Best Rated Designer Handbags: Top 10 Reviewed

Everyone who knows even a little about fashion knows that designer handbags are more than just arm candy. Many classic designs by different brands become staples of people’s wardrobes. A handbag is how you present yourself to the world, which is why it is important to make a statement with the right item.

The 10 Best Rated Designer Handbags

Any of these best-rated designer handbags will be the perfect addition to your collection. These inspired designs have become the most iconic pieces of 2019.

1. The Leather Baguette by Fendi

No list for best designer handbags would be complete without the Fendi Leather Baguette. The first version of this handbag was made popular due to the Sex and the City TV series. Carrie Bradshaw was seen carrying this sequined accessory and refusing to give it to a thief, scoffing, “It’s a Baguette.”

Since then, around a thousand iterations (and a book) have been introduced in the market. An estimated million units of this bag have been sold. With a little more help from Sarah Jessica Parker, it was revived in 2019. The design is meant to be tucked under the arm and looks elegant when paired with any outfit. It has been revamped into more practical sizes so that you can fit things inside more easily.


  • Retains value over time
  • Classic, elegant, and iconic design


  • It’s a small bag and can only hold credit cards, a phone, and lipstick

2. Red Mini City Scarf Bag by Balenciaga

The Red Mini City Scarf bag by Balenciaga encapsulates rock ‘n’ roll vibes perfectly. It has been called a motorcycle bag by many due to the mood it creates.

This leather bag is soft pebbled and ages well, looking fantastic even decades down the lane. The reason why it’s one of the best-rated designer handbags on the market is that it looks glamorously live-in and iconic even after years of wear. It was introduced in the early 2000s but was revived in 2019.

The City Bag’s handles are comfortable and induce a sense of familiarity. The mini edition of this bag transforms it into the perfect bag for wild nights or easy days.


  • Iconic design
  • Super comfortable
  • Plenty of room
  • Ages well


  • Not great for informal events or casual hangouts

3. The Pouch by Bottega Veneta

The Pouch has become popular as a street style item, with celebrities like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley seen with it every day. There is quite a waiting list for it, though, as with most best-rated designer handbags.


  • The untextured and sleek leather feels great
  • The spacious and genderless design makes it a great bag for anyone
  • Its logo-less exterior makes it look elegant and mysterious


  • The waiting list is too long

4. The “Mon Tresor” Perforated-Logo Leather Bucket by Fendi

The Bucket bag by Fendi was named after the French words for ‘my pleasure.’ It’s the perfect accessory for all the keepsakes you want to carry around.

The pouch shape is deceptively roomy and was inspired by the bucket bags used in the 18th century. It’s practical, with detachable shoulder straps and card slots. The red and gold accents look great and make it a worthy purchase.


  • Practical purchase
  • Card slots
  • Detachable shoulder straps for ease-of-use


  • The huge logo on the front can look strange

5. Antigona Medium Leather Tote by Givenchy (B07C4QC7VC)

The Antigona Tote bag by Givenchy has gained a lot of critical acclaim this year. It is rumored to be named after Antigona, a law-defying, headstrong woman in Greek mythology.

This bag is made of sturdy, fitted canvas, which ensures that it can withstand a lot of wear and tear that comes with daily use. The bag is large enough to carry your laptops, making it the perfect everyday use bag.

It’s available in a large range of styles, including calfskin and pebbled designs. In proper lighting conditions, the trapezoid shape is highlighted even more.


  • Structured base
  • Top zip closures
  • One zip pocket and two slip pockets inside


  • The bag is quite heavy

6. Falabella Small Reversible Faux-Leather Tote by Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney is known for her vegan, humane practices, which make this the perfect feel-good item. The Falabella is one of the best-rated designer handbags since it is a reversible faux leather bag.

The bag is tan on one side and black on the other. The panels of the bag are connected with signature timeless gold chains. This design is so iconic that it’s been displayed in the Victoria & Albert Museum next to actual art pieces.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Versatile design
  • Signature metal chains


  • Can be hard to remove stains from the bag

7. Issey Miyake Lucent PVC Tote Bag by Bao Bao

The Issey Miyake Lucent PVC Tote Bag is a unique design made with the engineered flexibility that the brand is known for. The bag is built with a series of triangles, which allows for dynamism, foldability, and dimension.

The materials used are a water-resistant combination of polyurethane and polyvinyl, which means that you don’t have to worry about the durability of this bag. If you get caught out in the rain, enjoy the moment – your essentials will be safe and secure in the bag.


  • Innovative design for ease of use
  • High foldability means that the bag is easy to store
  • Water-resistant


  • Design can stand out too much and may not go with all outfits

8. TB Small Leather-Trimmed Shoulder Bag by Burberry

The TB bag by Burberry was introduced as a modern design with a little bit of history. This design comes with their new revamped logo. The TB collection was named after the founder, Thomas Burberry.

The beachy calfskin and canvas combination is a fresh look for your collection. It’s one of the best-rated designer handbags because it can brighten up any look despite the season. From sun hats and dresses to suede skirts and sweaters, the shoulder bag goes with just about anything in your wardrobe.


  • Comfortable shoulder strap
  • Unique material combo


  • The bag is very hard to clean

9. Dionysus GG Supreme Shoulder Bag by Gucci


The inspiration for this Gucci bag is Dionysus, the Greek God of Wine. The Greek god was also known for turning into a lion on a whim, which is why the bag has a unique lion clasp.

The bag will help you rock a signature look at any event. With the suede exterior and stitched canvas design, the versatile and durable mini bag is a perfect addition to your outfit.


  • Versatile bag that goes with everything
  • Great finishing


  • The bag might be too small for some people

10. The La Ceinture Bello Pouch by Jacquemus

Jacquemus designs are known to the best when it comes to mini styles. This pouch is made from original grained Italian leather and comes in a wealth of colors from crocodile green and zesty orange to bubblegum pink.

Jacquemus has become a recent trendsetter in fashion, and his handbags have been spotted on the arms of super celebs like Beyonce and Kylie Jenner. The double-wrap design is chic and perfect for loose style clothing.


  • The design is practical and stylish
  • You will be able to keep all your essentials in one place: valet tickets, earrings, and credit cards


  • Not suitable for formal events

Our Final Thoughts

Having an iconic designer handbag on your arm can make anyone feel more confident. These best-rated designer handbags are perfect for ladies who want to make a statement with every outfit.

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