How to Clean a Gucci Bag (Without Ruining Your Pricey Purse)

The secret to extending the life of your pricey Gucci bag is to pamper and protect your purse with a thorough and regular cleaning.

Not only will you rid your bag from disease-causing microbes and fecal matter lurking on its surface; but you’ll keep your brilliant bag free from a daily dose of surface dirt and grime.

Things You’ll Need to Clean a Gucci Bag

  • Suede or nylon brush
  • Suede eraser
  • Mild liquid detergent
  • Clean, white absorbent cloth or baby diaper
  • Leather conditioner
  • Neutral cream polish
  • Anti-bacterial wipes
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Terry cloth towel
  • Sponge
  • Acid-free tissue paper
  • Cotton swab
  • Rubbing alcohol

6 Steps to Clean Your Gucci Handbag

1. Open your Gucci purse and remove all of the contents

Unzip any inner pockets and remove small items such as loose change. Turn the open, empty purse upside down and shake the purse over a garbage can to remove loose dust and debris.

2. Clean your suede Gucci bags with a suede or nylon brush

Using a small back and forth scrubbing motion, gently brush the surface of the suede nap to lift dirt from the suede.

If you have dark scuff marks on your designer bag, use a suede eraser to clean any blemishes on the surface of the purse.

3. Wash your leather bag with lukewarm water and soap

Create suds by combining two drops of mild liquid detergent and two cups of water in a bowl. Dip the edge of a white, clean cotton cloth or baby diaper into the suds. Rub the dampened cloth across the surface of the bag to clean.

After the bag dries, squirt a dime-sized amount of leather conditioner into a cloth.

Rub the product on the bag to condition the leather after cleaning it.  The conditioner will restore moisture to the leather, preventing the leather from drying and keeping the purse soft and smooth.

4. Clean and disinfect your purses weekly

Microbiologist Chuck Gerba says that disease-causing microbes may rest and gather on the handles and bottom of your bags. To disinfect, clean your leather Gucci bag once a week with anti-bacterial wipes.

Or clean your fabric purse with a terry cloth towel dampened with rubbing alcohol.

5. Spot clean your canvas, nylon or straw purses

Rake the surface of your fabric bags with a soft and small-bristled brush to remove dirt. Create sudsy water by pouring 1 cup of lukewarm water and a drop of mild liquid soap into a small bowl. Dip the edge of a clean sponge into the water.

Blot the stains with the dampened sponge to clean. To prevent setting the stain, or damaging the fabrics, do not press or rub the sponge into the material. Stuff your purse with acid-free tissue paper to help keep the bag’s shape as it dries. Let the bag air-dry overnight.

6. Remove scuffs off patent leather

Rub the surface of your Gucci bag with a terry cloth towel or microfiber cloth to remove dirt and clean. Move the cloth along the bag using small circular strokes to lift the dark scuff marks off your light-colored purses. I

If the scuff marks still remain, dip one end of a cotton swab into a capful of rubbing alcohol. Press and rub the alcohol into the scuff marks. Let the alcohol set for five to 10 seconds, and then rub the scuffed areas away with a clean, white absorbent cloth.

More Gucci Handbag and Purse Cleaning Tips and Warnings

  1. Before cleaning your fabric bags, patch test them by dampening a small area underneath the bag with a sponge. If the material doesn’t ripple and the color stays, proceed to spot clean with water and soap.
  2. When you aren’t carrying your Gucci, store it away for safekeeping in its breathable dust bag or in a white cotton pillowcase.
  3. Wrap any chrome or metal parts in acid-free tissue paper. Loosen any attachments such as straps or buckles if you intend to store your Gucci bag for an extended period to prevent the attachments from leaving indentations or creases in the leather.
  4. Call Gucci’s toll-free number (800)234-8224, to inquire about getting your authentic Gucci handbag professionally cleaned and repaired.
  5. Do not use a wax polish to add shine to your leather Gucci purses. While wax will add shine to leather, it is too heavy and thick to use on a leather purse.
  6. Spray your leather purse with a leather protectant before your first wearing. The clear leather spray makes the material resistant to spots.
  7. Condition your Gucci purse with a good-quality leather conditioner . The conditioner will restore moisture to the leather, preventing the leather from drying and keeping the purse soft and smooth. Use the leather_conditioner”>leather conditioner according to the guidelines on the container. Allow the leather to dry completely before using or storing your bag.
  8. Keep your makeup in a separate pouch inside your bag to protect your Gucci handbag from accidental spills. Place ink pens in a protective pouch or container inside your bag.

Our Final Thoughts

If your Gucci handbag has seen better days because it now has stains or is just looking a bit rugged, you now know how to clean it. We’ve tried to make a simple process that you can follow to clean your Gucci bag and make it look like new.

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