How Much Does a Michael Kors Purse Cost?

How Much Does a Michael Kors Purse Cost?

As a fashion lover, you probably know all about Michael Kors and its popular aesthetic. Michael Kors has been an absolute trailblazer since the time got established and entered the world of fashion. With its unique designs and chic aesthetic, the brand has been behind some of the most luxurious celebrity looks and continues to remain popular.

Perhaps the most prominent reason for the brand’s popularity is its access. While high-end designer brands like Louis Vuitton and Hermes are too expensive for an average fashion lover to indulge in, Michael Kors has always been more affordable.

Michael Kors as a Style Statement

Michael Kors has always tried to bridge the gap between high-end fashion and affordability. The owner of the brand has had a passion for styling since he was younger and wanted to create something that allowed a majority of fashion lovers to indulge their love for fashion more easily.

The best part about Michael Kors Purses is that it can offer you a range of aesthetics to match your style and outfit. Whether you prefer to opt for classy or peep, bright or subtle, the brand will have you sorted. The brand understands that tastes vary and always creates a collection that accommodates the diversity in people’s style preferences.

This style diversity has made it create its distinct place in the minds of consumers who want the MK prestige without losing their expression.

Types of Michael Kors Purses

The best part about the Michael Kors collection is that you will always have several options to choose from. Whether you want to carry something on a day out, take along for an adventure, or strut with on the red carpet, Michael Kors has the perfect accessory for you. Following are the main types of handbags you will find at Michael Kors:

  • Totes
  • Crossbody Bags
  • Satchel
  • Shoulder Bags
  • Backpacks
  • Belt Bags
  • Clutches
  • Wristlets

Aside from the usual collection, Michael Kors has recently also released their higher-end range by the name of Michael Kors Collection. The leather and handwoven products are the epitome of luxury that exudes a class of their own.

To get an idea about the range you can expect from the Michael Kors purses, let’s look at the typical price range.

A List of Michael Kors Purse Costs

In order to properly explore the price range of the Michael Kors Purses, it is best to look at them category-wise, focusing on the most popular categories. This will help you get a comprehensive idea about the type of prices for each type of handbag.


Totes are generally one of the most popular choices of handbags from Michael Kors and are often the most purchased. Their prices range between $58 and $428 and can sometimes be lower in case of sales. Following is the Totes price range for some of their top-rated products:

S# Tote Bag Name OG Price ($) Current Price($)
1 Jet Set Large Logo Tote Bag 378 129
2 Voyager Medium Color-Block Logo Tote Bag 298 134.10 – 223.50
3 Eva Extra-Small Logo Tote Bag 198 148.50
4 Charlotte Large Logo and Leather Top-Zip Tote Bag 398 149
5 Eva Large Logo Tote Bag 258 193.50
6 Mercer Large Nylon Gabardine Tote Bag 278 208.50
7 Voyager Medium Logo Tote Bag 298 223.50
8 Beck Large Pebbled Leather Tote Bag 328 246
9 Carine Medium Pebbled Leather Tote Bag 358 268.50
10 Jet Set Travel Medium Shibori Print Logo Tote Bag 368
11 Emilia Large Pebbled Leather Tote Bag 428

Crossbody and Satchels

MK has a gorgeous collection of crossbody bags and satchels. Combining elegance, funk, and practicality the range is perfect for people who want an accessory that would suit a variety of settings.

 S# Crossbody Bag Name OG Price ($) Current Price($)
1 Jet Set Small Woven Leather Smartphone Convertible Crossbody Bag 178 133.50
2 Jet Set Small Color-Block Logo Camera Bag 198 148.50
3 Bradshaw Medium Logo and Leather Messenger Bag 328 246
4 Aidy Medium Logo Canteen Crossbody Bag 398
5 SoHo Extra-Large Quilted Leather Shoulder Bag 428 321
S# Satchel Bag Name OG Price ($) Current Price($)
1 Teagan Large Pebbled Leather Shoulder Bag 448 134.40
2 Carine Medium Pebbled Leather Satchel 378 170.10
3 Bradshaw Medium Logo and Leather Messenger Bag 328 246
4 Carmen Small Saffiano Leather Belted Satchel 358 161.10 – 268.50
5 Nouveau Hamilton Large Logo Stripe Satchel 378 264.60

Backpacks and Belts

Michael Kors has some of the best backpack designs and is a popular brand of choice among the trendy fashionistas. MK Belts are also sleek and elegant, giving a good overall appearance to the wearer.

S# Backpack Name OG Price ($) Current Price($)
1 Polly Medium Nylon Backpack 178 99
2 Slater Extra-Small Pebbled Leather Convertible Backpack 258 135.45 – 193.50
3 Abbey Medium Logo Backpack 258 135
4 Slater Large Pebbled Leather Backpack 358 268.50
5 Slater Large Logo Backpack 358 268.50
6 Viv Large Logo and Leather Backpack 428 321
S# Belt Name OG Price ($) Current Price($)
1 Slater Medium Logo Sling Pack 258 193.50
2 Slater Medium Logo Sling Pack 258 193.50 – 258
3 Slater Medium Pebbled Leather Sling Pack 258 193.50

Michael Kors Collection

The Michael Kors Collection is one of the finest of all the offerings from the brand and aims to tap into the affluent circles within the fashion industry. The range is made with premium material and techniques, setting it apart from several competitors.

S# Backpack Name Price ($)
1 Simone Pebbled Leather Messenger Bag 1,490
2 Roberta Rattan and Leather Basket Tote Bag 1,550
3 Carole Hand-Woven Leather Bucket Bag 1,850
4 Joni Hand-Woven Leather Minaudiere 2,000
5 Carly Hand-Knit Leather Envelope Clutch 2,200
6 Naomi Extra-Large Hand-Woven Leather Shoulder Bag 2,300

Our Final Thoughts on Michael Kors Purse Costs

To conclude, Michael Kors purses are some of the trendiest in the market in the affordable category. The range is diverse and allows for extensive personal expression as well as prestige. If you want to look for more luxurious products, you can also check out the Michael Kors Collection handbags that are well worth the higher price tags.

If you want more recommendations for fashion products and accessories, check out our other blogs as well.

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