag

This petite bag is perfect for women who love to hangout. Kate Spade Renny Drive Angelic Shoulder Bag will not only elevate your style, but will also let you carry your phone and credit cards and money with ease.  This visually appealing color is a must-have

Pros of Kate Spade Renny Drive Angelic Shoulder Bag

  • Top zip closure
  • Gold tone hardware
  • Exterior front has a slip pocket

Cons of Kate Spade Renny Drive Angelic Shoulder Bag

  • The straps are not detachable

3. M Crocodile Skin Clutch Bag

Made out of genuine crocodile skin, Mcroc handbag is a luxury and high-priced bag which is popular among people who love to collect exotic items. Its crocodile skin adds to its durability and makes it a favorite of people who love fashion.

Pros of M Crocodile Skin Clutch Bag

  • Genuine leather
  • Spacious
  • Comes with CITES certification
  • The brand offers money back guarantee

Cons of M Crocodile Skin Clutch Bag

  • Doesn’t have straps
  • It is not a cruelty-free product

4. Ralph Lauren Smooth Leather Marcy Satchel

Ralph Lauren is a name that needs no introduction. It has huge credibility and an equally huge fan following. Its purple Smooth Leather Marcy Satchel is a famous product that is loved by a large number of people. It is one of the best purple designer bags that is so convenient to use.

Pros of Ralph Lauren Smooth Leather Marcy Satchel

  • Snap closure
  • Removable strap

Cons of Ralph Lauren Smooth Leather Marcy Satchel

  • High maintenance

5. Harris Tweed Large Runner Bag

Straight from Scotland, Harris Tweed brand has gained immense popularity across the world. Its high-end bags are liked by everyone. It is a handmade bag that has a smart and beautiful appearance.

Pros of Harris Tweed Large Runner Bag

  • Handmade
  • Comes with matching key ring and purse

Cons of Harris Tweed Large Runner Bag

  • Oversized

What to Consider When Buying a Purple Designer Bag

Just a look at the price tag of designer bags tells that buying a designer bag needs proper consideration. It doesn’t come into your impulsive shopping when you are out on a shopping spree swiping your credit and debit cards at one POS and other. Spending thousands of dollars on a designer bag is a big deal – obviously, if an item’s price is your three month rent, you must buy it carefully. While some people are hesitant to spend a huge amount of money on designer bags, some would want to cut down on their other expenses so that they can afford a luxury designer bag. Since buying a designer bag is a big decision, we have compiled some tips that will help you buy the best designer bag for yourself.

1. Research

There are so many luxury fashion brands offering elegantly designed handbags that it becomes difficult to choose one. But since buying a luxury designer bag is a big decision, you must take your time to research each brand and see their designs.

2. Functionality and Ease of Use

So, your heart is set on a beautiful purple designer bag. Now that you are planning to buy it, you should consider how versatile the item is. Does it come with detachable straps so that you can use the bag in multiple ways? Or is it practical to carry the bag to work daily? Neutral colors like black, grey, and beige are perfect for all kinds of events. So you want to make sure that the handbag that you buy doesn’t have limited use and that it goes perfectly well with both your outfits and the place where you’re going.

3. Timeless Design

Since you are spending thousands of dollars on a piece of a handbag, it is likely that you will use it for a large number of years. Choose a design that doesn’t go out of style after a year or two. When buying the bag, get something that you can use as a family heirloom and pass it on to your daughter.

4. Where to Shop

If you are based out of the US, buying a designer bag can be quite expensive.  In fact, if you are in the US, bags that are manufactured in Italy or other European countries also have a pricey price tag. This is because after all the duties and taxes, your final price will have a couple of thousands added to it. The alternative and relatively cheaper way is to buy online. You will only have to pay the small shipping cost. Or, if you have a friend who loves to travel overseas, you can ask them to get the bag for you (after you’ve paid for it, obviously).

Our Final Thoughts

Just like the design of a handbag, its color also plays an important role in enhancing its overall look. While choosing a designer handbag, people mostly go with the design of the bag while paying scant attention to the color of the bag. And while it is true that some designs look elegant and beautiful on almost every color, some bags grab the attention of people because of their eye-catching color.

Purple designer handbags have a special quality of attracting every eyeball. If our opinion is anything to go by, we’d recommend you get a purple handbag for yourself. We hope that this article might have helped you choose one of the best purple designer bags.

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