Best Designer Yoga Bags: Top 5 Reviewed

Yoga mat bag

Tapping into your mind, body, and spirit is going to be tough if you’re juggling your water bottle, towel, and yoga mat around the yoga studio. A yoga bag offers an easy fix and allows you to look stylish in the process. But, going with just any yoga bag won’t do.   No, you need…

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Best Yellow Designer Bags: Top 5 Reviewed

Yellow Designer Bags

Do you have a minimalist wardrobe? If yes, it’s possible that you’re bored with it and want to give it a complete makeover. To spice things up, you may consider incorporating some color into your closet.  For someone who has never experimented with a lot of colors before, taking the plunge into colors can be…

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Best Handbag Chains and Straps: Top 5 Reviewed

Red handbag with a matching chain and strap

Has it ever happened with you that the second you’re leaving for an important event, for which you’re already running late, the chain strap of your handbag just detaches itself from the bag all of a sudden?   The next thing you know, the metal attachment is broken and has come off, and now you…

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Best Blue Designer Bags: 8 Ocean Blue Handbags

Blue bag

Who doesn’t love the color blue? Blue reminds one of the sky and the ocean and the sense of calm associated with those two things. Blue handbags look trendy, unique and gorgeous, all in one. Luckily, superior quality designer brands have recently released a number of stunning blue designer bags which are the perfect accessory…

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Best Designer Handbags for the Money

A woman with a black Prada bag

Who doesn’t want to have a few designer handbags in their wardrobe? Everyone does! No matter how many handbags you own, the fondness that you will have for your designer handbag will remain unmatched. Designer handbags are something you just can’t say no to.   Although most designer handbags come with a pretty fancy price…

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Best Givenchy Purses: Top 5 Reviewed

Women purses

On the weekends, you may be in your bed with a cashmere throw and kitty slippers or all dolled-up in a sequin dress for a night out. However, your glamorous look is not completed without an eye-catching designer purse. And when we talk about luxurious bags, we can’t miss out on talking about the fabulosity…

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Best Designer Doctor Bags: Top 5 Reviewed

Best designer doctor bags

When doctor bags first made their way into the market, they weren’t nearly as stylish as they are now. These bags happened to be without many color options, not to mention that there weren’t many size and design variations either.   Currently doctor bags are available in all designs, shapes, styles, sizes and materials including…

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Best Nylon Designer Bags: Top 9 Reviewed

Nylon material

Nylon bags used to be a serious trend back in the 1990s, but designers soon forgot about it. Now, we’re witnessing the revival of the humble nylon bag. The best nylon designer bags have been used by many A-List celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian, and Rihanna.   The 9 Best Nylon Designer Bags New iterations…

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