Best Used Vera Bradley Purses

Vera Bradley is a well-known American handbag and luggage design house. Among women, they are popular for their vivid color schemes, floral prints, recycled materials, and durable yet comfortable purses.

Vera Bradley makes such exceptional purses that they quickly become a daily essential for most women who buy them.

However, brand new Vera Bradley products are not always budget-friendly for most, which is why we have done the research and come up with the best used Vera Bradley purses available today.

The 5 Best Used Vera Bradley Purses

Here is our selection from the multitude of designs and plethora of color options Vera Bradley has to offer.

1. Used Vera Bradley Women’s Signature Cotton Smartphone Wristlet with RFID Protection

The Signature Cotton Smartphone Wristlet is the perfect purse for your smartphone and wallet essentials. Crafted with Vera Bradley’s quilted cotton, it is durable yet lightweight, and this particular one has a beautiful floral Lavender Meadow color.

Its dimensions are 6-inches x 3-inches x 2-inches, making it a snug fit to secure your smartphone safely. The wristlet design features a zipper closure attached to a matching 6-inch wrist strap. Inside, you will find eight credit card slots, cash and coin pockets, and a clear ID window.

It even uses RFID technology for protecting your debit and credit cards. We love the lavender print and color and its ability to safely secure your cards and smartphone in a wristlet fashion, which frees up your hands.

This is one Vera Bradley purse that will easily become a stylish daily essential for you. You can take it anywhere, from work to an evening out, without compromising on your look.

2. Used Vera Bradley Women’s Microfiber All in One Crossbody Purse with RFID Protection

This Vera Bradley Microfiber All in One Crossbody Purse comes in stunning Peacock Blue solid color, which is sure to impress wherever you wear it. It is made from a lightweight microfiber that further accentuates its stunning color and is sleek and soft to the touch.

Apart from the great looks, it is also highly functional with wallet components build right into the tri-flap purse. You get an ID window, ten credit card slots, a full-bill pocket, a zip pocket, and four slip pockets, all nicely packed in a slim and convenient 7-inches x 4-inches x 1-inch design for all your essentials.

The best part? It uses RFID technology to protect your credit cards from skimming threats. It even has a 56-inches adjustable, removable strap for easy carry and also comes with a removable 6-inches wrist strap for when you travel light.

Vera Bradley thought of everything with this one, and you can carry it as a crossbody purse, over your shoulder, or as a wristlet when traveling light.

Its stunning Peacock Blue color, versatile carry options, and ingenious storage capabilities make it one of the best Vera Bradley purses that’s also our favorite.

3. Used Vera Bradley Recycled Lighten Up Reactive Hipster Crossbody Purse

This Navy Mint Heather colored Vera Bradley offering is a great option for environmentally conscious consumers because it is crafted from 100 percent recycled polyester. Its Lighten Up fabric is made from recycled bottles to form a soft and lightweight fabric that is also very durable and water-repellent.

The dimensions of the Reactive Hipster Crossbody Purse are 12-inches x 11-inches x 2-inches, making it a slim and stylish purse that can easily carry your everyday essentials, including a small laptop. The 56-inches adjustable strap is made from matching fabric and allows comfortable height adjustment.

Pull it longer for a cross body wear or shorter for over-the-shoulder wear like a messenger bag. There is a back zipper pocket and a side zipper pocket on the outside to securely hold essentials, which you may need frequent access to like, a phone or wallet or keys.

The top zipper pocket opens to a beautiful floral print lining of the main storage compartment, made of the same soft recycled polyester. The interior features a zip pocket and two slip pockets to easily organize your things.

This is a great Vera Bradley crossbody purse that is perfect and ready for any occasion or adventure. Its slim and sleek design, recycled materials, and minimalistic style with multiple secure storage compartments make it one of the best used Vera Bradley purses.

You will find it perfect for daily use, traveling, and any other such use.

4. Used Vera Bradley Women’s Recycled Lighten Up ReActive Zip ID Case Wallet

This is another 100 percent recycled option that pairs well with the Reactive Hipster Crossbody Purse; however, it is great on its own as well. No bigger than a cardholder, it’s 5-inches wide and 3-inches high with an attached key-ring for your keys.

The top zipper opens to a front ID window and an interior compartment behind it. Perfect for only your essentials, just secure your rings and ID to be on your way with only what you need. While it is available in matching colors with your Reactive Hipster Crossbody Purse, we love this Itsy Ditsy Floral color.

We included this one on our list of the best used Vera Bradley purses due to its small size, vibrant color, and on-the-go essential-only design.

Our Final Thoughts on the Best Used Vera Bradley Purses

These were our selection of the best used Vera Bradley purses and we are sure you will enjoy any and all of them. They bring a signature Vera Bradley style, immense utility, and everyday functionality to the table without compromising on your looks.

If we had to choose, we would pick the Vera Bradley Women’s Microfiber All in One Crossbody Purse with RFID Protection as our favorite of the bunch simply because of its refreshing and exquisite Peacock Blue color and carry strap versatility.

Although, the Vera Bradley Women’s Recycled Lighten Up ReActive Zip ID Case Wallet is a close second for its Itsy Ditsy Floral color, compact size, and essential-only functionality for anyone on the go.

We hope you enjoyed our selection of the best used Vera Bradley purses as much as we did. Always remember to opt for a trusted seller when purchasing used Vera Bradley goods.

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