How to Organize a Handbag

The one item that you need right away gets lost somewhere at the bottom of your handbag. Sounds way too familiar?

How to organize a handbag

Well, join the club, my friend, as we’ve all been there! As pretty as handbags look from the outside, from the inside, they are usually a mess.

But, wouldn’t it be amazing if you knew exactly where each of your belongings is stored and you can reach it as soon as you open your bag? In order to help make your handbag-search easier for you, we’ve prepared a mini-guide on how to organize a handbag.

How to Organize a Handbag in 3 Parts

The following step-by-step procedure will allow you to keep all of your needed items on hand and your purse clean and tidy, saving your time and effort.

Clear Out the Clutter in Your Handbag

Empty Your Handbag

The first step to organizing your handbag is emptying it. Take out everything from your bag and make sure that you go through all the compartments and pockets, both exterior and interior. Once you’ve taken everything out, use this as an opportunity to clean out your handbag. A simple way to do this is by turning your handbag upside down and shaking it over a dustbin to clear out any dirt and debris.

Sort Out All Your Belongings

How you carry out this step greatly depends on your personal preferences, and the groups that you like to organize things into. No matter how you decide to sort out your belongings, it is a good idea to put similar items together. You can distribute your things into categories such as makeup, electronics, skincare products, monetary belongings etc.

Throw Out Unwanted Items

If it’s been a long time since you organized your handbag, there might be some items hidden in there that you no longer need. There may be an extra pair of socks that you took along with you during heavy rainfall, some candy wrappers, or expired coupons. Throw out all those unnecessary items to make space for the important ones.

Separate the Items That Are Seldom Used

Go through your belongings carefully. Separate the items that you don’t use often. Such items may include entertainment or electronic items. While these items may not be absolutely necessary for you, you can take them only when you know for sure that you’ll need them. Otherwise, it’s best to leave them behind to avoid any unnecessary clutter. Moreover, be selective about your beauty products. Limit yourself to a single lipstick. The less you carry the better.

Consider Switching Your Huge Handbag with a Smaller One

A smaller handbag will require you to be selective about the things you put in it. It will also stop you from stuffing any extra items and create a mess.

Consider Buying a Handbag with Multiple Exterior and/or Interior Pockets

While pouches are a great way to keep all your belongings organized and sorted out, they do take up a lot of excessive space. A convenient alternative to pouches are handbags with multiple exterior and/or interior compartments. They allow you to keep items such as cell phones secure in one place. You wouldn’t have to worry about your keys scuffing and damaging your phone’s screen. Moreover, it will be easier for you to grab your keys every time you need them.

Organize Your Handbag

Pack the Most Frequently Used Items First

Pack things like your sunglasses, lip balm, hand sanitizer, keys, and sunglasses first. If you have a handbag with pockets, put the smaller things such as your keys into them. This will allow you to reduce clutter and you’ll also be able to easily reach and grab the things you need. No need to rustle through your handbag to find that small tube of balm.

Carry Travel-Sized Things

Rather than putting full-sized items in your handbag, such as a bottle of lotion or a big comb, substitute them for their travel-sized alternatives. Although you’ll need to refill the smaller bottles or tubes regularly, they will surely save you a lot of space. Many products come in travel-sized options such as hair brushes, tissues, combs, lotion, etc. If you can’t find them, you can always fill any small empty bottle that you have with the product of your choice.

Use Makeup Bags or Pouches

Store similar items together in a pouch or small makeup bags, so that you don’t have to rummage through your handbag every time you need something.

Use a Card Holder or Wallet

Store all your loyalty, credit, and gift cards in a cardholder or a wallet. A lot of wallets come with special slots for such cards. You can also check if your loyalty cards are available in a mobile application, so that you can save some space.

Use a Weekly Pill Box for Your Medications

Instead of carrying multiple full-sized bottles of medicines in your compact handbag, switch to a weekly pillbox. Label every compartment of the box with the medication inside such as allergy medication, pain medication, etc. Although you might have to refill the box every week, you won’t have to compromise on the essential space in your handbag.

Dedicate a Pouch to Miscellaneous Items

Every individual has items such as small notebooks, loose coins, extra sticks of gum, and more in their handbag. Sometimes it gets difficult to categorize them; therefore, it’s best to dedicate a separate zippered pouch to carry miscellaneous items. This way, you won’t have to worry about those extra loose items rattling around in your bag.

Maintain Your Organized Handbag

Put Items into Their Designated Sections Right Away

As soon as you’re done using an item, put it into its designated place right away. It might take a lot of effort to overcome the laziness; however, taking out a few extra seconds to perform this step will keep your handbag tidier for a longer period of time. If you keep throwing in all random items into your handbag, a war-zone will be created in no time.

Clear Out Your Handbag Once a Week

Clear out any unnecessary stuff from your handbag at least once a week to make space for the more important items. Take out any trash, receipts, loose change, any candy that you didn’t eat, etc. If you don’t do so, the items will keep piling up and create a huge mess!

Avoid Picking Up Any Unwanted Samples or Free Stuff

If you don’t plan to use sample items such as perfumes, lotions or extra sugar/salt packets then try not to collect them at all. Usually these samples end up at the bottom of handbags and they are forgotten. Either use the products as soon as you take them, or decline any such offers politely.

Keep a Supply Kit in Your Car


First-aid, skincare, and makeup kits can take up a lot of unnecessary space in your handbag. You can clear out that space by keeping the kits in your locker at school or work, or in your car. This way, you will still have access to your necessities and won’t have to carry them all the time.

Our Final Thoughts

Finally wrapping up our guide on how to organize a handbag, we hope you found something worth your while. Follow the aforementioned step-by-step procedure to organize your purse today, and save yourself from the hassle of rummaging through your bag every time you need something!

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