Indigo Handbag Allowance: Avoid Fees with These Packing Tips

Planning your next trip with Indigo and wondering about their handbag policy? You’re not alone! It’s crucial to know the ins and outs of luggage allowances to avoid any last-minute hassles at the airport.

Indigo’s Handbag Policy

If you’re a handbag enthusiast heading out for a trip on Indigo, keep in mind the specific guidelines that the airline stipulates. Not adhering to these can lead to unnecessary stress and potential extra fees.

With Indigo, you’re permitted one handbag. Size matters. Your bag shouldn’t exceed 55cm x 35cm x 25cm, a standard carry-on size that fits comfortably under the seat in front of you or in the overhead bin. This is particularly important for flights operating on ATR aircraft, where cabin space is more restricted.

Weight restrictions are equally crucial. Your handbag can’t weigh more than 7 kg. Anything heavier and you risk an additional charge to check in your baggage. If you’ve loaded up on souvenirs or business documents, it’s wise to weigh your bag before heading to the airport.

For those flying in the front—business class patrons—you’ve got a bit of leeway. You’re allowed not just your handbag but also a laptop bag or briefcase. Each item must still adhere to the size and weight restrictions mentioned above.

Don’t forget the laptop rule. If you’re carrying a laptop in a separate sleeve or case, this counts as an additional item. Slide it into your handbag to avoid any issues.

Here’s a handy tip: travel essentials like a jacket or duty-free purchases are considered additional to your handbag allowance. However, ensure they’re reasonable in quantity and volume.

Remember, flying during peak times or on fully booked flights could mean even overhead bin space is at a premium. Keep your essentials handy but try to compact as much as possible into your handbag to make the journey smoother.

Be proactive. Check Indigo’s official website for any updates on handbag policies before your flight. Airlines occasionally adjust their carry-on policies, and staying informed will save you from last-minute pack downs at the airport.

Understanding Luggage Allowances

When planning your outfit for that quick business trip or weekend getaway, knowing Indigo’s luggage policy is as crucial as choosing the right pair of shoes. You want to travel light and stay stylish without incurring unexpected fees.

Here’s the deal with Indigo: you’re allowed one handbag in the cabin. For the fashion-forward, this means picking that one perfect bag that complements your ensemble yet adheres to the airline’s size and weight guidelines. Measure your bag before you pack. If it’s within 55 x 35 x 25 cm and does not weigh more than 7 kg, you’re good to go.

Business class travelers, take note. You get to carry an extra piece—a laptop bag or briefcase. Think of it as your plus one. So, that sleek laptop sleeve that doubles as a clutch? Absolutely yes, as long as it’s your second item.

To avoid last-minute hiccups at the gate, remember these numbers:

Allowance Type Handbag Laptop Bag/Briefcase
Economy Class 1 Not allowed
Business Class 1 1

Bag size and weight can be a deal-breaker. Don’t let oversized or overweight baggage be the reason you’re held back from boarding smoothly.

Think about what you really need on the flight. Essentials like a good book, headphones, or your travel skincare regime should fit neatly into your permissible baggage. Treat your handbag like real estate—every inch counts, and smart packing is key.

Lastly, be aware of the laptop rule. If you’re in economy, your laptop must fit within your single handbag allowance. In other words, pick your tech gear wisely.

Smart and informed packing isn’t just about convenience—it shows you’re a savvy traveler. Remember, before you zip up and head out, a quick check on Indigo’s website for any policy updates could save your day.

Carry-on Baggage

When you’re traveling with Indigo, it’s crucial to know your carry-on baggage limits. You’re allowed one piece of carry-on luggage. The dimensions must not exceed 55cm x 35cm x 25cm, inclusive of all your bag’s bumps and bulges. Remember that this pertains to the typical overhead storage space available on Indigo flights.

So, if you’re aiming to avoid any hassle at the airport, here’s what you need to keep in check:

  • Your carry-on shouldn’t weigh more than 7kg.
  • The bag must fit the specified size criteria.
  • Overhead bin space is limited, so keep it compact.

Especially for those in business class, you have a bit more leeway. You can bring both a handbag and a laptop bag or briefcase. That’s right, two items in total. But again, this is strictly for business class flyers; if you’re in economy, stick to the single-bag rule.

If you’re carrying a laptop, pack smart. Slide your laptop into your handbag if there’s room. If not, assess whether you qualify under the business class allowance.

Here’s a quick visual on the essentials:

Handbag Allowance Economy Business Class
Number of Bags 1 2
Max Weight 7kg 7kg (each)
Dimensions (LxWxH) 55x35x25cm 55x35x25cm
Extra Laptop Bag No Yes

Keep these tips at the forefront of your packing routine and you’ll breeze through security. Stick to the essentials, and if you’re ever in doubt, refer back to Indigo’s official policy on their website—it’s your go-to resource for the latest updates and changes to baggage allowances.

