How to Carry a Purse with Short Handles

Carrying a purse is the ultimate style statement that women make wherever they go. Depending on the type of purse you are holding, you need to have the technique down properly or your outfit and accessory might look out of place.

Yes, there are specific ways on how to carry a purse with short handles as well as long ones. Purses with short handles mostly have to be dangled from the arm, and this can be a bit tiresome for some women. If you bought a purse with short handles that didn’t happen to come with a long strap, you can easily add to its length and change your style.

For years, we have copied celebrities — their walk, the clothes they wear, the accessories they carry in hand, and even the makeup they do. We are heavily influenced by them and owning anything that was seen on a world-famous actress or model is considered the highest honor.

So, if you own a purse with short handles and don’t know how to carry it, here are some ideas that will help you change your style:

The Dangle

Let’s start with the simplest one, which is holding the purse by its small handle and letting it dangle by your side. The style is simple yet elegant and is one that you can choose when you are just out and about.

The Modesty Hold

This look is brought to you by none other than Kylie Jenner. Let’s assume that you are late for a party. You and your girls are planning to go to a concert. You grab your shorts from the closet and a white sweetheart neckline shirt. You adorn your thigh-high boots, swipe on some lip gloss and mascara, and grab your handbag and house keys on your way out. As you arrive outside the concert venue, your girls take one look at you and point out that perhaps the shorts are a bit… too short. That’s where the modesty hold comes in.

Every time you feel a bit awkward and exposed, simply hold your purse by one handle and bring it to your stomach. Of course, this is a pose and you can’t exactly carry your purse like this all the time. However, when you are at a party, carrying it so makes a unique fashion statement.

The Majesty Clutch

You might have seen in the news the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton carrying her purse in this style. Since royalty is not allowed to carry tote bags or large purses, they often go with clutches or purses with short handles.

The majesty clutch is another simple style, where you hold your purse by clutching the handles with both your hands. The purse is then held in front of your stomach. Royals carry their purse in this way to avoid shaking hands with people. It’s a neat trick that just might work if you aren’t the kind of person who likes to greet people by shaking hands.

The Classic Hold

This is one style that is quite common. You probably hold your purse this way to leave both your hands-free so that you can grab other things. In the classic hold, the purse dangles by your arm. It neatly rests in the sweet fold of your elbow, which gives it support.

The Right Way to Carry a Purse With Short Handles

While all these ways to carry a purse with short handles are right, there’s a drawback to them. Carrying a purse, especially one with short handles, in the same position for too long can cause pain and, in extremely rare cases, nerve damage.

We know what you are thinking, “How in the hell can carrying a purse cause never damage?”

Well, it’s just about how you carry the purse but also its weight and how long you are holding it. Let’s assume that your handbag is filled with numerous items, such as your mobile phone, car keys, makeup, and a few other things. You can actually feel the weight of the purse when you lift it. Since the purse has short handles, there are only so many ways you can carry it.

If your go-to move is to dangle it from your arm, you will feel a pinching pain after a few hours of carrying it. This is because the muscles in your arm, especially near the elbow are not strong enough to lift heavy objects. The more your muscles are overused, the more pain you will feel when you will straighten your arm. To avoid this from happening, do not overfill your purse and keep alternating between your arms, as well as carrying styles.

Our Final Thoughts on How to Carry a Purse with Short Handles

Knowing how to carry a purse with short handles means understanding one vital concept, which is the style. These include the handle clutch, the arm hold, and the dangle. The shorter the strap, the limited your carrying choices are. If your purse’s handles are slightly bigger than the standard size, you might be able to carry them on your shoulder. However, this depends on the size of the purse. If it’s too small, you might come off someone who just stepped out from the 60s.

A purse is mostly seen as arm candy, but no one knows its importance better than women. It’s an accessory that can carry just about anything and comes to your rescue anytime and anywhere. Some women tend to overstuff purses, which makes handling them difficult. As mentioned earlier, the lighter your purse, the more easily you will be able to switch up your style and have your hands feeling light.

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