Does Handbag Count as Hand Luggage Ryanair? Maximize Your Carry-On Smartly

Traveling with Ryanair soon? You’re probably wondering about their hand luggage policy, especially when it comes to your trusty handbag. It’s crucial to know the ins and outs before you head to the airport to avoid any last-minute surprises.

Ryanair’s luggage rules can be a tad tricky, and the last thing you want is to be caught off-guard. So, let’s dive into whether your handbag will count as your hand luggage or if you can bring it along with a carry-on.

Understanding Ryanair’s Hand Luggage Policy

When flying with Ryanair, the specifics of your hand luggage can make or break your travel experience. You’ve got to be savvy about the rules. Here’s the deal: Ryanair’s policy allows one small bag on board at no extra cost. That means your handbag can tag along for free, right? Not so fast.

The dimensions of your free carry-on handbag must not exceed 40cm x 20cm x 25cm. Anything bigger, and you’re tipping into additional fees territory. It’s crucial to measure your handbag before you pack. Picture it: you standing at the gate, no surprises, completely prepared. That’s the position you want to be in.

Ryanair also offers Priority & 2 Cabin Bags service. That’s your golden ticket to bring an additional larger piece of hand luggage, up to 55cm x 40cm x 20cm, along with your small handbag. But remember, it comes at a cost. Don’t get caught off-guard with unexpected charges.

Efficient packing is key. A handbag might count as hand luggage, but with smart packing, you can fit your essentials without overstepping the boundaries. Think about what you really need on board. Prioritize items like travel documents, valuables, and items for your comfort.

Make sure to keep an eye on updates to Ryanair’s policy. Airlines change rules, often quicker than fashion trends. Check Ryanair’s website or app for the most current information before your trip. That way, you’ll navigate these requirements like a pro.

Traveling light or packing it all? Either way, understanding Ryanair’s hand luggage policy prepares you to make the most of your space and dodge those extra fees. Keep it stylish, but make it compliant. Your chic, compact handbag doesn’t have to be left behind—you just need to know the game.

What is Considered Hand Luggage on Ryanair?

When you’re gearing up for your next Ryanair flight, it’s crucial to know what qualifies as hand luggage. Ryanair’s hand luggage policy is specific and not adhering to it can result in fees you hadn’t planned for. Your handbag does count as hand luggage. That’s right, the stylish accessory you probably can’t travel without is subject to the airline’s restrictions.

Here’s the deal: you’re allowed one small bag on board at no extra cost. But, and this is a big but, it must fit under the seat in front of you. The maximum dimensions for this bag are 40cm x 20cm x 25cm. So, before you head out, grab your tape measure and size up that handbag.

Still need more space for your essentials? Ryanair gets that. That’s why they offer the Priority & 2 Cabin Bags service. This allows you to carry an additional larger item of hand luggage, which can be a game-changer for fashion-conscious travellers or those who just need more gear. The max dimensions for the additional piece are 55cm x 40cm x 20cm and it must not exceed 10kg.

It’s not just about dimensions though. That handbag of yours needs to be able to handle the journey. Opt for durable materials and consider multi-functional bags with pockets and zippers that help you organize like a pro. Furthermore, the contents of your handbag are as important as the bag itself. Keep the essentials easily accessible. This includes travel documents, wallets, keys, and any valuables you’re carrying.

Remember, space is a premium on flights, and efficiency is your best friend. Pack smart, travel light, and always check Ryanair’s latest policy updates before you fly to stay ahead of the game.

Does a Handbag Count as Hand Luggage on Ryanair?

Yes, your handbag counts as hand luggage on Ryanair. But here’s the catch: You’re allowed only one small bag on board free of charge. This includes handbags, laptop bags, and small backpacks.

The dimensions for this free carry-on must not exceed 40cm x 20cm x 25cm. Your item should fit under the seat in front of you, keeping the overhead bins free for passengers with Priority & 2 Cabin Bags.

Priority & 2 Cabin Bags is your go-to if you’re toting more than just a handbag. For an additional fee, you can bring a larger bag along with your small personal item.

Keep in mind, the larger cabin bag can be up to 55cm x 40cm x 20cm in size, not exceeding 10kg. It’s placed in the overhead bin, while your handbag rests under the seat.

To sidestep last-minute stress:

  • Always measure your bags before heading to the airport.
  • Select durable materials to withstand the cabin’s rigors.
  • Optimize your packing to fit essentials into your allotted hand luggage.

