Best Used Burberry Purses

Are you looking for the best used Burberry Purses out there? We’ve got you covered, but first, let’s talk about the brand.

Best Used Burberry Purses

Burberry doesn’t need an introduction, but we’ll start with one anyway. Burberry is a British luxury fashion house that was established in 1856 by Thomas Burberry. In 2020, Burberry was the 9th most valuable luxury fashion house, valued at 3.85 billion U.S dollars.

The brand is known for its bags, fashion accessories, clothing, eyewear, fragrances, footwear, and cosmetics. They have more than 10,000 employees worldwide.

Here’s a fun fact:

It takes 3 weeks to create their trench coat, and the process involves more than one hundred steps. Interesting enough?

The History of Burberry

Thomas Burberry was only 21 when he started the brand. Thomas wanted to create a waterproof clothing option, and then in 1979, he invented gabardine which started the era of rainwear. Their first outlet was opened in Haymarket, London. Until 1955, Burberry was a family-owned fashion company.

The 5 Best Used Burberry Purses

Calling yourself a fashionmonger and not having Burberry items doesn’t seem right. Burberry’s bag collection is full of chic and premium shoulder bags, totes, mini-bags, cross-body bags, shoulder bags and backpacks. Their men’s collection includes backpacks, messenger bags, briefcases, bum bags, and tote bags.

You might be someone looking for a limited-edition piece that is now out-of-stock or someone who wants to buy a Burberry bag at a better price—whichever one you are, here are the best used Burberry purses that will make you fall in love with your look:

1. Calfskin Medium TB Bag Crimson

Wearing a black coat and carrying Burberry’s calfskin medium TB bag is the look that you can’t resist falling in love with. Manufactured with smooth calfskin leather, this Burberry bag can complete your date night look. It comes with adjustable shoulder straps and features a press lock that acts as an oomph factorand makes it super practical for daily use. The interior is red and contains a zipper pocket, keeping your daily essentials safely locked. The gold hardware compliments the color, and brings everything together.

Carry it with a blue, black, grey or brown outfit, and you will love how it will make your outfit shine.

2. Grainy Calfskin House Check Grommet Baby Banner Tote Black

Looking for the best used Burberry purses? You really need to buy this one!

Custom-built with grained calfskin leather, this black bag is what makes people fall in love with fashion. If you like a little silver on a black bag, you won’t be able to take your eyes off of this one. Crafted with rolled leather top handles, it comes with removable cross-body straps that can make it more ideal for daily use when added.

The bag features zipper and patch pockets that ensure the bag makes itto the shelf dedicated for daily use; It’s spacious and can store all of your daily essentials. While so many people fall in love with vibrancy, others believe in going for traditional colors to jazz up their looks—the latter will fall in love with this piece.

3. Canvas Smooth Calfskin Two-Tone Mini Pocket Bag Natural Malt Brown

If you prefer accessories with the brand’s logo engraved on them, this calfskin two-tone tote in brown will become your new favorite. If you care about looks but practicality matters to you as well, this Burberry bag featuring a front slap and zipper pocket will become one of your most loved pieces.

Regardless of what color you are wearing, you can never go wrong with adding a brown bag to your look. Greys, blacks, whites, greens—a good brown bag goes well with literally every color.

4. Calfskin TB Belt Bag Black

Here’s what we always wanted to say:

Whoever introduced belt bags, just know that we all love you!

Burberry is one of the few brands that completely kill crafting beltbags. If the combination of black and gold is where your heart lies, you will fall in love with this piece. Crafted with black calfskin and a smooth leathery interior, this bag is nothing but a dream come to life. On the front, there’s the Thomas Burberry monogram clasp in gold that takes it to a new level.

Pair it with a jumpsuit or an oversized jacket, and boom, you’re ready to kill for the day.

5. Calfskin Small TB Bag Rose Beige

One can never admire the color rose beige enough.

Created with textured calfskin leather and brass hardware, this piece is one of Burberry’s most stunning pieces ever released. It comes with an adjustable shoulder strap like most Burberry bags. The interior is crafted with leather too, which is the cherry on top. This too has a zipper pocket that we all love—no objections there. On the front, there’s the Thomas Burberry monogram clasp in brass; their signature design which adds more value and aesthetic to it.

Imagine wearing a pastel blue, white, or grey outfit and carrying Burberry’s small calfskin in rose beige—you can never go wrong with this one!

Our Final Thoughts on the Best Used Burberry Purses

We hope that your search for finding the best used Burberry purses has come to an end. This British luxury fashion house has completely changed the game. Burberry is not just a brand, it’s a trend-setter. Looking for more options you can find at good prices? Here are a few more bags that you’re sure to fall in love with:

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