Does Handbag Count as Hand Luggage TUI? Avoid Extra Fees with These Tips

Planning your getaway with TUI and wondering if your handbag will count as hand luggage? You’re not alone! It’s a common question that pops up when you’re trying to pack smart and avoid any check-in surprises.

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Understanding TUI’s luggage policy can make or break your travel experience. Don’t worry, we’ve got the scoop on how to navigate their rules so you can board with confidence and style.

TUI’s Hand Luggage Policy

When booking a flight, knowing the ins and outs of a carrier’s baggage policy is paramount. For TUI Airways, a common query is: does a handbag count as hand luggage? Your handbag is part of your hand luggage allowance with TUI Airways, yet the rules are more nuanced than they might first appear.

Grasp these specifics to ensure your handbag seamlessly fits within TUI’s parameters. For standard economy fares, you’re allowed one piece of hand luggage. This piece must not exceed the dimensions of 55cm x 40cm x 20cm, including handles and wheels. Importantly, the weight limit is a strict 10kg.

Regarding handbags, if you’re looking to bring one in addition to your main hand luggage, here’s the scoop: only Flexi fare customers can do so. Flexi fares are TUI’s premium offering, giving you the flexibility of additional luggage. As a Flexi fare flier, you can bring a handbag measuring up to 25cm x 33cm x 20cm alongside your hand luggage.

  • Economy fare: One piece of hand luggage (55x40x20cm, max 10kg)
  • Flexi fare: Additional handbag allowed (25x33x20cm)

To avoid being caught off guard at the airport, verify the exact fare type on your booking details. If you’re still unsure or if you’ve upgraded since your initial booking, contacting TUI customer service will clarify your hand luggage entitlements.

Keep in mind, TUI’s policy is subject to change, and larger or heavier bags might require checking at an extra fee. The airline aims to be fair but firm, ensuring overhead locker space for all. So pack astutely, with an eye on function as well as fashion. Remember, regulatory compliance is as crucial as a chic carry-on.

What is Hand Luggage?

Hand luggage, also known as carry-on baggage, is what you’re allowed to take with you on the plane. It’s your travel essential, the bag that sits by your feet or in the overhead compartment, carrying everything you’ll need during the flight. TUI Airways stipulates specific requirements for these bags to ensure they fit within the cabin’s size constraints.

The standard hand luggage size with TUI is pretty generous:

  • Maximum dimensions: 55cm x 40cm x 20cm
  • Weight limit: Typically up to 10kg

It’s essential to know these numbers. Why? Because if your carry-on exceeds these, you might end up paying extra or having to check it in. Always double-check TUI’s latest guidelines pre-flight to avoid any surprises at the gate.

But here’s the hack: if you’re a Flexi fare customer, you’ve got a perk. You can bring an extra handbag, yes, an additional item, along with your main hand luggage. That’s more space for your essentials – think laptop, travel documents, or those noise-cancelling headphones. But keep in mind, even this extra handbag has a size limit:

  • Maximum dimensions for additional handbag: 25cm x 33cm x 20cm

Restrictions like these are designed to maximize cabin space and maintain safety standards. They might seem like a hassle, but they ensure everyone has room for their belongings.

When packing, choose hand luggage that’s flexible but sturdy. Softshell bags can squeeze into tight spaces, while hardshell cases protect your valuables. But most importantly, pick a handbag that’s functional and fashionable – after all, it’s not just about following the rules, it’s also about traveling in style.

Different Types of Hand Luggage

Your choice of hand luggage can make a significant difference in your travel experience with TUI. Knowing the various types available helps you pick the perfect travel companion.

Rolling Suitcases are the go-to for ease and convenience. They glide beside you as you navigate through the airport. Ideally, they’re hard-shelled for durability and come in dimensions that TUI deems acceptable.

Travel Totes are spacious and versatile. They offer quick access to your essentials. Totes can slip over the handle of your rolling suitcase, making them a smart, streamlined option.

Backpacks provide hands-free mobility. With compartments and padded straps, they’re ideal for those who prioritize functionality. Modern backpacks also blend in the style, offering a chic look while meeting size guidelines.

Underseat Bags are designed to fit snugly under the seat in front of you. They’re a compact solution for carrying personal items and are particularly useful if you’re flying with only hand luggage.

Duffel Bags offer flexibility owing to their soft sides. They can squish into overhead compartments or under seats. Opt for one with a shoulder strap to make transport through the terminal easier.

When choosing your hand luggage, always keep the size and weight limits in mind. TUI’s allowance often means you can bring a well-organized bag that serves both your practical and aesthetic needs. Balancing function with style doesn’t just make your journey smoother; it ensures you arrive in vogue. Remember to check TUI’s policy before you fly to confirm your bag fits the current hand luggage criteria.

Is a Handbag Considered Hand Luggage?

The answer’s simple: Yes, under TUI policy, a handbag does count as hand luggage. But here’s the deal, if you’re a Flexi fare customer, you can breathe easy knowing you’re entitled to an extra handbag besides your main carry-on. Just remember, even your additional handbag isn’t exempt from TUI’s size restrictions.

What’s the size limit for this extra handbag? Keep it within 25cm x 33cm x 20cm to stay within the rules. Stick to this, and you’ll stride through security without a hitch.

