What Designer Handbags are Made in the USA?

In recent years, many designer handbag makers have moved their manufacturing overseas to make production cheaper. While the strategy has worked well for some, many others have seen the quality of their designer bags plummet.

What Designer Handbags are Made in the USA

However, some designers have resisted moving their manufacturing overseas, creating some of the best designer handbags made in the US. Their wide range of selection includes envelope style, flap, and cross-body bags.

The handbag recommendations made below come after massive research to understand the local manufacturing of designer bags. The research went further to study the material, strength, and beauty of those bags.

Since bags are dear to our lives, we also included style preferences, popular categories, and weekender bags from notable handbag makers in the US. Read more to find out which one suits your style.

Lifetime Leather Tote Bag—Best Everyday Use bag

Most of us love leather because of its premium feel and love to have everything leather. Well, that is what the Lifetime leather tote brings to the table.

Made in Arizona, where there is a huge production workshop, the bag comes in many colors. If you want that official look to dazzle while arriving in the office, then the oxford brown look will do the job just fine.

Other selections of colors on offer with the Lifetime leather are green, blue, black, and lighter brown. The brighter colors used to dazzle don’t pluck easily, nor do they color your clothes around the shoulder and waist area.

The material is of premium quality and feels comfortable on the shoulders. It will take a lot for it to tear because the bag can withstand everyday pressure and weather. You might use it as a carrier bag for the light items you pick up along the way to work without having to worry about shortening its life.

What’s more, the bag is customizable; you can add your initials to it using shield monograms or the firebrand. However, the cost of adding the front pocket is one thing not to like about the bag.

But when you look at the quality it offers and other features it boasts to have, the small price to pay for the extra pocket suddenly seems a worthy investment.

Stephanie Dawn—Best American Cotton Bag

If weight bogs down your liking for leather bags or anything leather, then the Stephanie Dawn got you covered with its light premium cotton fabrics.

It is low weight, cotton made, and bright enough to get you noticed for some unofficial errands outside the house.

The beauty of the handbag is striking, as it comes in many colors and shapes. The American creators considered the personalities of everyone and used them as motivation to make the line of bags.

That is why, if you want a blue one, you can get it easily. Same thing if you want pink or yellow.

The cotton used for the body is durable and withstands any weather conditions or pressure thrown at it daily. Unlike leather, it is easily compatible with water, meaning you can wash it several times to maintain its brightness even after two years.

You won’t have to contend with that typical leather smell that is a norm with leather products. You can change the smell tone to your liking with a simple wash, or it will grow on you when wearing it with your everyday fragrance.

The Sea Bag—the Best American Made Beach Bag

The name of the Sea bag gives it away easily; it’s the top choice for going to the beach any day. The bag hails from Maine, with some materials recycled from boats, to make an environment-friendly piece of fabric on your shoulders.

None of the materials making the bag comes from outside the US. The manufacturers claim ‌it’s 100% US native, with its fabrics limited to the New England area.

The recycling bit makes this bag a worthy partner to carry to the beach beyond its colorful outsides. American beaches are places you’d likely find litter and all manner of dirt left behind.

Some of the material finds its way into the ocean. The creators of the product use their artisanship to reduce pollution and create jobs in the Maine area—a win for the environment.

Finally, the Sea Bag’s main fabrics are high quality and are sturdy to withstand all kinds of pressure. It comes in plenty of designs, and won’t disappoint when you’re heading to the beach with your friends. However, it’s pricey to own, which is a big blow to all the pros mentioned.

The JW Hulme Flap Bag—Best In the Flap Bag Category

The flap bag looks, feels premium, and comes in many colors too. It has nine different color configurations, which give it the extra appeal as a flap bag.

The quality American artisanship guarantees that you might use it indefinitely, but that will depend on your daily handling when heading out with it.

A tough brass closure when holding it front-facing, with two handles that are kind to the shoulders, also held to the body by polished brass clippers, give the bag a premium taste.

Overall, the bag is an old design and will take you many years back in time. Finally, you can have your name anywhere on it by having an embossed monogram done. The personalization comes free of charge upon order.

The premium quality and the possibility of lifetime use take the bag into the high-end price category. Price aside, the bag is the best in its class.

Jenny N Design Archive in Chestnut Bag—Best Hand Sewed American Made Bag

The Jenny maintains traditions by not incorporating many tailor machines in the production process. Typically, it looks like an ordinary bag with exterior pockets and zips on the top that are either shut or open.

Since it is handmade, it is well built for those moments you have to carry your bag for hours on end. The hands come with an extra cushion that is kind on the shoulders. One thing that makes it special is that the shoulder straps can extend, meaning that if you are a short person, you can configure it for more comfort.

Other features that make it a top designer handbag made in the USA are the canvasses inside and the water-resistant body, which makes it an all-leather fashion statement.

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