Why Does the Queen Always Carry a Purse?

The Queen

Queen Elizabeth II is known for her fashion – she is always immaculately dressed and manages to pull off the brightest of colors. She also perfectly color coordinates her outfits, with not only her dresses and suits matching her coat and hat, but also often her umbrella.   Another accessory she’s known for is her…

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Most Expensive Designer Purses

Picture of a designer bag for women

Do you know what’s common between your best friend and a designer purse? They stick around for long no matter what.   A classic designer purse is equally important as much as your best friend by your side at a party. Whether it’s a casual dinner or a formal do, a nice purse helps you carry…

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How to Carry a Purse with Short Handles


Carrying a purse is the ultimate style statement that women make wherever they go. Depending on the type of purse you are holding, you need to have the technique down properly or your outfit and accessory might look out of place.   Yes, there are specific ways on how to carry a purse with short…

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How to Wear a Crossbody Purse?

White Leather Crossbody Purse

If you are still wearing handbags the size of the United States of America, it’s high time to switch. Your handbag or purse is supposed to compliment your look, not overshadow it. It’s time for fashion enthusiasts to say goodbye to big ole’ granny bags (no offense to anyone’s Grandma) and welcome crossbody bags into…

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How to Carry a Handbag Properly

A woman carrying a black handbag

Many women complain about pain in their back, neck, and shoulders, but they don’t know what exactly is causing it. They shrug it off, thinking that they probably slept the wrong side or sat in the wrong way or sat hunched over at their laptops for too long. Little do they realize that the pain…

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How to Run a Designer Bag Bingo Fundraiser

Designer bag bingo

Did you know that public schools’ football clubs often rely on designer handbags to raise money for their teams? In other words, the designer handbag that is idly sitting in your closet can actually help a school pay for their facility updates; for example, new headsets or helmet repairs, etc. Can a designer handbag be…

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What Is Designer Bag Bingo?

Colorful Designer bags

What’s that one game played at casinos, house parties, wine tastings, and fund-raisers? Yes, you guessed it right, it’s BINGO! The fun and excitement associated with this timeless game have made it an integral part of American culture. Since its invention in 1929, this game of chance has been continuously evolved and modernized. In fact,…

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Sexy Clutches: How to Buy & Wear a Designer Clutch Bag

clutch purse outfit ideas

There isn’t much a girl can’t handle with the right accessories.   That’s why the perfect women’s clutch bag is a wardrobe essential for first dates and spring weddings.   But just like a good man is hard to find, so is a designer clutch purse that fits your style personality, budget and body type.…

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