How to Tell If a Versace Purse Is Real

Gianni Versace, the man behind the creation, gifted the world with beautiful Versace purses in 1978. The brand prides itself on dynamic style and perfect quality. Not many people can afford a Versace purse, let alone a wallet. So, it stands to reason that counterfeiters would start to make knock-offs.

The problem is that not many people know how to tell if a Versace purse is real or not and for good reason. Today, fake brand purses are sold all over the world. They have small, hard-to-spot differences, and you can use them to make the distinction between genuine Versace purses and their counterfeit copies.

The good news is that we have cataloged every detail for you. The usual trademarks are the logo design, stitching, packaging, and hardware. For Versace purses, two distinct features are the authenticity codes and production stickers.

Below are some signs that will help you recognize a real Versace purse from a fake:

How to Spot a Real Versace Purse

Versace purses are “Made in Italy.” If the inside seam tag says “Made in Taiwan” or “Made in China,” you are dealing with a knock-off.

Most branded purses are made of quality leather, and the stitching is impeccable. Keep in mind that if you are buying a vintage Versace purse from an authentic online seller, it may not have the serial number and the newest addition of codes. However, you can still identify them through elements like the embossed brand name and materials.

So, let’s take a look at how to tell if a Versace purse is real or not:

Look for the Authentication Codes

The newest addition of the safety feature for Versace purse owners is revolutionary. You will find a label either inside the purse or on a hand tag in the pocket with a 12-digit code. You can enter this code, known as a Certilogo code or CLG code, in an online authentication system that’s available on the brand’s official website. The system will then reveal details about the purse, telling you whether your purse is real or not. If you are using the CLG code, you will have to register first for the authentication process.

The next ‘code’ is actually a Near Field Communication tag that’s part of the product label. All you need to do is download a mobile app and tap the tag with your NFC-enabled device. This, too, will reveal details about the purse.

The QR code that comes with the product tag will also provide instructions on verifying the product’s authenticity.

Look for the Certificate of Authenticity

Yes, this is another detail that allows you to authenticate your Versace purse! This small piece of white paper is present inside the purse. The paper certificate simply states that the purse is “Made in Italy” and is a genuine Versace. The writing is always in black and the font is simple and seamless. Make sure that the writing is not smeared or smudged.

Find the Production Stickers

One final feature that is a sort of authentication certificate is the production stickers. There are two, and they can be found in the purse’s inside pocket. The first sticker states where the purse was manufactured, which is Italy. The second sticker states the country from which the purse was purchased. These stickers should have no spelling mistakes and be printed with high-quality ink. Keep these stickers in a safe place as they will help you prove to a buyer that you have an authentic Versace purse in case you want to sell it.

Make Sure the Tag Colors and Shapes Are Right

Usually, purse tags are attached to the seam or are stitched inside the pocket. In a Versace purse, the tags are attached with a black string. The tags come in different colors, like black with gold writing and black with silver writing. The tags are made of exceptionally fine cardboard. The ones that are flimsy and thin indicate a knock-off. As for the shape of the tag, it’s either rectangle or square. The logo on the tag is embossed in silver or gold. You will feel the bumps when you pass your fingers over it.

Pay Attention to the Medusa Head Logo

A Versace purse can be recognized by its Medusa head logo. It’s quite distinguishable because the design dates back to the mythological Medusa. In Versace’s version of Medusa, her hair is simple, like it was before she angered the ancient Greek Goddess Athena and suffered her wrath. The head is encircled in a row of matching Greek keys. In most knock-offs, Medusa has a head of snakes as hair, and the brand name is missing from underneath.

Inspect the Stitching

Versace purses have simple, straight stitching. The seams are held together tightly, and there’s a wax casing on top that you can remove. In most cases, the stitches’ color matches the purse. However, if it doesn’t, don’t be alarmed. This doesn’t mean the purse is a fake. All these features are missing in a knock-off. Moreover, the seams usually come apart when the sides are pulled.

Versace Purses Have Quality Hardware

Like other branded purses, Versace has metal hardware. Each piece has the brand name written on it from the zip to the side hooks and the flap’s buckle. The logo and other designs are engraved into the metal. If they are printed or stamped, it’s a fake.

Quality Packaging

A Versace purse comes in a dust bag and is placed in a box, and both will have the brand’s name and Medusa head logo on them.

Our Final Thoughts on How to Tell if a Versace Purse is Real or Fake

It’s quite clear that the real winner when it comes to how to tell if a Versace purse is real or not is the CLG code. There’s no way of faking this code, and even if a seller gives fake 12 digits, you can easily catch them by checking it on Versace’s website. The other identifying features are just a cherry on top, but you should still pay attention to them.

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