How to Tell If a Prada Purse Is Real

Prada is one of the biggest fashion accessory brand names that women go gaga over. Since its introduction in 1913, various counterfeits have hit the market, making it difficult for people to identify an original from a fake.

Prada Handbag

So, the question is ―how to tell if a Prada purse is real?

Not all counterfeiters replicate a brand purse to its exact specification. There’s always a difference in the logo or the lining, albeit a slight one, which is why most people get confused. The good news is that we can tell you about them all, including a few minute ones that buyers might miss otherwise.

From the engraving on the zip to the logo on the front, the stitching style, and the lining’s material, everything has a tell. Below are some signs that will help you recognize a real Prada purse from a fake:

How to Spot a Real Prada Purse

Unlike other branded purses recognized by their genuine leather feel and their hardware’s quality, Prada’s main attraction that sets it apart is the logo. There are plenty of signs related to the logo, one of which is consistency. We will list them down one by one so that you can follow them easily.

So, without further ado, let’s look at how to tell if a Prada purse is real or not:

Check the Logo Consistency

The inverted triangle plaque on Prada purses is the first detail you should look for. Often, knock-offs have a standard triangle design to confuse people. Here are other you should look for on the plaque:

Plaque Logo Details

  • The plaque is made of metal.
  • The brand name “PRADA” is written on it in all-caps, followed by the word “Milano” and the number “1913,” the year the first Prada purse was released. A stylized logo is often found underneath the date.
  • The logo plaque has no stitching since it is made of metal.
  • The plaque is fixed on top of a leather triangle. It’s neither loose nor angled.
  • The color of the plaque matches the color of the purse.
  • There’s another plaque, attached to the lining. This too is made of metal and has the word “Milano” written on it.
  • Older Prada purses have three lines written on the exterior, as well as the interior plaque, which include “Prada,” “Milano,” and “Made in Italy.” Nowadays, Prada purses only have the first and third lines.

If you see stitching on the plaque, it’s a dead giveaway that the purse is a fake. Moreover, ensure that the interior plaque does not have the word “Milan.” Notice the “o” missing? Often, counterfeits have this because not every detail can be replicated, and since it’s on the side, fake sellers believe that people won’t look that closely.

Logo Font Details

Moving on to the logo’s font, most fake sellers don’t bother with the design. Here are the details of the real logo:

  • There’s a slight indent on the leg of the “R” and a gap above it
  • The right leg of the “A” is thicker than the left and the top line continues past the alphabet’s meet up line
  • The first “A” in Prada has an angled notch at the top that hangs over “R”

Check the Lining and the Logo on It

Prada purses have two kinds of lining ― Nappa leather and jacquard nylon fabric. If the lining is made of a crinkling fabric or plastic then you will know the purse is a fake.

Coming to the logos on the lining, here’s where things get a little complicated. The lining starts with a distinctive rope design, which follows a line. The next line has the word Prada written again and again. The first line is upright and readable, whereas the second line is upside down.

As for the brand name, the alphabets do not follow the general rule of the thumb, which you see on the exterior and interior plaque. Meaning ― the “R” does not have the indent and the “As” don’t have the notches.

Inspect the Hardware

Prada uses special hardware outsourced from five different factories. These include Opti, Lampo, YKK, Ipi, and Riri. The top of the zip tab has the word “Prada” stamped on it, and underneath it is one of the names mentioned above. The font on any hardware, from hooks to buttons, should have the same logo design.

Check the Stitching

Of course, Prada purses have refined stitching but so can fake ones. The difference is that Prada uses angled stitches that are followed inside-out. Fake purses will have horizontal stitches, which you can easily pullout.

Look for the Authenticity Card and Quality Assurance Tag

All Prada bags come with an authenticity card and a quality assurance tag. The former is attached to a booklet that provides maintenance instructions. The card has a serial number on it that you can search online to make sure that it corresponds with the purse. Authenticity cards can be replicated, so do not rely on them.

As for the quality assurance tag, you will find it attached to the inside pocket. It has 2 or 3 digits written on it that represent the purse’s factory number.

Look for the Dust Bag

Most branded purses come with a dust bag, and Prada purses are no different. Newer purses come in a soft flannel dust bag with the word, ‘Prada’ written on it. Older ones come in a navy dust bag with the word ‘Prada’ written on it in gold color. Make sure the name matches the logo design.

Our Final Thoughts on How to Tell if a Prada Purse is Real or Fake

Most people rely on the authenticity card when it comes to how to tell if a Prada purse is real.

However, in our opinion, it’s all about the logo. If the “R” and “As” are stylized correctly with consistency in other areas too, you know you have an original hanging from your arm. Take out your purse, and check for these signs to rest your mind that you just didn’t spend thousands of dollars on a Prada knock-off.

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