Remember, smart packing isn’t just about fitting everything into your bag—it’s about following the rules and making your journey as smooth as possible.

Checked Baggage

Traveling with Indigo means you need to be just as savvy about your checked baggage as you are with your carry-on. Remember, the main luggage you check in must comply with Indigo’s weight and size restrictions. It’s not just about style; it’s about smart packing.

For domestic flights, you’re allowed 15 kg of checked luggage. It’s different for international. Your allowance depends on the destination and fare type. Always double-check your flight details. For those who need extra, you can purchase additional baggage allowance before your flight.

Here are some quick tips for checked baggage:

  • Always secure your handbag contents. Use locks or security straps.
  • Tag your luggage with your name and contact information.
  • Pack valuables in your carry-on, not your checked bags.

Make sure your checked luggage doesn’t exceed 158 cm in total dimensions; that’s length + width + height. Staying within these limits keeps check-in smooth.

Below is a quick overview of Indigo’s checked baggage allowance:

Flight Type Baggage Allowance
Domestic 15 kg
International Varies by route

Charges apply if your bag’s weight goes over your allowance. These can be hefty, so it’s wise to weigh your luggage beforehand.

But what if you have additional handbags? Beyond your carry-on, you’ll need to fit these into your checked suitcase or pay for extra. It’s often cost-effective to consider what you really need and pack accordingly.

Remember to use your handbag carriage wisely. Mix practicality with flair, and keep essentials close on board. Your checked luggage is your fashion inventory – vast and versatile. Yet, you can’t let it be a burden to your travel budget.

Always stay updated with Indigo’s Baggage Policy by checking their site. It’s your go-to for packing right and showcasing your fashion sense, without the extra fees.

Tips for Traveling with Handbags

When you’re planning to take to the skies with Indigo, knowing how to travel smart with your handbags can make all the difference. Stick to the essentials; overpacking can lead to a cumbersome experience. Choose a handbag that’s versatile, durable, and secure – think zippers over snaps.

Organize your bag using compartments or a handbag organizer. This not only saves you time at the airport but also keeps your belongings accessible during the flight. Always keep your travel documents and necessities within easy reach; a small, separate pouch for passports and tickets is a lifesaver.

Avoid prohibited items in your carry-on handbag. Sharp objects and liquids over 100ml are a no-go. Check Indigo’s restricted items list before packing. If you do bring liquids, ensure they’re in a clear, resealable bag, and accessible for inspection.

Here’s a tip that’s often overlooked: snap a photo of your handbag’s contents before closing it up. In case your handbags go missing or items get displaced, you’ll have a quick reference. Plus, storing this photo cloud-based will ensure you have it anywhere, anytime.

Also, consider personalizing your handbag with a distinctive tag or a colorful ribbon. This simple act can help you spot your bag easily on the carousel and prevent mix-ups.

Lastly, stay vigilant. Keep your handbag close at all times and be aware of your surroundings. Theft at airports is more common than you think, and a moment of negligence can cause a major setback.

By adhering to these tips, you’ll navigate through your travels with ease, keeping your personal belongings safe and your mind worry-free while upholding Indigo’s baggage policies.


Armed with these insights, you’re now ready to travel smart with Indigo. Remember to pack light and keep your handbag within the prescribed limits to breeze through check-in. By staying informed and prepared, you can enjoy a stress-free journey. Safe travels and don’t forget to keep an eye on your belongings!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the size and weight restrictions for carry-on luggage on Indigo Airlines?

Indigo Airlines’ carry-on luggage must not exceed 7 kg in weight and must fit within the dimensions of 55cm x 35cm x 25cm, including handles and wheels.

Can I secure the contents of my handbag on Indigo flights?

Yes, you should secure the contents of your handbag and ensure it fits under the seat in front of you or in the overhead compartment.

How should checked luggage be prepared for an Indigo flight?

Checked luggage must be tagged properly, and valuables should be kept in carry-on luggage. Ensure your checked baggage adheres to Indigo’s weight limitations to avoid extra charges.

What is the checked baggage allowance on Indigo Airlines?

Indigo Airlines typically allows 15 kg of checked baggage for domestic flights and varying allowances for international flights, with charges applied for excess weight.

How can I avoid extra fees for my baggage on Indigo flights?

To avoid extra fees, check the latest baggage policy of Indigo Airlines before your flight and pack within the stipulated weight and size limits.

What tips are offered for traveling with handbags on Indigo flights?

Choose a versatile and secure handbag, organize your belongings, avoid prohibited items, and personalize your bag for easy identification to comply with Indigo’s baggage policies.

How can I prevent my handbag from being stolen on an Indigo flight?

Stay vigilant by keeping your handbag close and in your sight at all times during your journey, and follow airline guidelines for storing personal items.

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