Best Evening Clutch Bag Ideas for a Formal Dress

best clutch with formal dress

To wow the crowd at your next formal New Year’s Eve party or favorite black-tie bash, add a classy and sophisticated handbag to your evening ensemble.   The Best Evening Clutches to go with a Formal Dress Whether you prefer a dazzling designer bag or a cute clutch purse, a well-dressed woman deserves a chic…

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What Color Handbag Should You Carry In the Spring

  If you are not one to shy away from color, spring is the perfect time to punch up your wardrobe basics with a brightly colored purse.   Whether you are prepping for a bridesmaids’ luncheon or getting ready for a board meeting in the office, carry a colorful handbag to spring forward with a…

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How to Match the Color of Your Handbag With an Outfit

how to match your handbag to your outfit

Tired of carrying your basic blue and black handbag every day?   To match your multi-colored purses with your favorite outfits, simply select a complementary handbag hue that will make your outfit pop for work or the weekend.   Black and White Outfits You can mix a patterned purse with a black, red or white…

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Best Purses to Wear With a One-Shoulder Dress

best purses to wear with a one-shoulder dress

If you dare to wear a one-shouldered dress, your style is not only fashion-forward and romantic but bold.   To be the best-dressed woman at your next holiday party or special event, put a little sexy in your step with a too-hot-to-handle bag. Whether you choose to rock a petite purse or the latest designer,…

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What to Wear With a Brown Handbag

what to wear with a brown handbag

  Whether it is a deep chocolate brown or a crisp khaki color, a brown handbag is a treasured designer accessory in the modern woman’s wardrobe.   By using your brown purse as a neutral, you can wear this notice-me designer accessory for work and for play.   Dark Blue Denim with a Brown Handbag…

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