Best Time to Buy Designer Handbags: When is It?

Designer handbags

Designer bags are on the wishlist of every fashionista. It is, however, a harsh reality that only a few people are able to fulfill their desire of owning a designer bag. We know how it feels to pass by Gucci, Kate Spade, and Michael Kors shops while suppressing the urge of taking out our credit card and handing it over to the person behind the counter. Trust us, we’ve been there. And this is why we feel that it is important to tell all fashionistas out there that they can buy a designer handbag at an affordable price.

Are we for real? Yes! We have cracked the code of buying a designer bag at a lesser price and no, we’re not talking about buying from a shady online store that sells cheap replica products. If you are still with us, here are some of the tried and tested tips that can help you to score a good deal on designer bags. But before we talk about it, let us also have an in-depth look at the best time to buy designer bags.

When is the Best Time to Buy Designer Bags?

Fashion pundits say that the best time to buy designer bags is between May and July and then from November through January. In addition, sales, promotions, clearance before the launch of new designs, and the holiday season, is the best time to buy designer bags.

Summer and Winter Sales

July and December are two of the busiest months in terms of sales. Most countries witness a huge influx of tourists in these months. December is also the busiest time of the year because it is the month of holidays. From school-going kids to retired people, everyone flocks to malls to grab a perfect gift for their loved ones. Brands are generous during the holiday season and offer markdowns up to 80%. It is the best time to purchase the designer bag you had your eyes on for a long time.

But sales have a downside as well. You see, a large number of people eagerly wait for sales to begin to buy their dream designer bag. It is possible that during the sales season, you will struggle to find the color of your choice. You may even end up compromising on the design of the bag as well. So, the best way is to not completely rely on the sales season and to look for other alternatives to get a good deal on your designer bag.


Closely monitor the activities of the luxury brand that you love. If they are opening a new outlet or re-opening their existing outlet after some renovations, they are more likely to offer a generous discount on the first few days of their opening.

Clearance Before the Launch of New Designs

Most brands offer new designs twice a year. After a new design is launched, they don’t want the old products to be on the shelf. This is why they place a discount on their existing stock so that they have ample space to display the recently launched products.

Friends and Family Sale

Besides the holiday and clearance sales, some stores also have friends and family sale where they have a blanket discount on every item. This is a golden opportunity for you to buy a designer handbag at a relatively economical price.

Tips for Getting Designer Bags at Low Prices

In this section, we will share a secret. Here, we will talk about how to get a designer bag at an affordable price.

1. Buy from an Authentic Second-Hand Source

People who own designer bags use them carefully. Since designer bags have high durability, they remain in perfect condition even after years of use. People sell their designer bags for plenty of reasons and most of the used bags look as good as new. If you are a fashion enthusiast who has a strong desire of owning a designer bag, we recommend you look for an authentic second-hand source to get a bag for yourself.

Our favorite is by far, Fashionphile. They have great prices on 100% authentic designer bags. You can also sell them your old designer bags with no hassle and good prices.

2. International E-Commerce Sites

Alright, alright, you don’t want us to convince you to buy a preloved bag. Here is the perfect way to get your designer bag at a reasonable price. Buy from its original source. Many luxury fashion brands are based out of the US – mostly in European countries. When they arrive in the US, they are subjected to customs duty and import taxes. All of this significantly increases the cost of a designer bag. As a result, you end up spending a huge amount of money. What you can do is to buy directly from the online shop of the brand. Most of the time, if your order has reached a certain amount, brands offer free shipping. It’s a huge win for you!

3. Subscribers to Retailer Apps or Newsletters

When you visit a retailer or even a brand’s official site for the first time, you will see a pop-up ad that urges you to subscribe to the site. Often, the ad offers you some discount on your first purchase right after your subscription. In the same manner, to make shopping easy and hassle-free, many brands have launched their mobile phone apps. Customers who download the app are given a discount on their first purchase through the app. These offers are a good way of building a customer base. From the point of view of customers, these discounts are a good way of saving some bucks on a luxury item.

4. Participate in Designer Bingo

One of the most popular games in recent times is designer bingo. This game has graced so many fundraising events in the past few years. You can check on the internet if there is such an event near your place. All you have to do is to buy a ticket at a nominal price of around $40 to get a bingo card. If you want to improve your chances, you can pay some extra cash to buy more cards. There isn’t a better way of trying your luck than playing a fun-filled Bingo game. Who knows, the person who says “Bingo” turns out to be you.

5. Consider an Unusual Color

Colors like black and beige are popular among people. There is a high chance that any design available in this color will end up being sold out at a fast pace. Bags in seasonal colors are put on sale much more often than those in classic colors. If you are buying genuine leather, you can also get your bag dyed in black against a nominal fee of $50. It isn’t a bad bargain.

6. Plan Your Trip Intelligently

If you are planning to travel overseas, make sure that you visit the country during the sale season. This will help you get a designer bag at a price that is exclusive of customs and import taxes and is available at an even more discounted price.

Our Final Thoughts

Luxury brands are here to stay. Their upward sales show that a large number of people are spending on these luxurious items.

We know that even though you want to own a designer bag, you definitely do not want to break your bank while doing so. This is why we have shared some tips and tricks to help you get a good deal on luxury designer bags.

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