Most Wanted Purses

Nobody is ready to bid farewell to the summer season, yet we are at the cusp of fall – the perfect season for all things that need to be changed, including fashion. Many big brands showcase their collection just at the start of the fall season to embrace the change that is coming with nature and prepare for the ultimate end-of-the-year winter season.

Most Wanted Purses

One new season accessory that has become a favorite for people over the years is purses and handbags. Designer handbags have been around for decades, changing with the trends and styles preferred by women (who are the major target market of these brands). However, it is safe to say that some brands and their handbags are eternal.

Timeless Fashion Accessory

Handbags have been around so long, yet never have the style statement ever run out of designs or trends to keep people hooked. It has become a staple for every lady to carry purses according to their needs. However, when it comes to branded handbags, obviously, one can’t afford to spend that much to buy multiple purses at once.

Hence, it is always a good idea to research or save up for that particular handbag you have been eyeing for a long time. Moreover, some brands were always big, and some have grown big over time, so it is understandable if those brands’ purses make it to the top trend in the recent season. But the timeless ones are truly worth spending on, as one should know.

7 Splurge-Worthy Timeless Most Wanted Purses

So if you have been looking to splurge lately, we have compiled a list of our favorite designer bags that have lasted through the test of time and emerged victorious against every fashion trend, seasonal change, and daily outfit. So without further ado, here are the seven splurge-worth times most wanted purses:

1. Chanel – Classic Flap Bag

If there is a purse dream that exists, then this is it! The Classic Chanel Flap Bag is what handbag dreams are made of. The most versatile bag that can go throughout the day with a day-to-nighttime look. You can shorten the chain for a shoulder bag look or elongate it for the chic cross-body effect. It is sleep, simple, and yet screams Chanel without any in-your-face branding.

2. Gucci – Horsebit

First launched in the brand’s 1955 collection, Gucci’s Horsebit has successfully conquered the test of time and has become the signature, most-sold handbag for the brand. It is elegant and minimal with the branding, and the iconic Gucci-colored belt strap is perfect for anyone to know that it is a Gucci. The neutral against the contrast of green and red makes the perfect addition.

3. Louis Vuitton – Alma Bag

The LV logo is as iconic as it gets, and what better way to flaunt it than having it minimally adorning your favorite handbag? The LV Alma Bag is a chic handbag curated for the lady-like purse look that has been around for years. The signature LV pattern is the most selling one for the brand, but it is also available in all-black.

4. Prada – The Cleo Bag

One of the newer designs to have come out of the label. However, Prada really outdid their style with the Cleo bag as it refreshed its lineup and brought the brand back into the limelight while it was on the verge of losing against its rising brands. Now available in many neutrals and bright colors, the Cleo bag is certainly the most wanted purse on the market.

5. Dior – Lady Dior Bag

Named after the Queen of our hearts, Lady Diana, the Lady Dior Bag is the perfect ode to the style queen that she was. The bag first appeared for Dior in 1995 and has that power over other brands and purses like no other. It is a staple that pairs with dresses, formals, and even casual downturns of your wardrobe. Pair it from day to night and see how it compliments you.

6. Hermes – Birkin

The purse that needs no introduction, a purse without which any list is simply incomplete, a purse that people can’t get enough of and collect for its promising glory – the ultimate, quintessential Hermes Birkin! Believe it or not, Birkin has been around since 1984 and is still the most prize handbag. A single vintage piece is worth millions at this point.

7. Balenciaga – City Bag

Let’s give it up to the Olsen twins for introducing the world to this iconic bag, the Balenciaga City Bag. Back in the early 2000s, we all might not have been old enough to pay any attention to it more than that our favorite celebrities were carrying t, but now it is a dream bag for many women who not only see it as splurge-worth but useful too.

Our Final Thoughts

If you have been wanting to splurge on a purse and were looking for something timeless and elegant to last you a lifetime, we hope the list we have shared helps you land a befitting piece. If not, you can always check out individual brand catalogs, seasonal collections, or even your favorite celebrities’ pictures for ideas – you are bound to land the perfect purse in no time. Cheers!

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