How to Protect Purse Handles?

One of the easiest ways to increase the life of your handbags or purses is by taking care of the purse handles. These handles are the part of the purse which receives the most contact. You must do regular cleaning to maintain your bag’s handles and protect them. Clean handles ensure you can use your favorite purses for a long time.

How to Protect Purse Handles?

There are specific ways to protect your purse handles so they don’t go through excessive wear and tear while remaining clean. Special purses require you to take special care of the handles. If you’re ever in the habit of reselling your purses, then the handles are the part of the purse that you need to protect the best. There are several ways that many people have tried to limit the wear and tear of purse handles. We have listed some ways  to protect these purse handles below:

Ways to Protect Purse Handles

Handle Covers

Buying a handle cover is the easiest way to protect your purse. There are several shades that you can choose from in handle covers.  Handle covers help in protecting the bag as well as the handles of your prized handbag from the oils and sweat of your hands. Handle covers also combat daily grime from your hands that may get on your handbag. If any discoloration or oxidation may occur, using handle covers will keep this at bay.

These handle covers are easy to come by and have as much variety as handbags and purses. You can always use handle covers in contrast or combination with your purse. If the color doesn’t work for you, you can always exchange it. If you have a bag with handles, then it’s likely that you will need to use these handle covers at some point in time. Designer bags are generally made with materials prone to taking up oils, grime, and dirt, so it’s necessary to have some barrier to protect the handles.

People are often unsure about the kind of care many of these designer bags require, which is where these handle covers come in. Handle covers are easy to use and apply. They ensure that your bags are usable and presentable. Issues have been raised about the environmental friendliness of handle covers. However, the best part about hand handle covers is that they don’t need to be outsourced. They are received from entirely environmentally friendly materials and are 100% recyclable. There also easy to clean, so you can use and reuse them constantly.

The way to clean handle covers is by just putting them in the wash with the rest of your clothing and letting them dry so that you can reuse them as you wish.

They are available in a variety of sizes depending on the size of your handbag. It is easy to understand which handle cover will fit your bag the best. All you have to do is measure the circumference of your handles, so you can understand which ones to use.

These handle covers are light and easy to hide. There are a variety of styles that they go with. There are different types of shades and colors that you could opt for, which is why it’s unlikely that you’re going to find a color and size that won’t work.

If you ever want to keep both your handles together, using one handle cover on both handles is a great option.

Silk Scarves

Another way of protecting your handles is by covering them with silk scarves. If the bag is expensive, then chances are that it will also come with its scarf. Hermes bags have scarves that go along with them and help protect the handles from any wear and tear.

Having these scarves on the handles means that your hands’ oil, dirt, and grime will transfer onto the scarf instead of the handle. The scarf can be easily dry-cleaned, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of that scarf. Similar to handle covers, silk scarves will also protect against oxidation and the aging of your purse handles. The only drawback with silk scarves is that they can be expensive, and you can only dry clean them.

Since dry cleaning takes time and money, this can be a costly option. You may also have to wait around for the dry-cleaned scarf to be returned before you can use that purse out and about. Thus, silk scarves are not exactly convenient. However, they are very fashionable, so many people opt for them.

Other Tips to Protect Your Purse Handles

Don’t Hang Your Handbag

Please don’t hang your handbag using the handles as this may stretch out your handles to the point that it may distort the leather and make it look old and worn out.

Protect it From the Light

If you place your first handles in direct sunlight, there is a greater chance of discoloration and mold formation. In high sunlight, the humidity is more which means that mold is like here to persist here.

Invest in Maintenance Products

If you have a lot of leather purses, you may want to invest in products that will help you maintain the purses. You can apply leather creams, proper cleaners, and protectants on the purse handle to ensure they look the best when you finally take them out. Many companies create products such as leather creams, sprays, and other protectors that don’t use harsh chemicals and can prevent the leather from fading away.

Never Cover Your Purse Handles With Plastic Bags

If you choose plastic bags to cover your purse handles, you may find that these bags stick to your purse handles over time and can ultimately make all your attempts at protection futile.

Our Final Thoughts

There are many different ways to  protect your purse handles. We have mentioned some of them above to help you keep your bag in good shape for longer.

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