What Size Handbag on EasyJet? Fly in Style with the Perfect Bag

Packing for a flight can sometimes feel like solving a puzzle, can’t it? Especially when you’re trying to figure out the perfect handbag size to bring on board your EasyJet flight. You want something that’ll fit all your essentials but also won’t have you running afoul of those pesky cabin baggage rules.

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Well, you’re in luck because navigating EasyJet’s handbag policy is easier than you might think. Whether you’re a minimalist traveler or someone who likes to have everything within arm’s reach, knowing the ins and outs of their baggage allowances will make your journey smoother.

EasyJet’s Handbag Policy

Flying can often pose a dilemma for the fashion-forward traveler. You want to bring a handbag that’s both stylish and compliant with airline regulations. With EasyJet, the policy is clear: one cabin bag per passenger. No exceptions.

But here’s the thing — size matters. EasyJet’s maximum dimensions for a handbag fall at 45cm x 36cm x 20cm. That might seem restrictive, but it’s perfectly sized to slide under the seat in front. However, keep a keen eye on those measurements; a handbag too big could cost you extra.

Weight-wise, you’re in luck. EasyJet doesn’t impose a weight limit for your handbag. Yet, your own comfort should be a guide here. You’ll be carrying it, after all. Pack light, stay mobile.

If you’re an EasyJet Plus cardholder, Flexi fare or Up front and Extra legroom customer, the perks increase. You can also bring along an additional large cabin bag, dimensions being no more than 56cm x 45cm x 25cm. Priority boarding is a part of this package — first dibs on overhead space.


  • Standard passengers get one handbag
  • Keep it under 45cm x 36cm x 20cm
  • Extra large cabin bag for eligible customers
  • No weight limit but pack sensibly

Sticking to these guidelines ensures a hassle-free start to your travels. You’ll avoid additional charges, and, more importantly, your fashion statement won’t have to suffer at the airport. Keep these tips in tow, and your EasyJet experience will be both chic and smooth.

Understanding the Cabin Baggage Rules

Navigating the often perplexing world of airline baggage policies can be a headache, but with the right information, packing your handbag for a flight with EasyJet won’t be. EasyJet’s cabin baggage policy is designed to maximize convenience, allowing you to bring essentials and a few comforts on board.

First off, your cabin bag is the item you’re allowed to take into the plane’s cabin. It’s crucial to note that the maximum dimensions for this bag are 45cm x 36cm x 20cm. With EasyJet, you’re looking at a policy that emphasizes compactness and efficiency.

While there’s no weight limit, practicality is key. Remember, if you can’t lift your handbag into the overhead bin, you’ve probably packed too much. Overstuffing is a common pitfall, yet it’s easily avoidable. Pack light and pack smart. Essentials only.

For EasyJet Plus cardholders, Flexi fare, Upfront, or Extra Legroom customers, you’re in luck. You get an additional perk—an extra large cabin bag, which allows for more flexibility. The dimensions for this larger bag must be within 56cm x 45cm x 25cm. This extra space might be tempting, but avoid the urge to fill every inch; after all, your comfort and ease of movement are paramount.

If you’re flying with someone who has Plus membership or has booked a suitable fare, you might be able to indulge in some extra packing space as well, given that they can include your bag with theirs. A neat trick for those who know how to play the system.

Remember, rules can change. Before heading to the airport, double-check the latest EasyJet policies online to avoid any last-minute surprises. Stay informed to stay ahead of the game and glide through check-in like a travel-savvy fashionista.

Travel light, travel stylish, keep your essentials close, and your trip with EasyJet will be as smooth as your favorite leather clutch.

How to Choose the Right Handbag Size

Meeting EasyJet’s cabin baggage requirements doesn’t mean sacrificing style for utility. As a savvy traveler and fashion aficionado, you want your handbag to be a statement piece that’s also EasyJet-compliant. Here’s how to strike that balance.

First off, measure your current go-to handbag. Does it fit within EasyJet’s 45cm x 36cm x 20cm limits? If not, you’ll need to downsize or opt for a different style. When shopping, carry a tape measure. Don’t guess; precision is key in avoiding last-minute airport stress.

Consider a handbag that’s versatile. A design with adjustable straps can easily transition from shoulder bag to crossbody, ensuring comfort and ease while on the move. Look for materials that are lightweight yet durable. Leather might be chic but a heavy bag before you’ve packed is a no-go.

When in doubt, emulate the minimalist. Select a bag with multiple compartments to maximize space and organization. This lets you carry essentials while avoiding bulging at the seams. Streamlining your items is a must — think of what you’ll actually need during the flight.

Remember, you won’t have access to your checked luggage until you reach your destination. So, pack your handbag with items you’ll want mid-flight. This often includes electronics, a book, or a travel pillow. Avoid overstuffing; if you can’t easily close your bag, it’s too full.

