What to Keep in Your Purse

The contents of your purse say a lot about you and the things you value. Some women carry a cute cross-body purse with their phone, keys, and wallets. Others carry their life around with them: makeup, snacks, chargers, laptops, reading material, and lotions, etc. So, if you’re wondering what to keep in your purse, have a look at our list of essential purse items in this article.

16 Essential Purse Items You Should Always Have

Once you find the one purse to rule them all, fill it with everything you need for work, college, the mall, or at a party.

Let’s get started!

Organizing Your Purse the Right Way

Unlike Hermione Granger, you can’t cast a summoning charm like “Accio keys or gum” when going through your purse. However, you can organize and reduce the content to essential purse items only. So, whether you’re preparing for work, for your kids, or all life’s surprises and emergencies, here’s what you can do to make your purse work for you without having excess baggage weighing you down:

Empty Your Purse

Empty your purse and group the items into categories such as makeup, hygiene, and electronic devices, etc. You may also want to open your wallet to group items together like change, receipts, credit cards, and cash.

Remove What You Don’t Need

There are things you need at all times and others you can do without. For example, you don’t need to bring shades with you on a rainy day or a portable power bank if your phone is fully charged.

Keep What You Use

Once you’ve removed everything you don’t need, organize the contents you plan to keep while ruthlessly purging any extra items. Think of things you can’t leave the house without.

Clean Purse Every Week

Take time to clean out your purse every week. This will not only help you figure out what to keep in your purse but also help you remove items you’ve used, such as gum wrappers, old receipts, and medicines.

16 Essential Items to Keep in Your Purse

The following are 16 essential purse items you should keep with you at all times:

1. Hand Sanitizer

We’re living in COVID-19 times, which is why a hand sanitizer makes it to the top of our list. You may have come into contact with germs  from seemingly clean surfaces at the places you visit and the transport you took. They’re not a replacement for washing your hands, but great to have when there’s no sink nearby.

2. Face Mask

In the new normal age, a face mask is another essential purse item. And if you want to look different without breaking the rules, you can purchase one that is more comfortable, effective, and fashionable than the rudimentary medical mask.

3. Pack of Tissues and Face Wipes

Keep a pack of travel tissues for winter colds, allergies, and crying during sad movies. Even if you don’t have allergies, tissues can be useful after a spill or cleaning crumbs on your car seat or when your kid decides to eat chocolate with their hands. On a hot sunny day, you can use face wipes to clean the slate.

4. Medications

Keeping medicines in your purse depends on your circumstances. However, it’s smart to keep a few OTC pain or anti-inflammatory meds in case of an emergency. You never know when you need an aspirin.

5. A Wallet

A wallet is one thing most people use to carry their cards, cash, and documents. While you can easily keep these things in a purse, women who own large purses with many items like use wallets to keep things organized and for quicker access.

6. A Planner or Notebook

If you like doing things the old-fashioned way, you can keep a small planner to write down a to-do list. For constant doodlers and idea jotters, a notebook is another essential purse item to write down their thoughts.

7. A Pen or Pencil

There are many reasons to carry a pen or pencil in your purse. You can use it to write down things in your notebook or planner. You don’t have to unlock your phone or sign in to your laptop to share phone numbers, email, or casual comments.

8. Mints or Gum

For many, gum or mint is a trash purse item. For others, they’re among the essential purse items, especially after treating yourself to a food that leaves an odor, like some garlic-rich dish or fish, or a smoke.

9. Travel Makeup Kit

Women often carry essential makeup items such as lipstick, powder, mascara, foundation, and skin care products for different reasons. Some use it to freshen up before a meeting or after work, while others keep it on hand on hot days.

10. Feminine Product of Your Choice

It’s better to have one and not need it than need it but not have one because you never know.

11. Hair Ties and Bobby Pins

You’ve probably lost thousands of hair ties and bobby pins in your life. So stocking up is never a bad idea. They’re a lifesaver in bad weather, during physical activities, and even after a wardrobe malfunction.

12. Headphones or Ear Buds

Whether you’re using them to listen to music or avoiding conversation, these are often non-negotiable purse items.

13. A Portable Power Bank

If you’re on the road or use your phone throughout the day, there’s nothing worse than the lost feeling when your phone dies. A portable power bank could save the day if you can’t plug in your phone anywhere.

14. A Small Hairbrush

A small hairbrush in your purse, your car, or desk can save you from tangles if you have long hair during high winds, rain, or snow.

15. A Multi-Function Tool

Keeping a multi-function tool such as a Swiss knife can come in extremely handy. You can use them as a small blade, tweezers, bottle opener, and scissors, etc.

16. Snacks and Water

Snacks and water are essential purse items that will keep you from going hungry or dehydrated when you’re on the move. You can keep a protein bar, kit kat, or a small bag of chips.

Our Final Thoughts on What to Keep in Your Purse

Knowing what to keep in your purse every day is a great skill to avoid clutter and unnecessary weight. While everyone has a different list of essential purse items, you can easily add some from this list, whether you’re a tiny purse person or a big purse person. What do you keep in your purse?

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