Unwanted Handbags? Transform Them with These Creative Repurposing Ideas

So you’ve just cleaned out your closet and there they are: stacks of handbags you haven’t used in ages. It happens to the best of us. You’re left wondering what to do with all those once-loved purses that now just take up space.

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Don’t worry, you’ve got options! Whether it’s making some extra cash, helping the environment, or giving back to the community, there’s a perfect solution for every unwanted bag in your collection. Let’s explore the possibilities together and find a new home for your pre-loved treasures.

Sell Them Online

If you’ve got unwanted handbags that are still in decent shape, selling them online is a smart move. Online platforms like eBay, Poshmark, and Mercari are tailor-made for this. Here’s how to stand out in the crowded online marketplace:

  • Take high-quality photos: Clear images from different angles.
  • Write detailed descriptions: Include brand, condition, and dimensions.
  • Set competitive prices: Research what similar bags are selling for.

When pricing, consider the brand, model, and the bag’s condition. Keep it fair—you want to attract buyers, not scare them off.

Shipping your handbags safely is crucial. Use sturdy packaging and consider shipping insurance for pricier items. Always provide tracking information to your buyers for peace of mind.

Remember, seasonal trends can affect sales. List your handbags at a time when they’re likely in demand. For example, clutches during the holiday party season may sell faster.

Communication with potential buyers is key. Be responsive and courteous to inquiries. This builds trust and can lead to repeat customers.

Lastly, be honest about the handbag’s condition. If there are any scuffs or wear and tear, make it known. Buyers appreciate transparency and it reduces the risk of returns.

Where to Sell Your Handbags Online

A few popular platforms where you can sell your handbags:

  • eBay: A vast marketplace with a global reach.
  • Poshmark: Fashion-centric and great for designer bags.
  • Mercari: Simple to use with a growing user base.
  • The RealReal: Ideal for luxury handbags with authenticity verification.
  • Facebook Marketplace: Perfect for local sales without shipping hassles.

Platforms have different fees and shipping options, so pick one that aligns with your selling style and profit goals.

When you’re ready to part with your handbags but aren’t looking to sell, consider donating them to a charitable organization. Your gently used handbags can make a significant impact. Not only do you declutter your space, but you also give someone in need a useful item. Before donating, ensure that the handbags are in good condition—charities often cannot use items that require repairs.

Find local shelters, nonprofit thrift stores, or organizations specifically seeking handbag donations. Groups like Dress for Success are always on the lookout for professional accessories to help women in their job searches. Remember to ask for a receipt; donations could be tax-deductible.

When preparing your handbags for donation, check each pocket and compartment to ensure no personal items are left inside. It’s a simple step but crucial to maintain your privacy and security. Clean the bags as best as you can—wipe down the surfaces, brush out the linings, and clear out any dust or debris.

Organize a Handbag Drive at your workplace or community center. Encouraging others to donate can multiply the positive impact. It can turn into a social event where you connect with fellow handbag enthusiasts and support a good cause simultaneously.

From a fashion industry standpoint, dividing your handbags by seasons or styles before donating can greatly help charity shops. They categorize and display donations more effectively which could make a difference in someone finding exactly what they need when they need it.

Rally friends and family to join you in this effort; it’s an excellent opportunity for everyone to give back stylishly. By passing your bags on, they gain a new life while you have the gratification of supporting a worthy cause.

Give Them to Friends and Family

Sometimes the perfect place for your once-loved handbags is closer than you think. Before listing your handbags online or dropping them off at a local charity, consider offering them to friends and family. You’ll not only declutter your space but also give the handbags new life with someone you care about.

Evaluate the condition of each bag before passing them on. You wouldn’t want to present a loved one with a handbag that has seen better days. Ensure they’re gently used and still presentable. Remember, if it’s not in a state you’d carry, it’s likely not ideal for friends and family either.

