Can I Take a Handbag and Cabin Bag on TUI? Smart Packing Tips Revealed

Packing for a flight can sometimes feel like solving a puzzle, right? You’re always wondering how to fit everything you need without incurring extra fees. If you’re flying with TUI, you might be asking yourself if you can take both a handbag and a cabin bag on board.

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Well, you’re in luck because we’re about to dive into TUI’s baggage policy. Let’s make sure you’ve got all the info you need to pack smart and avoid any last-minute airport surprises. After all, who doesn’t love a smooth start to their journey?

TUI’s Baggage Policy

When you’re hitting the skies, knowing TUI’s baggage policy is key. It’s not just about style; it’s about smart packing. TUI permits one piece of hand luggage per passenger free of charge. But size matters. Keep it under 55x40x20cm and no more than 10kg; otherwise, you could face extra fees.

Wondering about that handbag? Yes, you can bring one. Your handbag counts as a personal item and must fit under the seat. This allowance is on top of your standard cabin bag. But remember, it shouldn’t be oversized – think compact, secure, and practical.

Checked baggage isn’t included in all tickets. Need to pack more? You’ll have to book this separately and the costs can vary. For short hauls, 15kg is typical, while on long-haul flights, 20kg is more common. Double-check your ticket type to see what’s covered and what’s extra.

Here are some tips:

  • Roll clothes tightly to save space.
  • Consider wearing any heavier items during the flight.
  • Liquids? Keep them in containers of less than 100ml.

If you’re in doubt, or have special items like sports gear or musical instruments, get in touch with TUI beforehand. They’ll clarify and help avoid any stress at check-in.

Packing right is crucial, especially for a seamless airport experience. Remember, adhere to TUI’s policy and you’ll be set for a fuss-free journey. Keep an eye on weight, stay within the size limits, and pay attention to those extra charges – they can add up.

Handbag Allowance

Traveling with TUI, you’re in luck if you’re aiming to keep your handbag by your side along with your cabin bag. Handbags are considered a personal item and yes, you can bring one alongside your main piece of hand luggage. Keep in mind the personal item should fit under the seat in front of you.

When packing, remember your handbag’s purpose: essential items only. Fit in your travel documents, wallet, keys, and maybe a book or tablet for the flight. Avoid the temptation to overstuff; accessibility is key when you’re in a tight airplane cabin.

Strict size restrictions apply to your personal item. TUI specifies a maximum size of 25 x 33 x 20 cm for your handbag. Heed these dimensions to avoid stressful repacking at the airport or, worse, extra fees. Keeping your bag within these limits ensures a smooth boarding experience.

If you’re carrying a different type of personal item, like a laptop bag or small backpack, the same size restrictions apply. It’s not just handbags that get a pass. Prioritize what you pack in these items – think value and necessity.

For frequent travelers or fashion aficionados with a penchant for handbags, invest in a staple piece that’s not only stylish but adheres to airline requirements. Equipping yourself with a travel-friendly handbag means one less hiccup on your journey.

In short, TUI’s allowance for handbags is generous, but it’s up to you to pack smartly. Keep your bag compact, essentials at hand, and within size limits. Traveling light doesn’t mean skimping on style or preparedness – it means being savvy with your space.

Cabin Bag Allowance

When you’re flying with TUI, understanding the cabin bag allowance is crucial to make sure you’re packing right. Here’s the deal—each passenger is allowed to carry one piece of hand luggage on board. But keep in mind, there are size and weight restrictions you can’t ignore.

Your hand luggage must be no larger than 55 x 40 x 20cm including handles and wheels. Stick to these dimensions to avoid any hassle at the gate. Now let’s talk weight—it’s just as important. The maximum weight for your cabin bag is 10kg, and TUI is strict about this.

Imagine this: You’ve got your stylish cabin bag, perfectly within size limits, and you’re thinking about adding a handbag to the mix. Good news! You’re entitled to bring a handbag as well. For fashionistas and business travelers alike, this is a plus. But remember, it’s not just any handbag—it should be small enough to fit under the seat in front of you.

As you pack your cabin bag, think essentials. Mix practicality with style:

  • Cameras
  • Travel documents
  • Valuables
  • Medication

Keep them accessible, but secure. Efficiency isn’t just about space—it’s about ease of access, too.

So what can’t go in your cabin bag? Sharp objects and liquids over 100ml are a no-go. This isn’t just a TUI rule; it’s an aviation standard, so take it seriously. Divide your essentials—the must-haves for your flight in your cabin bag and everything else in checked luggage, if you’ve booked it.

Imagine gliding through security with a cabin bag that ticks all the boxes—it’s possible when you know the rules. As you prepare for your flight, keep your stylish selections smart and your packing sharper. With TUI’s clear guidelines, you’re ready to take on the skies with fashion and function hand in hand.

