Fun Facts About Purses

We women will always have an undying passion for handbags over clothing, shoes, and makeup. A handbag is much more than a fashion item. It sticks with us throughout the day and helps us carry things our pockets can’t contain.

Interesting Facts About Purses

Here are some fun facts about purses:

1. Handbags Were Originally For Men

Believe it or not, handbags were first sported by males. Every guy, from ministers to doctors, carried his own bag.

2. It All Started With Trains

Women who had to lug big suitcases across the ocean finally opted for smaller, more manageable bags. The proliferation of this mode of transportation necessitated an increase in the demand for purses.

3. LV Burns All The Bags That Don’t Sell

Louis Vuitton burns unsold handbags so that they always seem new and exciting. The remaining stock is burned rather than discounted. Offering discounts may damage the brand and lower the price of previously sold items.

4. LV Handbags Are Also Resistant To Fire And Water

Among the numerous benefits they provide, Louis Vuitton purses are resistant to fire and water. Here’s another piece of evidence that you don’t have to sacrifice quality to save money.

5. Gender-Neutral Purses Hit The Market In 1985

Miuccia Prada, a prominent designer from the eighties, introduced the first unisex bag. Its popularity persists till the present.

6. Actress-Inspired Handbags

Jane Birkin and the head of the luxury goods company Hermes were once on the same aircraft. She told him about her trouble shopping for a bag, and he came up with the idea for the Birkin.

7. A Handbag Is a Good Investment

A high-end designer handbag will always be worth its price. The increased demand causes the price of these items to rise. They become timeless masterpieces that never go out of style.

8. It Takes A Lot Of Time To Make One Hand Bag

The handcrafted nature of certain purses and totes is what gives them their exceptional worth.

9. Knockoff Designer Bags

According to the data, almost 20% of all supposedly designer handbags are fakes. The increased desire for replicas might push this figure even higher.

10. The Most Expensive Purse In The World

The current price of the most expensive purse in the world is 3.8 million dollars in the United States.

Mouawad’s 1001 Nights Diamond Purse is the priciest purse ever sold. The thousand-and-one-nights-inspired clutch has 4517 diamonds weighing a total of 381.92 carats. Over 1000 hours and the efforts of 10 master craftspeople went into making this stunning purse.

11. The Symbolic Role of Handbags in Societal Rank

Particularly for women, since the 1960s, status symbols have taken center stage. During this time, shoulder bags with a strap swing over the shoulder became the norm.

For today’s independent working woman, Esin Akan creates convertible leather purses. All the styles are versatile enough to be worn day to night, from week to weekend, and to help ladies seem put-together at all times.

12. Application of Zippers

A turning point in the history of bag manufacturing occurred in the 1920s when the Hermes Company began using a zipper on its supple, embroidered totes.

13.  Bags Through the Ages

Beginning with the large bags carried by hunters in prehistoric times, this accessory has evolved through the years to suit changing social and economic conditions.

Bags, maybe purses, worn slung over the body, can be seen in ancient relief paintings. The purse, like the car today, the purse was a mark of social standing, with the wealthy opting for more ornate styles.

14. Purses In Turkish Culture

Turkish bag culture originates in Central Asia. These were originally saddlebags or bags, but they evolved into their current shape with time.


Bags were used for various purposes throughout the Ottoman Empire, but letters and bags of money were particularly popular. The only place you’re likely to see one of them is at an antique shop.

15. The Beginnings of the Purse as We Know It

Since the late 19th century, when the bag attained its current shape, it has been used by many people. Since WWII ended, however, the bag has become more of a fashion statement than a practical item. Currently, the market is flooded with hundreds of bag varieties and models, each unique in color, form, and size.

16. Pack For Hunters

Bag figures may be seen in the reliefs of ancient Egypt, the Urartians, and the Sumerians. But it is known that ancient people used bags, and hunters’ bags were particularly common.

17. Frog Skin Purses

Ancient examples of bags include the pouches utilized by the Amazons and the sacs constructed by the shamans out of fish skin.

18. Illustrations from Handbags

Interestingly, the hands of a bag are images of the deity Anunnaki from Sumer and Akkad. Bags are shown on the Sumerian sculptures found at Göbeklitepe in anlurfa.

Most women have at least six different purses in their collections. And because I have more than seven, I tend to agree. I once heard that if given the option to splurge on just one item, 32% of women would choose a high-quality handbag. Just eight percent were willing to shell out money for footwear. And I’m certain that I fall inside the 8 percent who would choose footwear. It may be a surprise to learn that the typical female purse weighs a whopping 5.3 pounds!

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