How to Shorten a Purse Strap

If you are reading this blog post, we know all too well about your fashion struggle. Before we provide you with a solution to your problem, answer this:

Does your purse swish back and forth while hanging on your shoulder when you walk?

You probably find this annoying and are thinking of carrying a small wallet on your next shopping trip. Instead of throwing your purse into the back of your closet, why not simply shorten the strap? Your purse stuck by you through difficult times when you needed to do a touch-up before going on a date and when you wanted to change your shirt after a drink spilled on you. It’s time you returned the favor by keeping a tight grip on it.

Finding a beautiful purse and then figuring out how to shorten its purse strap is maddening. The bigger the strap, the more easily you wear it cross-body. However, sometimes, your dress code requires you to look elegant, and that means a shorter purse strap so that you can carry it in your hand.

The good news is that there are plenty of ways on how to shorten a purse strap. Today, most purses come with buckles and swivel snap hooks. You can easily unhook the strap and shorten it to your desired size. Yes, all it takes is a little strap tightening. With that being said, let’s take a look at the steps you need to follow to shorten a purse strap:

Things You’ll Need to Shorten Your Purse Strap

  • Belt Loop Strips
  • Clear Hair Elastics
  • Leather Punch Tool
  • Awl
  • Hammer
  • Pen

5 Steps to Shorten a Purse Strap

Step #1

Separate the Purse Straps

As mentioned earlier, most purse straps have swivel snap hooks, which you can easily unclip. So, the first thing you need to do is unclip the hooks from both ends and then lay down the strap on a table. Now remove the buckle and separate the straps. You will now have two straps ― one with a buckle and one simple.

Depending on the design of the buckle, you will either follow or skip the next step. If the buckle has a needle, you will have to punch holes in the strap and if not, skip to step 5.

Step #2

Create the Holes

Straighten the strap with the holes and use a pen to make marks backward. If you have a leather punch tool, you can easily make new holes. If not, then use an awl to make an indent, place the strap on a wooden surface, and hammer on top to create the hole.

Step #3

Readjusting the Purse Straps

If your purse strap is a part of the purse and does not have any swivel snap hooks, the only way to shorten the strap is to punch holes in it.

With the holes now in place, buckle the strap again. Push it through all the way to the lost hole, and you have successfully shortened your purse strap.

Step #4

Tying the Strap

You are probably now left with the strap flapping in the air and creating an unflattering look. There’s also a simple solution to this problem. If you have clear plastic ties lying around in your house, use those. To make sure that the strap snuggly fits in place, use ties that don’t need to be looped twice.

If you don’t have clear plastic ties, you can easily buy belt loop strips from a fashion accessory store. These are thin strips that come in different colors. Find the one that matches your purse and curve it around the strap. Use a glue gun to secure the strip and leave enough space in between so that you can remove the strip easily when you unclip the snap hook. If the strap is big, use two to three leather strips.

Step #5

Doubling the Purse Straps

With the straps now separated, flip one so that both swivel hooks are attached to the same loop. You will find it a bit difficult to push the strap through the other loop because the latter might be a little smaller in size. So, pinch the strap with the holes between your thumb and forefinger and then push it downwards through the loop and then bring it upwards. Now buckle the strap according to the size you want and adjust the straps. By doubling the straps, the length shortens without having to punch holes in it.

Note: Keep in mind, if you use the “double strap” method mentioned above, you will have to take apart the straps every time you want to shorten or lengthen your purse’s hold.

Our Final Thoughts on How to Shorten a Purse Strap

Think you can manage it? The steps are pretty easy, and we have covered both types of straps ― one that is fused to the purse and the other attached with a swivel snap hook. If you are punching holes in a leather strap, we suggest that you do it carefully. Too much pressure can cause cracks in the strap and destroy the purse’s appeal. After you have shortened the purse strap, use a leather filler and leather repair paste to restore the leather’s condition.

Instead of buying another strap that probably won’t match your purse and lower its appeal, try these steps first. Keep the strap to stay straight and on top of the purse by attaching a shoulder strap to it before shortening it. If you have a purse with a chain, simply remove it and replace it with straps. You will be easily able to find all the purse hardware online, and you can follow the steps mentioned above.

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