Next, think about their styles and preferences. The sleek clutch you never use could be perfect for your sister’s evening gatherings. Your cousin might appreciate the ample space of the tote bag you find too bulky. Matching handbags with their personalities ensures your offerings are both thoughtful and useful.

When offering handbags to loved ones, do so without expectation. Not everyone may want or need a new-to-them handbag, and that’s okay. They’ll appreciate the gesture regardless, and you can move on to other options for any unclaimed pieces.

If you’re part of any groups or communities, why not expand your reach? A book club, parenting group, or fitness class might have folks who’d treasure your surplus accessories. Tap into your networks—sharing fashion finds can be a bonding experience.

Finally, remember that handing down handbags is more than a means to declutter. It’s an opportunity to reuse and recycle, reducing the demand for new products and promoting a more sustainable fashion cycle. You’re contributing to a larger cause—one chic handbag at a time.

Keep the process simple. Reach out with photos or bring the handbags to gatherings. Let them browse, choose, and enjoy. Sometimes, you’ll get the added bonus of seeing your cherished handbags out and about, starting their second act.

Repurpose Them

When you’re staring at a pile of handbags that no longer spark joy, consider repurposing them before tossing them out. Creativity can transform these old bags into something fresh and functional.

Upcycle Your Accessories for a new look. Those intricate clasps, buckles, and straps can breathe new life into a wardrobe that’s feeling stale. Envision a buckle as a statement necklace or a strap being reshared as a trendy belt. Your old handbag could become your next conversation piece.

Think outside the box and Rejuvenate Your Home Decor. A handbag can turn into a unique planter, hanging on a sunny wall full of green herbs. Larger totes can serve as inventive storage for blankets or magazines, blending style and practicality.

If you’re crafty, set your sights on Daring DIY Projects. Transform a clutch into a chic tablet cover or cut up less beloved bags to sew into a custom quilt that tells a story. Each piece holds memories and a slice of your fashion journey.

Remember the environmental impact and Choose to Repurpose. By giving your handbags a second life, you’re cutting down on waste and minimizing your carbon footprint. It’s a stylish step towards a more sustainable lifestyle, and you’re leading the charge.

Engage with a community of like-minded individuals and share your repurposing ideas. You might inspire others to think twice before discarding their own accessories. Your creative approach could set off a wave of resourceful handbag transformations.

In repurposing, you’re not only decluttering—you’re inventing and inspiring. Every unwanted handbag is a potential project awaiting your touch. So grab your tools and let your imagination run wild. Your next favorite accessory is just a DIY away.


So you’ve got a handle on turning those unwanted handbags into something special. Whether you’ve added a personal touch to your home or crafted a one-of-a-kind accessory you’re ready to strut your stuff with a clear conscience. Remember every repurposed bag is a step towards a greener planet and a fabulous way to express your creativity. Don’t forget to share your masterpieces—they just might inspire someone else to see the potential in the forgotten. Here’s to your next project and the many lives your handbags will live!

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with unwanted handbags instead of throwing them away?

You can repurpose your unwanted handbags into upcycled accessories, rejuvenate your home decor, or take on exciting DIY projects. This approach not only gives your old bags new life but also benefits the environment.

Are there environmental benefits to repurposing handbags?

Yes, repurposing handbags reduces waste and the demand for new materials. By upcycling your handbags, you are contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle.

How can repurposing handbags help me declutter?

By transforming your unwanted handbags into new items, you’re not only clearing out space but also avoiding the accumulation of waste. Repurposing allows you to declutter effectively while being resourceful with materials you already own.

Can I share my repurposed handbag ideas with others?

Absolutely! Sharing your handbag repurposing ideas with a community of like-minded individuals can inspire others, provide you with fresh insights, and create an exchange of creative repurposing techniques.

Is repurposing handbags a good way to create new accessories?

Definitely. Repurposing handbags lets you invent unique accessories that reflect your personal style. With DIY projects, you can craft one-of-a-kind pieces that are both fashionable and functional.

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