And don’t overlook the power of a good travel wallet. It can keep your boarding pass, passport, and other important documents within easy reach, without taking up too much space.

Maintain your sense of fashion while adhering to EasyJet’s guidelines. It’s all about finding the perfect balance between functionality and style. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be jet-setting with a handbag that’s both chic and compliant.

Tips for Packing Essentials in Your Handbag

When flying with EasyJet, maximizing the space in your handbag is crucial. You want to ensure you’ve got everything you need without over-packing. Here’s how to pack smart.

Identify Your Essentials. Think about what you’ll need during the flight. Common items include:

  • Travel documents
  • Smartphone
  • Charger
  • Headphones
  • Small toiletries
  • Sunglasses
  • Wallet

Use Travel-Sized Containers for liquids. Keep them within the 100ml limit. Place them in a clear, resealable plastic bag for security checks.

Invest in a Travel Wallet to keep your documents organized. It should hold your passport, boarding pass, and any necessary health documentation. Easy access saves time and stress.

Layer Your Items. Start with flat items at the bottom, like a book or e-reader. Bulky items go in the center. Top it off with items you’ll use often.

Use Every Inch. Tuck smaller items, like earbuds or lip balm, into shoes or glasses cases. Your handbag’s side pockets are perfect for quick-grab items.

Remember, if you can’t fit something in your handbag, question its necessity. Streamline your packing, and you’ll streamline your travel experience.

Minimalist Traveler’s Guide to EasyJet

Traveling light is key when flying with EasyJet. As a handbag enthusiast, you know the elegance that lies in simplicity. To navigate EasyJet’s handbag policy, you’ll need to be strategic. The maximum dimensions for a handbag are 45 x 36 x 20 cm, and this is non-negotiable. It must fit under the seat in front of you. Keep in mind there’s no weight limit, so make your choices count.

Here’s your quick checklist:

  • Measure your bag: Verify your favorite handbag fits within the given dimensions.
  • Function over form: Choose a handbag that’s practical yet sleek.
  • Structure is your friend: A sturdy handbag maintains its shape and protects your belongings.

Instead of lugging around unnecessary items, think about what you truly need. Ask yourself if each item is essential for your trip. This principle will not only keep your hands free but also expedite your journey through the airport.

In terms of style, a minimalist handbag should still reflect your fashion sense. Stick to classic shapes and neutral colors for versatility. Leather or high-grade synthetic materials offer durability and a timeless look.

Inside your bag, aim for ultimate organization:

  • Use small pouches to group items.
  • Prioritize your gadgets, a good book, or a travel journal.
  • Keep your travel documents at arm’s reach in a designated compartment.

Packing smart is a subtle art. You’re juggling the need for essentials with the desire to remain fashionable. Accessories like a sleek passport holder add a touch of sophistication. Remember to secure your liquids in a clear, resealable bag. This not only meets security requirements but helps prevent spills.

Adopting a minimalist approach doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your style or necessities. It’s about making every item in your handbag work hard for its place. Whether it’s a convertible handbag that doubles as a holdall or a compact foldaway tote, choice is crucial. Choose wisely, and your EasyJet journey will be as stylish as it is stress-free.


So there you have it! You’re all set to jet off with EasyJet without sacrificing style for practicality. Remember to stick to the size guidelines and keep your essentials neatly organized. With the right handbag and a few smart accessories, you’ll breeze through the airport looking fabulous and feeling prepared. Safe travels and enjoy your trip with that perfect handbag by your side!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the handbag dimension requirements for EasyJet?

For EasyJet, your handbag must fit within the dimensions of 45cm x 36cm x 20cm to be allowed as a free carry-on item. Always verify with the airline for the most current regulations.

How can I choose a practical handbag for minimalist travel?

Select a handbag that is lightweight, has multiple compartments for organization, and is made from durable materials. It should fit the airline’s size requirements while still accommodating your essentials.

What should I prioritize when packing as a minimalist traveler?

Prioritize essential items that serve multiple purposes, can be layered or mixed and matched, and are necessary for the duration of your trip. Use a checklist to avoid overpacking.

Why should I use small pouches when traveling?

Small pouches help organize your items by grouping similar things together. This saves time when searching for items and keeps your handbag tidy, making it easier to comply with airline regulations.

How do I manage my liquids when flying with EasyJet?

Store all liquids in a clear, resealable bag that is no larger than 20cm x 20cm. Each container inside should not exceed 100ml. Present it separately at the security checkpoint.

Is a passport holder a necessary accessory for minimalist travelers?

While not essential, a passport holder can keep your travel documents organized and easily accessible. Plus, it adds an element of style to your minimalistic travel setup.

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