How Much Does a Saint Laurent Purse Cost?

The actual cost of a Saint Laurent purse and what makes it so special?

If there is one designer purse brand that is coveted all over the world, it has to be Saint Laurent. The French luxury handbag and purse designer has continuously produced some of the most popular bags and purses that have become international icons and symbols. There is no other brand that has made such a big mark in the world of luxury fashion, which is why it is perfectly reasonable to come across the question, how much does a Saint Laurent purse cost?

The answer is a subjective one because even though Saint Laurent purses and handbags aren’t cheap, they aren’t extraordinarily expensive. They are reasonably priced, and one can easily afford them if you find a good deal on their purses and handbags. We have answered this question emphatically in the article by sharing the prices of the top Saint Laurent purses and handbags around today.

How Much Does a Saint Laurent Purse Cost?

It should be noted that the price of Saint Laurent purses and handbags, like all luxury items, will be subjected to price increases regularly. Therefore, you must check the prices on a frequent basis to get a better understanding of what these purses and handbags will cost you. Here are some of the most popular Saint Laurent purses and handbags, along with their prices.

1. Uptown Monogram Pouch – $475 to $545

If you’re looking for an affordable Saint Laurent purse, then you can’t go wrong with the “Uptown” monogram clutch. It is the ideal purchase for anyone looking for a Saint Laurent purse, and the best part is that this signature purse is available in five different colors. You can easily add this purse to your wardrobe and accessorize it with any dress you have for any occasion. Even though the purse was designed originally as a pouch, it is extremely versatile and can also be used as a separator when kept inside bigger bags.

2. Loulou Small Bag – $1,900

The Loulou small bag is not a reasonably priced bag but looks absolutely stunning. At nearly $2,000, it is one of the most expensive Saint Laurent purses, but that is because it is made from calfskin leather. The handbag is one of the best-selling purses from Saint Laurent and comes with a metal chain and leather strap that allows you to easily wear the purse as a crossbody or over your shoulder. It is the perfect on-the-go bag and comes with a zipped interior pouch and two compartments.

3. Kate Monogram Bag – $1,750 to $2,150

Everyone recognizes the popular “Kate” bag from Saint Laurent, which is another one of the most popular handbags from the brand. It comes in various colors, leathers, and metals. It is the perfect handbag for an evening out or for when you want to go shopping. The best part about this handbag is that it is a favorite among celebrities and fashion bloggers such as Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, Hailey Baldwin, and Miranda Kerr. This is one handbag that should be a part of your wardrobe, as it will always remain in fashion and will never go out of style.

4. College Leather Tote – $2,450

If you want a bigger handbag than the Loulou, you can’t go wrong with the College tote bag from Saint Laurent. It has a larger body and comes with a top handle and crossbody finish. It comes in five different colors, and you get the famous YSL logo interlocked on the bag with a quilted stitching finish. The chain and leather shoulder strap can come apart so that you can present a lady-like and formal look whenever you want. The bag comes in different materials and has a flat pocket, which you can use to hold your phone or grab anything quickly.

5. Cassandra Monogram Bag – $2,350 to $4,500

Clutch fans looking for the ideal bag that comes with a functioning strap and style will love the Cassandra Monogram clasp bag. It is available in a multitude of colors and various leathers, which is what makes this handbag so special for everyone. The handbag has incorporated the signature design from Saint Laurent and has adjustable chains that you can double over to create an over-the-shoulder look. There is also a front pocket under the flap, which can hold essentials like cash and cards, and you can keep your personal belongings in the two compartments.

6. Rive Gauche Tote Bag – $1,250

If you’re looking for the ultimate work bag from Saint Laurent, look no further than the Rive Gauche Tote Bag. It features the brand’s iconic name, and the tote has a leather finish that gives it that premium look you want. This handbag has an inner zipper pocket, which differentiates it from other tote bags, and helps you organize your essentials properly. The handbag is the ideal choice for anyone who is looking for a monochrome and minimalistic touch with their bag. What makes this tote bag ideal is that it is perfect for travelers who want to carry their essentials with them everywhere they go. You can easily fit a laptop and other tech items inside this Saint Laurent bag.

Our Final Thoughts on How Much Saint Laurent Purses Cost

We have looked at some of the finest handbags and purses that are in the market currently from Saint Laurent. While they may not be the most affordable purses, you know that you are paying for quality when shopping for a Saint Laurent purse.

We hope that we have answered your question regarding how much does a Saint Laurent purse cost and have offered you some of the best handbags and purses from the brand. Good luck shopping for a Saint Laurent purse.

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