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Fake Designer Handbags and Purses

Real Fendi Handbags vs Fakes: 8 Authenticity Check Tips

real fendi handbag authenticity check

While counterfeiters have improved their replica handbag creation skills, there are telltale signs to recognize a real Fendi purse from a fake. In this article, we’ll go through 8 tips that will help you decipher between a real Fendi handbag and a fake Fendi bag.     How to Spot Fake Fendi Handbags Examine the…

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Real Louis Vuitton Purses vs Fakes: 9 Authenticity Check Tips

real louis vuitton purse

Spotting a fake Louis Vuitton handbag is hard work.   Counterfeiters are now incorporating signature details into fake Louis Vuitton bags that are difficult for the untrained eye to see.   With the brand’s imitated logo plastered on 99% of all LV bags in the marketplace, there’s a big chance that web retailers are selling…

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Real Gucci Handbags vs Fakes: 9 Step Gucci Authenticity Check

real gucci purse and handbag authenticity check

Gucci handbags here. Gucci bags there. Gucci purses everywhere!   When Guccio Gucci first opened his Italian luggage boutique in 1921, I’m sure millions of fake Gucci handbags scattered across the globe was not included in his business plan.   While replica handbag sellers make these substandard bags available on the web and in back-alley boutiques, you’ll…

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