Size and Weight Restrictions

When you’re traveling with TUI, hand luggage is a crucial aspect. Knowing the size and weight restrictions is key to a hassle-free trip. TUI’s standard cabin bag dimensions should not exceed 55x40x20cm. This includes wheels, handles, and any side pockets—every inch counts. Stick to these dimensions to avoid stressful surprises at the gate.

As for the weight, each passenger’s cabin bag should weigh no more than 10kg. It’s tempting to pack that extra pair of shoes, but overweight luggage could mean extra fees or, worse, having to repack at the airport.

Now let’s talk handbags. They’re indispensable, right? TUI gets that. You’re allowed a small handbag on board. The catch? It must fit under the seat in front of you. There’s no specific handbag size published, so use your judgment. Think compact, think organized.

You might wonder how strict TUI is with these limits. Here’s the deal: they’re known to check cabin bags at the gate. If your luggage doesn’t fit in the sizer, you’ll have to cough up a fee. Keep it within limits.

If you’re traveling with infants, good news. You can bring a baby changing bag up to 5kg. That’s in addition to your own cabin bag and handbag.

Distilled down to essentials, here’s what you’ve got to remember:

  • Cabin bag dimensions: 55x40x20cm max
  • Cabin bag weight: 10kg max
  • Handbag: No specified size, but has to fit under the seat
  • Infant changing bag: Up to 5kg, alongside your cabin and handbag

Don’t get caught off guard. Measure and weigh your bags before you leave for the airport. A smooth start leads to a delightful journey. Keep it simple, travel smart.

Tips for Packing Smart

When it comes to packing your handbag and cabin bag for a flight with TUI, efficiency is key. Maximizing space while ensuring you have all your essentials can be a fine art.

Firstly, choose a handbag that’s versatile and spacious. Pick one with multiple compartments to secure your passport, travel documents, and valuables. This will keep you organized and any necessary items easy to access during your journey.

Remember, the weight of your bags is critical. Weigh them before you head to the airport to avoid headaches at check-in. If your handbag is on the heavier side, consider redistributing items between your handbag and cabin bag.

Structure your packing using smart strategies:

  • Roll, don’t fold: This can save space and reduce wrinkles.
  • Use packing cubes or bags to compartmentalize clothes and accessories.
  • Pack multi-functional clothing: items that can be dressed up or down.
  • Keep liquids in a transparent, resealable bag, and make sure each container is no more than 100ml.
  • Charge your devices before flying and pack the chargers in an easily accessible spot.

For your tech and entertainment, streamline your gadgets. Do you really need a laptop, tablet, and e-reader? Probably not. Choose the one that serves multiple purposes to save space and weight.

Lastly, be smart with your footwear. Wear your bulkiest shoes on the flight, and pack the lighter, more versatile ones. This will free up a substantial amount of space in your cabin bag.

Implementing these tips will not only keep your bags within TUI’s baggage policy but also make your travel experience smoother and more stress-free. Remember, packing smart is all about being practical and strategic with what you take on board.


So you’ve got the lowdown on TUI’s baggage policy and how to pack like a pro. Remember to keep your cabin bag within the size and weight limits and choose a handbag that’s as functional as it is stylish. With your clothes neatly rolled and your gadgets pared down to the essentials, you’ll breeze through the airport without a hitch. Streamlining your footwear will also save you space and hassle. Stick to these strategies and you’ll enjoy a hassle-free start to your holiday, knowing you’ve packed smart and adhered to TUI’s guidelines. Safe travels!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are TUI’s baggage size and weight restrictions for cabin bags?

TUI typically has specific restrictions for cabin baggage, which vary depending on the flight. Generally, bags must fit within certain dimensions and weight limits. It’s crucial to check TUI’s official website for the most current information before packing.

How can I avoid extra baggage fees with TUI?

To avoid extra fees, ensure your baggage adheres to TUI’s size and weight restrictions. Pack light, use versatile bags with multiple compartments, and weigh your bags before heading to the airport.

What are some efficient packing tips for TUI flights?

Efficient packing tips include rolling clothes instead of folding, utilizing packing cubes to organize items, and being selective with gadgets and footwear to save space and weight in your luggage.

Is it beneficial to use a versatile handbag when flying with TUI?

Yes, using a versatile handbag with multiple compartments can help you pack smarter. It allows you to organize your belongings better and can provide quick access to essentials during the flight.

Should I weigh my luggage before going to the airport for a TUI flight?

Absolutely. Weighing your luggage before going to the airport can help you ensure that it is within TUI’s baggage allowance, thereby avoiding any potential extra fees for overweight bags.

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