Remember, rules can change. It’s on you to stay informed. Regularly check Ryanair’s guidelines before flying to ensure your travel is as smooth as your handbag’s leather.

Can You Bring a Handbag Along with Carry-On on Ryanair?

As a handbag enthusiast, you’re likely wondering if you can bring that chic clutch or sleek shoulder bag along with your carry-on when flying Ryanair. Here’s the deal: Ryanair’s standard policy allows only one small carry-on bag – and yes, a handbag does count towards this limit.

But let’s break it down further. Suppose you’ve invested in Ryanair’s Priority & 2 Cabin Bags option. In that case, you’re in luck because you can carry both your handbag and a larger cabin bag. The catch? Your handbag must still fit under the seat in front of you. For non-priority passengers, the one-bag rule stands firm. Your handbag must play double duty as your only piece of hand luggage unless you’re prepared to pay extra.

It’s imperative to consider the size of your handbag. Ryanair is quite strict with their 40cm x 20cm x 25cm size restriction for the free small carry-on. Should your handbag exceed these dimensions, you might face additional charges at the gate.

For the fashion-savvy, this presents a challenge: selecting a handbag that is not just stylish but also compliant with airline regulations. Opt for designs that feature multiple compartments to maximize storage, and prioritize functionality as much as aesthetics.

Remember, it’s not just about choosing any handbag; it’s about selecting the right one that meets your needs and aligns with Ryanair’s policies. With a clear understanding of these guidelines, you’ll be able to blend fashion with practicality, ensuring a seamless travel experience without sacrificing style. Keep an eye on this space for more tips on choosing the perfect travel-compliant handbag.

Tips to Maximize Your Luggage on Ryanair

When it comes to maximizing your luggage on Ryanair without falling foul of their policies, strategic packing is key. Here’s how to ensure you get the most out of your handbag and cabin bag allowance.

Choose Your Handbag Wisely: Your handbag isn’t just a fashion statement; it’s practical luggage. Opt for a expandable design with multiple compartments. This type of handbag allows you to organize and fit more items securely.

Wear Extra Layers: Instead of packing them, wear your bulkier items like jackets or sweaters. You can always remove layers if you’re too warm onboard. By wearing these items, you free up considerable space in your carry-on.

Invest in Multi-Purpose Clothing and Accessories: Clothing with hidden pockets or a scarf that doubles as a blanket can be incredibly useful. They save space and serve dual purposes, perfect for light travel.

Use Packing Cubes: Stay organized with packing cubes. They not only compress your clothes but also make it easier to find what you need without rummaging.

Check-in Online: Always opt for online check-in to avoid extra fees at the airport. With Ryanair, saving time and money is often about preempting additional costs.

Travel Size and Multi-Use Items: Opt for travel-size toiletries. Better yet, go for multi-use items such as shampoo-conditioner combos. Not only do they save space, but they also adhere to the liquid limits imposed by airport security.

Remember, being mindful of Ryanair’s luggage policy doesn’t mean sacrificing your style or travel essentials. It just means being more clever about how you pack them. Keep these tips in mind and your journey with Ryanair can be just as chic as it is efficient.


So there you have it! Next time you’re flying with Ryanair, remember these savvy tips to make the most of your hand luggage allowance. With a little planning and some smart packing, you’ll breeze through the airport without any stress over luggage limits. You’ve got this – travel smart and stylish, knowing you’re fully compliant with Ryanair’s policies. Safe travels!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best type of handbag to take on Ryanair?

A handbag with multiple compartments is ideal for flying with Ryanair, as it helps keep items organized and accessible.

Can I wear heavier items to avoid luggage fees?

Yes, wearing bulkier items like coats or heavy shoes can help you avoid packing them and potentially reduce luggage weight.

What clothing should I invest in for travel with Ryanair?

Invest in multi-purpose clothing and accessories that can be used in different ways or for various occasions, maximizing luggage space.

How do packing cubes help with Ryanair’s luggage policy?

Packing cubes help you stay organized, making it easier to fit more items into your luggage within Ryanair’s restrictions.

Will checking in online help me with luggage fees?

Yes, checking in online for your Ryanair flight can help avoid extra check-in fees at the airport.

What kind of toiletries should I bring on a Ryanair flight?

Opt for travel-size and multi-use toiletries to save space and adhere to liquid restrictions on Ryanair flights.

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