How to Repair a Gucci Purse

how to repair gucci purse or bag

Question: I have a Gucci bag that has leather straps and gold metallic on the straps and it is peeling. What can I do about it or can I have it removed?

Answer: Depending on where you live, I would take the purse to a professional handbag repair shop/or luxury dry cleaner to get an estimate on refinishing the leather straps. If you want Gucci to fix the purse here is the information straight from their website to fix it.

  • Gucci offers a repair service for Gucci products purchased from, any Gucci boutique or any other Gucci-authorized retailer.
  • Products may be brought to any authorized point of distribution in the U.S. or mailed to the appropriate address below:

how to repair gucci purse or bag

Handbag, Shoes, Jewelry and Luggage Repairs
Attn: GAI Fashion Repairs
50 Hartz Way
Secaucus, New Jersey 07094
[email protected]
tel 800.234.8224

I’ve had a purse repaired from Gucci and it takes at least 1 month to fix it.

  1. The first thing I did before going into the Gucci boutique was to call the 800.234.8224 customer service line.
  2. The Gucci customer care associates will give you information about the repair process as it relates to your bag.
  3. If you take the bag into a Gucci boutique, know that you’ll have to pay a fee to get the bag evaluated and repaired.
  4. Gucci will not fix the bag if it has been previously repaired, modified or customized by another repair shop.
  5. If the bag is 5 years old or more, Gucci may not be able to repair it due to style changes and limited production of their leathers, suedes and other materials.

how to repair a gucci purse

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