How to Tell if a Burberry Purse is Real

The internet makes it super convenient to find the latest deals on designer items, such as branded shoes, clothing, and purses at great prices. If you’re searching online for a Burberry purse, you need to become an informed buyer. So, if you’re not planning to buy from a certified Burberry retailer, you need to learn how to tell if a Burberry purse is real.

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Untrained eyes usually fall for great deals without scrutinizing pictures and comparing the details. Read on to ensure you don’t get ripped off just for saving a few bucks and end up with a fake.

How to Authenticate a Burberry Purse

Burberry purses are quite an investment, so you can imagine why so many producers try to imitate them and capitalize on their exclusivity. Some are so good at it that even experienced fashionistas often get ripped off. However, people who know Luxity know that Burberry only makes purses with high-quality materials, designs, and world-renowned craftsmanship.

So, no matter how good a fake is, it’s nowhere near the original. Plus, Burberry has several check patterns and uses different materials which you should know how to identify. However, there’s more. So, without further ado, here’s how to tell if a Burberry purse is real.

Step 1: Check Patterns

Burberry’s most iconic and noticeable feature is its check print. For most buyers, this is the first and only signifier of authenticity. They see the iconic check print and don’t check anything else. This is why you need to familiarize yourself with the brand’s different prints. Let’s start with the classic Check pattern which has red, white, and black horizontal and vertical stripes.

This pattern features a tan base background as well as a faded knight insignia near where the two red lines intersect. Next, we have the Nova Check pattern which is similar to the Classic pattern by has a light yellow undertone instead of the tan base background. Secondly, the Nova Check pattern doesn’t have a daded knight insignia.

Burberry has several other pattern variations. For example, the brand released a limited-edition rainbow check print for LGBTQ advocacy. This is where buyers need to be careful. The last thing you want to do is stand out because you’re wearing a fake instead of a limited-edition. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, it’s best to avoid any bags or elements that you don’t recognize and stick to the traditional ones.

Step 2: Dust Bag

Another way to tell if a Burberry bag is real is by checking if it comes with a dust bag. All the latest designs come with a dust bag that features the brand logo. These bags come in different styles and colors. However, the most popular design comes in black with “London” underneath, and cream featuring the logo and “established 1856.”

So, before you complete your online purchase, make sure to check what your Burberry purse comes with. If you don’t see it, you can contact the customer support team for more information or check out product reviews and descriptions.

Step 3: Labels

Most Burberry purses have a leather tag or a metal plaque, along with a “Made in..” label. Original purses will generally include Italy, China, and Romania. Secondly, learning how to tell if a Burberry purse is real using the metal plaque is easy. There are only two things you need to check. First, the metal plaque should match the bag’s exterior color. Secondly, you should see an engraving of Burberry London in the brand’s signature font.

Don’t worry if the purse says made in India, the USA, or Poland, etc. Burberry has factories all over the world. So, as long as the logo is centered and the stitching is aligned, you’re good to go.

Step 4: Inside Logo

Most Burberry purses include a label or stamp inside with a distinctive font. You should notice that the left side of the U and the Y are a bit wider and the R’s have short tails. If there’s no logo inside the purse, don’t buy it unless you’re purposely looking for a cheap knock-off. Most fake brands will try to sell them for similar prices as the original, so don’t fall for it.

Step 5: Booklet

All the new Burberry purses come with a booklet that features the brand logo. Make sure to check the logo font to see if it is correct and in the center. The booklet should also contain information in different languages.

Step 6: Stitching

Distinguishing between a Burberry purse and a regular phone is similar to comparing a cheap smartphone with an iPhone. You will instantly feel the difference in quality by just holding the two if you physically visit a store. Burberry is a world-renowned brand and knows for its high-quality craftsmanship and materials. So, look closely and check for poor stitching or excess glue. These tiny differences can help you learn whether it’s real or fake.

Step 7: Style Number

Most new Burberry purses have a style number written on the backside of the “Made in” label. If you’re in the market for a new model, make sure you check this small detail to ensure you don’t buy a fake.

Step 8: Hardware

All hardware on a Burberry purse is made of solid metal, usually engraved with the logo and a high-quality finish. If you find that it’s made out of plastic or any other flakable or chippable material, you should back away from purchasing it.

Step 9: Swing-Tag Positions

The latest Burberry purses come with swing-tags featuring the iconic logo. You should keep in mind that counterfeit purses can easily replicate this. However, what they can’t replicate is the information inside, especially the barcode.

Our Final Thoughts on How to Tell if a Burberry Purse is Real or Fake

You’re unlikely to find authentic luxury items on questionable websites. Yes, their prices and offers might be tempting, but ending up with a high-quality fake is still a waste of money. However, by learning how to tell if a Burberry purse is real or fake, you can make better purchase decisions no matter where you’re shopping from.

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