How to Choose a Purse

Purses play an essential role in a modern woman’s life. Apart from using them as a fashion statement, women can carry their important personal belongings like medicines, wallets, cosmetics, and many other daily life valuables. But how do you choose a purse from the millions of styles at your fingertips?

7 Steps for Choosing the Right Purse

Read on to learn more about the importance of a purse for women and 7 easy steps for choosing the right purse every time you hit the stores. Let’s get shopping!

The Importance of a Purse for Women

Clothes say a lot about the wearer. However, accessories tell more about a woman’s style, confidence, and lifestyle. Therefore, choosing the right purse for your desired look is quite essential. Due to high competition these days, women feel much pressure in looking perfect. Purses have been shaping ladies for decades.

With people always paying attention to your wardrobe and accessories, you cannot take the risk of not paying attention to them yourself. Here are 3 essential reasons why purses are important to women:

1. They are Luxurious

Living in a world that judges you by your accomplishment, looking your best is necessary at all times. Therefore, having a great purse with you can get you preferential treatment and make you more attractive.

2. A Place for Your Essentials

Women have a lot these days that need a safe and convenient place to have them. These include small gadgets such as smartphones, beauty packs, keys, cards, wallets, etc. Purses are useful for many occasions, and you can find them in different sizes, shapes, and styles. This is why learning how to choose a purse is so important.

3. Purses are Historical and Sentimental

Often, women pass on their handbags to their friends and family. They are gifts from spouses or can be reminders signifying personal achievements, such as a promotion or a new baby. They carry so many memories and pass through many hands in their lifetime while serving the purpose faithfully.

How to Choose a Purse in 7 Steps

Young girls entering adulthood will likely buy purses to match their favorite dresses, and adults will use them to organize all their stuff. Women can attach too much to their purses and risk blowing their style and dress code because of them.

So, without further ado, let’s learn how to choose a purse in 7 steps:

1. Size

Choosing the purse size is a battle between what you have to store versus your figure. In a large purse, you can put all your stuff, but in a small one, only the essentials. Plus, a small purse for the evening is for small-scale women. Choosing the right purse involves considering your figure. For example, large purses are nice and practical but will only make a small scale woman look more petite.

2. Budget

The second step is to figure out your budget because when buying a purse, prices vary a lot. You can find a great one even if you have a limited budget. However, if you’re looking for an “it” bag (limited edition, celebrity used, or designer bags), there are many seasonal sales you can buy from.

If you have no idea what you’re looking for and prefer shopping online, try Fashionphile.

3. Occasion

Is the purse you’re looking to buy an everyday work purse to fit all your essentials? Or, is it something you’ll occasionally wear to a date or party? Work styles are practical and functional. Casual styles are natural-looking and comfy with florals, patterns, and colorful designs. Evening purses are small, more elegant, shiny, metallic, and flashy.

4. Style and Trends

Whether you’re shopping in a store or on Amazon, it helps to know the styles to consider and ones to scrap. Hands-free options include shoulder purses, backpacks, or cross-body purses. Work options included structured top handle purses or leather bucket purses.

5. Color

Choosing the right purse color depends on the occasion you’re wearing it on. For work, the best color choices are the classic neutrals like brown, black, beige, or navy. For a night out, the best advice is to look for a color or pattern that makes a statement. For example, if you’re going to the beach, choose some bright colors such as different shades of pink or yellow.

6. Length of Use

Are you looking for a purse for the summer or winter? Or an all-year-round versatile option? In the latter case, opt for a great quality, sturdy and stylish purse from a renowned brand while keeping in mind your budget.

7. Finished Look and Feel

After narrowing down your selections based on the steps above, take some pictures in the store if you’re allowed, of course. If you’re shopping online, take screenshots to compare. Ask yourself which one fits all your practical and style needs? Which one brings life to your closet? Which color goes well with most of your jeans or dresses?

If you’re still unsure, shop at a store that allows returns, so you can take one or two home to see how they fit with the rest of your closet.

Useful Tips while Shopping for a Purse

The following are 7 useful tips to help you choose the right purse every time you hit the stores:

  • Consult a salesman or friend if you can’t decide between different options.
  • Look at product reviews when shopping online.
  • Check the insides of the purse to see if it has enough room and sections for your essentials.
  • Like designer pages on social media to learn about sales.
  • Check zips and buttons on the purse to check the durability of the material.
  • Consider your lifestyle when shopping for purses. An artsy vintage purse won’t hold up if you’re keeping diapers or clothes.
  • Shop according to your figure, not what’s trending. You need to look your best, not like anyone else.

Our Final Thoughts on How to Choose a Purse

Learning how to choose a purse is essential for building a stylish and functional wardrobe. While there may be millions of options to choose from, these 7 steps can significantly narrow down your options. In the end, choosing the right purse isn’t about choosing the best style, size, or design. It’s about choosing a purse that expresses your personality.

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