You might be thinking, “What if I’m not a Flexi fare flyer?” In that case, it’s about making smart pack choices. Your primary hand luggage should be a combo of space-efficient and elegance, serving both your practical needs and style quotient. Think multipurpose designs — how about a chic tote that fits your essentials while effortlessly slipping under the seat? It’s all about balance.

Packing a handbag? Prioritize functionality and dimensions. Pro tip: opt for a handbag that can compactly fit within your carry-on. This strategy isn’t just savvy; it ensures you won’t be caught off-guard if asked to consolidate your items.

Remember, hand luggage restrictions are there to maximize cabin space. So whether you pick a sleek roller or a compact duffel, make sure it aligns with TUI’s guidelines. Stay informed. Travel smart. Keep your journey as stylish as your destination.

TUI’s Rules for Handbags as Hand Luggage

When traveling with TUI Airways, handbags are indeed classified as hand luggage. However, there’s a specification: if you’re not booked with a Flexi fare, your handbag must fit within your main carry-on baggage. That’s right, you need to tuck your handbag into your overhead cabin luggage unless you’re enjoying the benefits of the upgraded fare.

For those with a Flexi fare, you get to carry an additional handbag free of charge. But don’t get too excited; size matters. The handbag must not exceed 25cm x 33cm x 20cm, which is ample for your essentials but requires careful packing. You’ll want to pack smart to make the most out of this space.

Let’s talk quality and compliance. You’ve probably got an eye for stylish handbags, but when flying, function trumps fashion. Your handbag needs to meet TUI’s size restrictions to ensure a smooth boarding process. Think compact, think versatile.

Remember, gate staff are vigilant about TUI’s hand luggage policy. Non-compliance can lead to fees or even having to check in your handbag. Always measure your handbag before you leave for the airport, and if you’re in doubt, check TUI’s website for the latest on size regulations.

Type Size Restrictions Weight Limit Fare Type
Main Handbag Within main carry-on size Up to 10kg Standard
Extra Handbag 25cm x 33cm x 20cm Flexi

In a nutshell, stick to TUI’s size rules to avoid any hassle. If you’re a Flexi fare traveler, enjoy the perk of that extra bag, but keep it compact and light. Whether it’s a business trip or a short getaway, the right handbag can keep your journey hassle-free and stylish.

Tips for Packing a Handbag as Hand Luggage

Packing your handbag for a flight with TUI requires savvy packing skills and a bit of strategic thinking. You’ve got your size limits and now it’s time to maximize every inch of your handbag efficiently. Here’s how to get the most out of your carry-on space.

First things first, prioritize your essentials. Only pack what you’ll absolutely need during your flight or at your destination before you can unpack. This includes travel documents, a wallet, your phone, and any necessary medications.

Remember, layering your items can save space and prevent a cluttered bag. Place flat items at the bottom and work your way up. A streamlined packing approach avoids wasting space and makes for easy access to your items during security checks or while on the plane.

Next, consider using packing aids. Small pouches or compartments are gold when it comes to organization. They not only keep similar items together but can help compress items to fit more in your bag.

As for the rest of your travel gear, think digital. E-books, travel apps, and digital boarding passes can replace bulky items that eat up space. Don’t let old habits bulk up your carry-on.

Lastly, anticipate the security process. Keep liquids in a clear, resealable bag and electronics in an easily accessible spot. You don’t want to be that person holding up the line digging through their handbag. Security-friendly packing isn’t just courteous to fellow travelers, it streamlines your own travel experience.

Addressing every aspect of your packing strategy ensures that your handbag isn’t just within size limits but is also a functional travel companion. With a little thought and organization, you can breeze through the airport and onto your flight, all without sacrificing your fashion sense. Keep these tips in mind and your handbag will be the perfect travel sidekick.


So there you have it! Remember to pack smart and keep your handbag within TUI’s size limits to breeze through the airport without any hiccups. If you’re a Flexi fare customer, you’ve got that little extra space, but don’t forget about those dimensions. Choose a handbag that’s compact, light, and functional to make your travel experience as smooth as possible. Happy travels!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is TUI’s luggage policy for handbags?

TUI allows handbags as hand luggage, but they must fit within the main carry-on baggage dimensions unless you have a Flexi fare. Flexi fare customers can bring one additional handbag, adhering to the size limit.

Can I bring an additional handbag on a TUI flight without Flexi fare?

No, unless you purchase a Flexi fare, you are typically required to fit your handbag within your main piece of hand luggage.

What are the size restrictions for handbags on TUI flights?

For standard fares, handbags must fit within your main hand luggage dimension allowance. Flexi fare travelers can bring an extra handbag with a maximum size of 25cm x 33cm x 20cm.

What happens if my handbag doesn’t comply with TUI’s size restrictions?

If your handbag exceeds the allowed dimensions, you may face additional charges or have to check it into the hold.

What should I prioritize when choosing a handbag for a TUI flight?

When selecting a handbag for your TUI flight, prioritize functionality and ensure it meets TUI’s size restrictions to avoid fees or inconvenience.

How can I pack my handbag efficiently for a TUI flight?

To pack efficiently, focus on essentials, utilize packing aids, go digital where possible, and prepare for security checks to ensure your handbag is within size limits and functional.

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