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Handbag Buying Guides

Where to Buy Cheap Discount Designer Handbags for Less Online

discount designer handbags for cheap

You’ve just read about the latest designer handbag in Elle, Vogue or Harpers Bazaar…   You want it. Need it… And will do anything to get it!   Well, not really ANYTHING.   But, if you’re willing to stretch your budget to buy discount designer bags for less and get a cheap price, there are…

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Why are Designer Handbags So Expensive? 6 Simple Reasons

why are designer handbags so expensive

To fashion fiends everywhere, the brand name handbag is the status equivalent of wearing a Rolex timepiece or driving the Italian Ferrari sports car.   A mouth-watering combination of whimsical excess, chic details, and unquestionable luxury, the expensive designer handbag is a woman’s ultimate confidence booster.   For the fortunate wearer of lavishly styled arm…

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Best Designer Handbag Brands: A List of the Top 31

best designer handbag brands

Have you been thinking about getting a new bag but also wondering what the best designer handbag brands are these days? Don’t worry. We’ve compiled a giant list of the best handbag designers around.   Now that it’s time to get that new designer handbag you’ve been waiting so patiently for, it’s also time to…

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