How to Find the Style of a Coach Purse

If you’ve spied a Coach bag you love carried by a celebrity or a fashionable stranger, but don’t know where to find it –you ‘ll need to research past and present Coach purse styles to find this must-have purse.

5 Steps to Find the Style of a Coach Purse

With a few expert bag sleuthing tips, you can find the style of Coach purse in 5 simple steps.

Step 1- Get a picture of the bag

If you spy a stranger on the street with your favorite bag, ask to take a photo with your camera phone of the bag.

On the web, handbag blogs such as Bag Bliss and Purse Blog have online archives with past and present pictures of Coach purses.

Step 2- Scour the fashion magazines for celebrity Coach purse photos

UsWeekly, People and Instyle magazine InStyle magazines feature current Coach products worn by celebrities. Tear these images out of these publications to use to find images of the Coach bag.

Step 3-Peruse the Coach website to view current handbag collections

Each season Coach names their handbag collections using the themes of the season. For example several years ago, Coach featured the Poppy, Kristin and Madison handbag collections.

Because the Coach handbag styles use variations of the same classic style and shape each year, you can locate a collection featuring a bag similar to the style your you are looking to purchase.

Step 4-Visit the Coach retail store for handbag help

A Coach retail associate will have detailed information about past and present Coach products.

Bring the images from the web, your phone or the magazines to present to show the associate. If the store associate cannot help you, ask for the Coach store manager to help you find the style of the Coach purse you want to purchase.

Step 5-Use a web shopping aggregator such as ShopStyle to locate and purchase the bag inexpensively

This website features Coach handbags–sold on various websites—showcasing styles from past seasons.

As a bonus, the prices of these handbags retail for deep discounts at sometimes discounts–sometimes 35 percent to 50 percent off the original Coach retail price.

More Coach Bag Style Tips

  • Beware of purchasing knock-off of fake Coach bags online.
  • Only purchase authentic Coach purses from an online reputable seller with a verifiable mailing address and a working phone number displayed prominently on their website.

Our Final Thoughts

If you have a Coach handbag but are unsure of the style of the bag, you should now have a better understanding of how to find the style of that Coach bag. Whether you’re wanting to sell it and need to know what style to name it, or just want to know what you’re dealing with, you should be able to do that now.

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