Best Used Givenchy Purses

Want to buy the best used Givenchy Purses? You are at the right place. Before getting into Givenchy’s stunning bags, why not first talk about the brand a bit?

Best Used Givenchy Purses

Givenchy is a Frenchy luxury fashion and perfume house that was founded in 1952 by Hubert de Givenchy.

Givenchy’s first collection was called Les Séparables, which featured floaty skirts and fluffy blouses. Hubert de Givenchy never intended to be a fashion designer. He studied law but didn’t feel passionate about it. In 1944, he relocated to Paris and pursued fashion designing.

He landed an internship alongside Jaques Fath. He, later on, learned drawing and worked with Pierre Balmain, Christian Dior, and Elsa Schiaparelli. Finally, he established his own fashion house in 1952.

The 5 Best Used Givenchy Purses

Givenchy offers an extensive collection of bags for women, including cross-body bags, shoulder bags, micro bags, and small leather goods.

They have a collection of cross-body bags, backpacks, small leather goods, and weekend bags for men.

Givenchy is not just any brand; it’s a trend-setter and a lifestyle. Givenchy has contributed a lot to the fashion world. Givenchy bags are what make you fall in love with fashion. Regardless of your taste, you wouldn’t be able to stop yourself from falling in love with their pieces. From vibrant colors to something sober and classy, Givenchy does it all and does it great.

If you are a true bag lover, you would want to buy every Givenchy bag ever released. If price is getting in the way, why not buy the best used Givenchy purses?

Here are the 5 best used Givenchy purses that you can easily find online at great prices:

1. Used Shiny Lord Calfskin Small Antigona in Black

There’s no right amount when it comes to gloss and shine. Can you ever have enough shine? No!

Crafted with calfskin leather in shiny black, the bag features rigid rolled leather top handles and a leather shoulder strap – the piece is Givenchy at its best. The product features light silver, patch pockets, extended sides, a zipper pocket, and a gold zipper.

The bag is spacious; can easily store all of your daily essentials. The leather is super smooth; the sheen is where our heart lies!

Imagine carrying it on a bright sunny day, and the bag looks 10 times more gorgeous when sunlight touches its surface—pure magic!

Pair a grey shirt with a leather skirt or pants, add some silver jewelry, and carry this sexy glossy bag—how can you not fall in love with fashion?

2. Used Sugar Goatskin Small Antigona Light in Beige

If bags had a personality, this one would be someone mature, sophisticated, and passionate—someone who would speak less and do more.

The Sugar Goatskin Small Antigona features the signature envelope fold Givenchy logo, grained goatskin leather, silver-tone hardware, rigid rolled top handles, and an optional long shoulder strap bringing everything together. The structured shape of the bag is what makes Givenchy recognizable.

You can never go wrong with a beige bag. A beige bag looks amazing with a blue, white, or beige-colored outfit.

A good light beige bag goes with everything. If you don’t prefer too much gloss, you will fall head over heels in love with this one.

3. Used Sugar Goatskin Pandora Chain Wallet Blue

The Sugar Goatskin Pandora Chain Wallet is instantly recognizable and something that everyone seems to love. The vibrant color is what sets the mood for us; how can vibrant blue not steal your heart?

Crafted with grained goatskin leather, the wallet features a facing flap, Givenchy’s logo engraved in silver, and an optional silver chain shoulder strap.

If bags had personality, this one would be a cool extrovert who loves taking risks and has a bold and vibrant nature—someone too cool for school.

Wear it with something white, black or blue. If you are bold with your choices (which we totally admire), carry it with something yellow—dress like a boss!

4. Used Calfskin Mini Nobile Shoulder Bag in Red

Since we’re talking about bags having personality, this one would be too cool to even have one. The Calfskin Mini Nobile Shoulder Bag is a mood in itself; this bag is why Givenchy is loved and admired by millions.

Do you remember cutting off your hair when you were going through a difficult time? It’s the same for this bag; you would want to buy it when you are going through something and want to turn negative energy into the most positive.

The bag is crafted with Calfskin leather and features an adjustable shoulder strap, zipper pocket, and a foldover top with magnetic closure. This striking red bag can jazz up your outfit game.

Imagine pairing it with something grey—it’s too alluring even to imagine.

5. Used Goatskin Quilted Small GV3 Shoulder Bag Natural

The bag is crafted with goatskin leather. The bag features a zipper pocket, an optional leather shoulder strap, a gold chain strap handle, and a lot of beauty.

If bags had personality, this one would be taken as an introvert who is still social, calm, and down to earth—someone who loves the ocean.

It can store your daily essentials, but not everything, if by daily essentials you mean 15 things in total. Wear something grey, white, black or beige, and you would be ready to rock for the day. The bag is a perfect date night bag; it will instantly uplift your wardrobe!

Our Final Thoughts on the Best Used Givenchy Purses

Givenchy bags can turn your whole look around. Known for their signature styles, the brand has been killing it since 1952.

We hope that you were able to find the best used Givenchy purses from our list. If you want to check out more preloved Givenchy bags that you can easily find online, here are a few options to weed through:

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