Is a Red Purse a Good Idea?

When choosing something as staple as a purse, one thinks to get it in a color that makes it the most versatile piece of accessory you own. This way, you would be able to carry it with almost every look, from formals to casuals, and it would suit all other colors in your wardrobe.

Is a Red Purse a Good Idea?

This is known as usage maximizing and allows you to make the most of your product in the best way possible. That’s why some of the most popularly sold colors for purses and handbags are categorized as “neutrals” and comprise colors like shades of black and brown.

However, sometimes, the heart wants what it wants, and it doesn’t stick to neutrals, and that one red bag at the storefront has your name on it. At that moment, ignoring your gut feeling becomes so difficult that you are swiping your card at the counter the next thing you know.

But now what? Now you have a red bag that looks super chic and suits your personality, but it doesn’t go well with nearly as many outfits as your staple brown LV. How would you be able to make a red bag work and make it worth the investment? Well, worry not.

6 Creative Ways to Style a Red Purse

So to make things easier for you and to convince you that making such unconventional color choices isn’t a bad idea, we have compiled a list of our favorite ways you can style a red bag. Just follow through, find what feels the most comfortable to your styling aesthetic, and enjoy!

1) Make the Purse the Star of the Show

First, you have just bought a new red purse, which is already standing out of your wardrobe. So naturally, this is how you would want to style it – make it the star of the show. Yes! Let the purse take all the spotlight while your solid-colored outfit takes a back seat.

This way, while the cherry-popping red color stands out, it doesn’t go overboard. Imagine someone wearing all red clothing and pairing a red purse with it. It doesn’t seem appealing, right? That’s exactly why you would let the red purse be the only red thing your wear.

2) Pair It With Your Neutrals

Assuming you feel the red color is extremely bold and standoffish, so you want to tone it down. What is the best way to do it? Pair it with your neutrals. Take out all the neutral-colored clothing pieces you own and create your outfit however you want.

Now when you are fully dressed, where the purse and see for yourself. The purse would automatically look toned down despite its red color. This is how color theory works, and everyone who wants to up their styling game should know how to use it in their favor.

3) Use the Contrast and Space Technique

Not everyone like solid clothing or pairing everything neutral against a red bag. So for you people, the best way to style a red purse is by using the contrast and space technique. This means that you choose a contrast-colored outfit like a green shirt and a beige chino for your red purse.

As for the space technique, wear red boots and wear a red pair of sunglasses or a headband to complete the look. This way, the red isn’t focused just on one clothing piece but scattered throughout the outfit, and you are also diverting attention from it by wearing a contrast top.

4) Layering Is Your Best Friend

Winters are just around the corner, so one styling tip for winters with a brightly colored bag, such as a red one, is to consider the layering technique your best friend. This will save you from looking like a Christmas tree and make the whole look seasonally appropriate.

And by layering, it doesn’t mean that you only consider an outer like a long coat or hoodie but, in fact, layering as an essence of your whole outfit. Layer with other accessories, like wearing a scarf around your neck, layer your jewelry pieces, and ever layer your footwear with socks.

5) Create Inverted Accent

An accent is when you wear a brightly colored outfit against neutral accessories. So an inverted accent is when you neutralize your outfit against brightly colored accessories – in this case, red. You start by adding red resin jewelry, red velvet headbands, red accent sunglasses, etc.

Next, add a trouser with red accents on them, or if your socks are going to show, wear red socks. Pair shoes that have red in them and even wear red lipstick. This way, your whole look would be brought together with just the right amount of red accent without overdoing it.

6) Pattern to the Next Level

Patterns have been super trendy for years and almost in every season. The best part about patterns is that they easily take away the attention from one statement piece and balance it out with whatever is going on in the pattern.

However, the idea is not to overdo this trick either. Don’t maximize the pattern by wearing a pattern-on pattern against a red bag. Instead, wear a patterned bottom, a solid white shirt, and your red purse on top of this look would just look like the perfect cherry on top.

Our Final Thoughts

So to answer your question if a red purse is a good idea, we’d say it is great! One that should strike a lot more people so that we can finally break free from the shackles of neutrals taking all the fame and spotlight.

Now that we have shared our favorite styling tips to carry a red purse and make it work with any and every outfit, we hope that more red purses make their way into your wardrobe as you gain the confidence to be more yourself and continue making such unconventional moves.



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