How Much Does a Kate Spade Purse Cost?

If you’re someone who loves changing their handbags and purses as much as they change their clothes, you want to find a designer handbag or purse that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. That is where Kate Spade handbags and purses are unique since they are adequately priced. They aren’t inexpensive by any stretch of the imagination, but you can find them in the reasonable range of between $200 to $800. That is ideal for anyone who wants to splurge on a designer handbag or purse without going out of budget.

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The best part about Kate Spade purses is that even though they don’t cost you a lot of money, they are definitely not short in the styling compartment. A Kate Spade purse looks classy and stylish as it marries a unique look into a purse or handbag that will have heads turning wherever you go. That is part of a Kate Spade purse’s appeal and what makes it such a worthy investment. Anyone familiar with the Kate Spade brand will know that they pride themselves on standing out and making a statement.

Kate Spade: An Iconic Brand

The iconic purses and handbags from the brand are classic and simple, yet elegant and modern at the same time. That is what makes them one-of-a-kind in the modern designer purse category. Most of the styles the brand features in its handbags and purses have vibrant colors, textures, and patterns that transform the basic box-shaped handbags into a beautiful fashion statement. That allows users to incorporate Kate Spade purses and handbags with their favorite outfits without having them pop or go for a more refined look that will not look out of place with what they are wearing.

Even though most designer purses are priced well above the $1,000 threshold, you can safely say that what makes Kate Spade such a famous brand is that they are moderately priced. Their designer purses and handbags are not extravagant, making them so appealing to the masses. The best part about Kate Spade purses is that they have a practical side, which means you can wear them to a business meeting or your toddler’s play date, and it will not look out of place.

Supreme Quality and Designed Purses

One of the best parts about Kate Spade purses and handbags is that it is committed to providing superior quality and design to its customers. The brand isn’t afraid of taking risks, and that is why most of their handbags and purses have a modern and fun twist that never strays too far away from the comfort zone of the average woman. The classic shapes and accents in the purse make them stand out from the rest in the market.

The best part about Kate Spade handbags and purses is that they are durable, making them an ideal choice for anyone. If your handbag or purse suffers damage, all you need to do is make it to your nearest Kate Spade boutique or contact the company’s customer care department, and they will take care of the repairs for you.

Where to Find Kate Spade Bags?

The best place to shop for Kate Spade purses and handbags would be at their website or visit high-end department stores where they have the brand’s purses in stock. You should check the purse or handbag before taking it home not to end up with a fake. The best way to check whether a Kate Spade purse is genuine is to know where to look. We have a separate article that will help you figure out whether a Kate Spade purse is authentic or not.

You can also find Kate Spade purses and handbags at online stores, which are offering them at discounted rates. You should check the return policy of the store you are shopping from to return the bag if you don’t find it to your liking or if you find out that it is a copy of the real thing. You don’t want to be stuck with a fake Kate Spade purse or handbag as that defeats the purpose of purchasing a designer handbag or purse in the first place.

How Much Does a Kate Spade Purse Cost?

If you’re shopping for a designer handbag or purse, then you won’t be perturbed by the cost of a Kate Spade purse. They are moderately priced, and you will find several different styles for about $300 or less, which is more than affordable compared to other designer handbags. You can also find more expensive Kate Spade purses and handbags that are above the $700 mark, but that depends on your preference.

To help you understand how much you should be spending on a Kate Spade purse, we will provide an overview of the price points and designs you can find on the Kate Spade website.

· $175 – Box-shaped Bags

You can find Kate Spade purses and handbags under $200, made from nylon, and are among the best sellers in the market. These bags are the ones that made Kate Spade so famous.

· $275 – Shopper Bags

If you want a handbag with more detailing, you can find them for around $275, with more variation on the style and design. These bags are unique as they have retro detailing or a classic bow on them.

· $335 – Grosgrain Bags

For a high-end vibe, you can’t go wrong with the impressive Grosgrain Kate Spade purses and handbags that will have heads turning wherever you go.

· $500 – Sequined Bags

You can easily find basic leather and sequined Kate Spade bags that cost you under $500. These handbags come in different sizes, shapes, and colors and are perfect for any occasion.

Our Final Thoughts on How Much Kate Spade Purses Cost

If you’re on a budget but don’t want to compromise on the look and appeal of your handbag or purse, then Kate Spade is the brand for you. They create luxury designer and high-end purses and handbags that will not look out of place anywhere. The best part is that they are appropriately priced and fit in your budget while not taking anything away from style.

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