How to Tell if a Kate Spade Purse is Real

How to Authenticate a Kate Spade Purse

Kate Spade is now a globally-recognized brand that sells shoes, purses, accessories, and clothing, etc. And like most popular brands, it has become a prime target for counterfeiters. As a consequence, most uninformed buyers end up with a fake after succumbing to great deals offered by unauthorized dealers. However, learning how to tell if a Kate Spade purse is real can ensure you don’t get ripped off.

Untrained eyes fail to detect defects in craftsmanship, misspellings, and other errors because of great marketing tactics. Read on to ensure you don’t end up after securing what you believe to be a bargain.

How to Authenticate a Kate Spade Purse

Kate Spade’s purses are extremely popular amongst celebrities and fashion elites, so you can imagine why counterfeit companies try to benefit from their name. According to reports, the authorities caught a driver attempting to cross the US-Canada border with over $32,000 worth of counterfeit products, including Kate Spade purses. The driver even admitted he planned to sell these fake purses to Canadians.

To avoid getting ripped off after spending your hard-earned money on counterfeit or a knock-off, here’s how to tell if a Kate Spade Purse is real.

Step 1: Exterior Material Quality

Kate Spade uses a variety of different materials to produce purses, including leather, canvas, wicker, suede, and nylon. If you’re a fashionista, you should be able to tell whether the material is high-quality and on par with Kate Spade’s reputation upon inspection. If it’s your first time purchasing a designer purse, feel the leather. It should be stiff and have a distinctive crosshatch texture with a precise finish.

Moreover, nylon and canvas purses should have a bump-free and smooth texture without any inconsistencies.

Step 2: Price

Kate Spade purses are extremely durable and can last for years, depending on the owner. However, they do not come cheap. So, if you come across a deal that is cheaper than the retail price, beware. Yes, you can find great deals on Kate Spade purses, but the price tag would be pretty close. If you’re not sure, you can check if the purse comes with a two-year warranty. If it doesn’t, it’s a fake.

Step 3: Authorized Seller

You can only buy genuine Kate Spade purses through the company’s website and credible resellers. Their customer service department recommends buyers check the tags and only purchase purses from these sources.

Step 4: Hardware

The hardware on original Kate Spade purses is either silver or gold, depending on the production date. Make sure you check all the hardware to see if they match. If they don’t, it’s a fake. Unless the hardware is engraved, it should feel heavy, with a smooth, high-quality finish. Remember, Gold and Silver do not rust. Lastly, the zippers on authentic purses do not have the brand name.

Step 5: Logos and Labeling

One of the most important aspects of learning how to tell if a Kate Spade purse is real is paying attention to the logo and stamping. It is often the easiest way to assure authenticity. The labels consist of lettering in lower case, apart from NEW YORK, which is usually under Kate Spade. If you ever see KATE SPADE or Kate Spade on a purse, it’s 100% a fake.

Secondly, all labels should be attached with real stitching, since the brand doesn’t use glue. So, if you don’t see any stitching, know that it’s not authentic. Lastly, logos on every part of the purse should be straight with fixed spacing between letters.

Step 6: Stitching

Kate Spade purses have straight and even stitching. In most cases, the stitching is the same color as the handbag. So, if you see stitching in a different or odd color, make sure you check everything else before confirming the purchase.

Step 7: Lining

This is among the most difficult things to check since the lining on authentic Kate Spade purses varies, depending on the production date. However, the most common lining is nylon. So, if you see that the purse has a nylon lining, it is most likely authentic. But be sure to check if the patterns are smooth and similar colors or shades.

Step 8: Fabric Tags

One of the unique features of Kate Spade purses is that the beard embosses its name on leather rather than using a fabric tag. You can visit the website to view authentic tags and compare them with the ones you’re planning to buy.

Step 9: Country of Origin Labels

Authentic Kate Spade purses are only produced in 8 countries – the USA, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Italy, Dominican Republic, China, and the Philippines. So, even if you find one labeled “made in France or Switzerland”, know that it’s a fake. All purses produced after 1996 will have a country of origin label. Furthermore, you should find this label on the inside of the bad, not outside.

Step 10: Font

Lastly, Kate Spade only uses one style of font for all purses, so remember this when you’re having trouble deciding whether a purse is fake or authentic. Also, compare the font to the logo. If they do not match, then it’s most likely another counterfeit.

Our Final Thoughts on How to Tell if a Kate Spade Purse is Real or Fake

Kate Spade purses undergo rigid quality control before they leave the factory and make it to stores. So, if you find loose threads, uneven stitching, weird colors, and poor craftsmanship, then you’re most likely dealing with a counterfeit.

Using these 10 steps, you can learn how to tell if a Kate Spade purse is real or fake, and avoid getting ripped off by cunning marketing tactics and unrealistic offers.

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