What Is Designer Bag Bingo?

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What’s that one game played at casinos, house parties, wine tastings, and fund-raisers? Yes, you guessed it right, it’s BINGO! The fun and excitement associated with this timeless game have made it an integral part of American culture. Since its invention in 1929, this game of chance has been continuously evolved and modernized. In fact, there are special jurisdictions in some states to regulate how the game is played.

With unlimited patterns and multiple variations, this multi-player game is acknowledged as the life of every party, especially if it involves ladies and their passion for winning. The popularity of this game among people of all ages and gender has motivated the organizers to go a bit more creative with it. And, that’s when they thought about Designer Bag Bingo!

It won’t be an understatement to call Designer Bag Bingo the ultimate game for chic and stylish ladies who share the love for designer bags and love participating in activities to support a noble cause. This variation of the traditional bingo is becoming a new favorite for the fashionistas. If you are a fan of designer bags and are in for an exciting game of bingo, Designer Bag Bingo is meant for you!

In this article, you’ll learn what the game is and how it’s played. We have also chosen three designer bags, which you could add to pull a bigger crowd and lure the ladies in if you are organizing or hosting a designer bag bingo!

What is Designer Bag Bingo?

Designer Bag Bingo is the traditional game of bingo where ladies participate, and the winner gets a designer bag. Michael Kors, Coach, Kate Spade, and Nine West! Aren’t we already drooling over these brands and the impeccable bag designs? What better way to get a designer bag than to win it in a game of bingo.

Designer bag bingo games are typically run by organizations that host the game at a winery, a church basement, or a hall. Ladies buy entrance tickets to the game at a price that falls within $20 to $40. Upon entry, they get 1 to 5 bingo cards, which they can use for each round of bingo. The ladies can also buy extra cards at an additional cost. The more the cards, the better the chances of winning a designer bag!

The funds raised by these tickets are usually used for a charitable cause, which makes this game even more fruitful. To attract more women, the organizers give off raffle tickets for sale or opt Chinese auction-type baskets. With Early bird discounts and group ticket discounts, the entry costs the players less.

At Designer bag bingo events, ladies are made to sit in groups of 8 to 10 on each table. The event can offer complimentary food or wine tastings or allow the participants to buy food for the table.

The game starts in the traditional manner when the caller begins to call out numbers. As soon as a “BINGO!” is heard, the caller verifies the winner, and she gets a designer bag. The number of rounds will depend on the number of bags up for grabs. It’s best to check bingo laws in your city; for instance, New Jersey laws do not allow a tie. Designer bag bingo lasts to about 2 to 3 hours, and it is an amazing way of organizing a rocking “Ladies Night Out.”

It’s true that bingo is now a blend of fun and fashion. Clubs and teams planning to host such an event can expect a crowd of 200 to 300 attendees. Designer bag bingo is definitely a great way to raise big sums of money. Even if the guests pay $20 each and there are 300 attendees, we are looking at a whopping $6000. The game can be made more profitable by introducing a “cash and carry” table. This is particularly attractive for those women who are more interested in the bags than the game. So, even if they lose, they get a bag!

Now that you are acquainted with designer bag bingo, let’s have a look at some designer bags that can be included in the game.

Top 3 Bags for Designer Bag Bingo

Here are our top 3 favorite designer bags which deserve to be included in the game:

1. Michael Kors Mercer Gallery Canvas Center Zip Tote Deep Blush

This beauty is a must-have bag this season. From the house of Michael Kors, this Mercer Gallery Leather Tote instantly adds a pop of color and flair to any outfit. It’s stylish and spacious. Whether you intend to use it as a work bag or wish to travel in style, this bag has got you covered. Designed with a snap and zipper closure, it is made up of canvas with leather trims and polyester lining. With 1 interior zip compartment, 1 back zip pocket, 1 back slip pocket, and 4 front slip pockets, this bag will drive the ladies crazy during a designer bag bingo. It is available in four amazing colors: jasmine yellow, admiral, natural, and powder blue.

2. Coach Women’s Outline Signature Zip Tote

It’s stylish, it’s durable, and it’s Coach! This sturdy shoulder bag comes with a 9” drop handle and 3 open pockets. The exterior zipper closure makes it easy for you to keep in and take out your stuff. With a classic coach logo, it exudes a sophisticated personality. It is designed with signature Jacquard Fabric and Leather in chalk color.

3. Marc Jacobs Empire City Mini Messenger Leather Crossbody Bag

Available in 8 exciting colors, this sleek and trendy Empire City Messenger Crossbody Bag from Marc Jacobs has an exotic-looking, luxe leather exterior. It is designed with a 20-26″ adjustable and detachable strap and a fold-over front flap with snap closure.  With the logo details and the front zip pocket with the tassel accent, the exterior looks gorgeous. It has 2 media pockets and an interior of 8″ H x 9” W x 3″ D.

Our Final Thoughts

When buying bags for the designer bag bingo, it’s always a good idea to buy from sales. You get amazing bags at surprisingly low prices and can save big time. Some brands are more popular than others. Go for the designers who are among the popular choice. Try to market your designer bag bingo event by sharing the pictures and videos of the designer bags that you are offering in the event. This would help you gather a larger crowd.

Try incorporating this fun game of chance in your next event and be sure to have a blast!

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