How to Run a Designer Bag Bingo Fundraiser

Did you know that public schools’ football clubs often rely on designer handbags to raise money for their teams? In other words, the designer handbag that is idly sitting in your closet can actually help a school pay for their facility updates; for example, new headsets or helmet repairs, etc. Can a designer handbag be useful in this respect? Absolutely, yes!

Why Should You Run a Designer Bag Bingo Fundraiser

You might be thinking about how you would find people who will be interested in buying handbags. There are plenty of both online and offline sites where people can easily buy both new or preloved bags. Well, there is a difference between buying and taking part in a community event. Many people will attend the event not because they want a designer bag, but mostly because they want the school’s team to get enough funds. It is a good, fun-filled, social event that will guarantee waves of laughter and quality time.

Have you ever heard of the term ‘designer bag bingo’? Bingo has turned fashionable! A fancy version of the traditional bingo game, designer bag bingo is a game in which participants get the chance of winning luxurious handbags. Against a nominal fee that ranges between $20 and $40, attendees get a chance to win a dream bag. Isn’t that exciting? Now, the main question is how to run a designer bag bingo? And how to make people attend your event? In this article, we will share some ideas that can help you organize a fundraising event with the designer bag bingo being the star item of the event.

How to Plan a Designer Bag Bingo

1. Prepare for the Event

You cannot host the event without proper planning. You have to spend a considerable amount of time in taking care of all the nitty-gritty of the event. Start by deciding on the number of attendees you can cater to. As a host, you also have to take care of the seating arrangements and the light refreshment of the participants. So, you have to think carefully about the maximum number of guests who you can host with ease.

2. Reach out to the Target Audience

Not everyone from your neighborhood might be interested in attending the event. It is mostly fashion enthusiasts who actively find ways of winning a designer bag. Your target audience should be those who know the worth of the bag and those who will make most of the bag to the fullest as only they will be willing to spend some bucks on the tickets.

3. Advertise Properly

Don’t underestimate the power of any marketing medium. Advertise your event everywhere. Upload posts on Facebook, write a tweet on Twitter, print out flyers and hand them out, or just call your friends up and request them to let people know about your event. Reach out to as many fashion enthusiasts as you can to make the event a success and increase the chances of raising a significant amount of money.

4. Select a Place

Bingo matches are typically held at a school gym, a winery, or a church basement. If you have enough budget, you can also ask the nearby restaurant to let you host the event. Or, if you are low on budget, you can hold the evening at your home only if you have a room that can hold 20 to 30 tables that can accommodate around 8 to 10 people each.

5. Cut Down Catering Costs

In order to save some costs, you can go for a BYOB evening – make sure that the venue where you are hosting the event allows the consumption of alcoholic beverages – or allow the guests   to bring their own food. This will help you save a huge amount of catering expenses.

6. Flawless Bingo Cards

Holding a bingo game doesn’t mean that you offer substandard cards to the participants. Bingo cards made up of cheap newsprint cards will not match the sophistication of the event. Make sure that you have a well-designed card that makes people play over and over.

7. Buy the Bags at the Right Time

Talk to the store if they would like to make in-kind donations or ask your friends if they want to donate their never touched designer bags. In the same manner, wait for a clearance sale to grab the bag so that you don’t end up breaking a bank on a couple of designer bags. Keep in mind that you are raising money for a particular charity or purpose, your proceeds are not meant to cover the cost of bags so make sure that you shop responsibly and don’t end up in a loss.

How to Run a Designer Bag Bingo Night

Now that you have made all the necessary arrangements and sold out the tickets, it is time to make sure that you have an impeccable event. Here are some things that you must take care of while running designer bag bingo.

1. Be Punctual

Make sure that you have crossed all the items off your to-do list for the day. Reach the venue at least half an hour before the start time of the event. Thoroughly check if everything is in its place. Since a person will have to call out numbers during the game, make sure that you have set up the sound system correctly. Carry out its test drive to see if your voice is audible at the back. If you are also offering light refreshments to your guests, make sure that your food arrives before your guests do so that you can start serving the refreshment before the game begins.

2. “At the Door” Tickets

Normally, you will carry out the sale of tickets in two ways: it will either be before the event at a discounted price or at the door on the day of the event. The latter may result in long queues of people. To make the event organized, you should work on ensuring that the registration process is not off-putting. You can use tablets and iPads for streamlining the process.

3. Use Tech

You cannot start the event as soon as the first guests arrive. You have to wait for a certain number of people to join you so that you can begin the game. What should the guests who arrived on time do? During this period, you can play well-curated videos that tell why you are hosting the event and where will the proceeds go. This is a good way of keeping the guests entertained without having to have someone on the podium speaking out from a typed page, desperately trying to hold the attention of the people.

4. Begin the Game

Once every guest is settled, you should start the game. Keep the luxury bags in shopping bags to hold the interest of the attendants. Hold somewhere between 15 and 20 games to make the evening more exciting.

Our Final Thoughts

Designer bag bingo is an exciting game that can grace almost all fundraising and charity events. Fashion enthusiasts who love high-end, luxury bags can play the game to have a chance at winning a dream bag. It is a fun-filled event that is held for a good purpose. It is also a good way of bringing the community and neighborhood together for a particular cause. So, if your child’s football team is struggling for funds at school or if you are planning to donate to the trauma center in your neighborhood, designer bag bingo is a good way to collect funds.

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